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  1. That last one's a good size, man. What would you guess, 1-1.5?
  2. I use a social media site I won't name (because I don't know if I can) with an album dedicated to my fish, and similar fishing pictures. That way more people than just you guys get to see them.
  3. I might be headed back this weekend, possibly with the wife. She's kind'a into the idea of catching a carp. Those would be some good fish for her rod, and lighter line. If we go, I might take the light action for that. Have some real fun.
  4. My only contribution to pictures. The other one I have is just another of Rich holding his carp. Same fish, different camera. Though, he does look a bit surprised by it. That's the toe of my size 10 at the bottom. The fish didn't want to stay still for its photo shoot, so that was all the shoe shot I could get in.
  5. Wouldn't be the first time. Rich and I met while fishing in the rain. Now that I think about it, we seem to have the best luck together in the rain, Rich. Maybe I'm on to something. I'll watch the radar and tell you when the next storm's coming, so we can finally pull fish out of Dufferin.
  6. With some of the places my line's been, I wouldn't DARE put it in my mouth. There's some lengths even I won't go to.
  7. That last one's a baby! I might have to take my light rod one time, too. But first it needs new line. And a net if I'm doing that. Was a lot easier to horse them out of the water with the 30# braid. Damnit, I still didn't break that rod. Even pulling up part of that tree. We need to find some fish that'll break that old P.O.S. rod for me, Rich. Then I can finally get a new one.
  8. Ok, so I haven't really bass fished in... almost 27 years. I only started into it a few months ago, using soft plastics (everything before that was on hard baits, and it was more luck than skill). So I inquire. I know senkos are good on bass, along with pretty much any fish looking plastic, tubes, and just about anything that'll make it hungry or mad. But what about smallies? I know the Gulp baits have been good producers, but I'm too broke to afford a $23 tub of them. Plus, being a newbie, it wouldn't be smart to tear up expensive baits trying to finesse them. Are there other shapes, sizes, colours, textures, flavours, etc. that will get me into some? This is more opinion than anything. I'm looking to learn, and finally be as good a fisherman as I like to think I am. So by all means, contribute your personal favourites, and if you're feeling extra generous, maybe some tips and techniques I could try to get some fish. Because I'm getting bored with eating .
  9. Until he takes a closer look at it.
  10. I can't believe you still have that turtle, Dan. If I had an extra tank, I'd take it for you. But I've got the 10 gallon for the fish, and one for the rats when I change their bedding. Besides, with two fish, two cats, two rats, and a dog, I'm pretty sure if I bring home a turtle, the wife'll use me for muskie bait.
  11. I still say we call it a Larabass. First of it's kind ever found in Ontario.
  12. I'll gladly hunt geese. If I have half a chance of getting one with my bow. That's the closest to a firearm I have in Canada.
  13. I heard a story about a guy so excited to go catfishing, he threw his line out, laid the rod on the ground, THEN went to get a rod holder. Got back, and his rod was MIA. About a half hour later, his partner hooked into a cat, pulled it on shore, and found a second hook in it's mouth. Pulled on the line until they got the first guys rod back. Now THAT'S luck!
  14. This one wasn't that big, to be sure. But it was a beast none the less. Let me get my phone, and see if I still have the picture. EDIT: Here's the pic
  15. I'll have to see if I've got the picture on my phone yet. Forgot my camera that day, which didn't bother me too much only catching pannies. But when I pulled that bluegill out, I was amazed by it, and had to record that one.
  16. It could always be worse. When I lived in Oklahoma, my boss got a brand new rig for his birthday from his daughters. Something like a $450 baitcaster combo. He unwrapped it, and for the winter never used it. Next spring, he went out fishing with his wife, and let her use it. First cast, three quarters through the swing, for some strange reason, she opened her hand...$450 worth of rod went sailing out into the drink. He dove for three days, was dragging everything he could thing of, and never did find it. Of course, on the other end of the scale, my dad's just randomly dropped four rods in the water now. Can't even blame it on fish. He's lost his good baitcaster (on my rod), one catfish rod, and two spinning rigs. So I think for his birthday, I'm buying him a rod leash.
  17. There's a small pond right of highway 58 in Thorold, corner of Niagara Falls Rd. (other side of the road is Beaverdams Rd.) I've caught bass, pike, bluegill and sunfish out of it, and I know there some good sized carp in there. It's a CPR pond only (nasty water) but there's been very few times the bite has been completely off. It's also fairly shallow, so it cools down for the pike a lot sooner. The water in it is already cooler than anyplace else I've stuck my hand. It's just about a kilometer south of Thorold Stone Road, the light right before the tunnel under the canal. if you do head over there one day, let me know, and I'll meet up with you. I found a prime worm spot for the pannies, and a few I pulled out were huge (one was the length of two pop cans!)
  18. DAM fine thread. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  19. I've seen a variation used for cooking shad. Call it Hickory Shad. Same instructions, just switch the carp for shad and the cedar for a slab of hickory. I liked the flavour better.
  20. New species of bass. You caught it, Lara. It's a larabass. Feel proud?
  21. Well next time you're ambitious Rich, let me know. If I've got the time, I'll fish with you. I live five minutes away, and haven't dropped a line in yet. Mostly because I have no idea where to go.
  22. I was waiting for that one.
  23. I think next time I get some, I'll bring them home and clean them. Bet I could pan fry them like a smelt, and they'd be pretty tasty little buggers. Worst thing that can happen is they taste terrible, and I don't eat them again, right?
  24. DarkEdge

    Fox Lake

    So it's official. The first weekend in September (the long one), I'll be going up to Fox Lake for four days, three nights with some friends and the wife for cottage fun. I can't list all the fun here, since some of the members are under 19. Now, the question. I've already been given a few species to find up there. Mostly smallmouth. Anyone else fished it? Any ideas what's in there. I'm almost certain there's carp in it (where can't you find carp, other than my bath tub). Pike? Perch? Muskie? Any help is great. I know the Spanish River isn't too far away, but most of my time will be spent casting the shores of Fox Lake, and maybe a little canoe trolling. Depends how good I feel on the water these days. Thanks guys (and girls).
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