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  1. The real reason I was wondering is within a ten minute walk from my house, right along the east side of the canal, there's a small concrete slab poured at the very edge. It doesn't go out far into the water, but I imagined it'd make a great place to stand a chuck a lure for a little while. I'm sure, being so far away from any lock, that there'd be some good fish in there. But I didn't want to chance getting in a bunch of doo-doo because I didn't bother to look up or ask the rules. Knowing I can get in big trouble, I think I'll stick to fishing Gibson, or Marlatts Road. Maybe I'll take a run up to Marlatts tomorrow morning, see if I can't scare up a bite or two.
  2. I've been asking from the start if I can eat them. Seems like a waste to throw a perfectly good little finger fish back in the drink.
  3. Use to know, Lorne? Now you just fish for those bugle mouth bass, eh?
  4. It's not quite that simple. I'm not a resident of Canada, as your petition says. I'm a temporary resident, without permanent status. Therefore, the country does not acknowledge me as a resident of any kind.
  5. I technically can't sign it. But if I could, I definitely would!
  6. I've used carp that were hooked too deep to release in the garden for fertilizer. I know some of you carp guys may not think much of me for that, but I'd rather put a dying fish to use the best I can. I can say, carp will make tomatoes the size of softballs.
  7. If we're doing it, it has to be for the entire region. I always catch my limit in goby out of the rec canal. Come to think of it, that's the only place I've caught gobies...
  8. So I managed to find it on the Seaway authority website. Took some hunting for, but now I have information. This is copied word-for-word from the page: For your own safety, recreational activities such as swimming, water skiing, fishing, and diving are strictly prohibited in all Seaway canals, channels, pleasure craft docks, locks, weirs, and their approaches. These prohibitions are enforced under the Canada Marine Act as well as under various regulations governing Seaway property. Violators will be subject to substantial fines. http://www.greatlakes-seaway.com/en/studen...ors/safety.html Everything can be found at the address above. According to their rules, even fishing any of weirs is illegal. I guess a word of warning to everyone that does?
  9. I think I'll go with Phil. Seeing as I'm a non-resident, the last thing I want to do is chance losing my license, let alone my chance at residency because I decided to do something foolish. If anyone has some good spots they'd be willing to share, I'll gladly meet up for a day's fishing. Just tell me what does good and where to meet you.
  10. Since I can't really find anything or anyone personally that can give me any information, I'll ask you experts. Is it legal, acceptable, or proper to fish in the Welland Canal? I know people do down in PC, near the Clarence Street bridge, but I've never known anyone who actually did. I ask because the canal is only a block from my house, and I want to know what I can catch out of it. So what's the deal? Can I fish it? Will I get in trouble? Will someone show up in an unmarked van and no one will ever hear from me again? (I think I lived in the US too long...)
  11. I know I may not have much to say on the subject, since I have all of one kayak trip under my belt (if you call that a trip, it was more of a lesson). But personally, I think anyone who kayaks the Niagara, upper or lower, is a bit crazy. I've told chilli that a few times. I'm rather impressed he made it to Navy Island, but I wouldn't do it without some sort of power. Not paddle power, either. I'd want at least 5 horses pushing me across.
  12. DarkEdge

    profie pic

    You can't upload one right now anyways. I've tried, and asked chilli, and he said it's not enabled. The best you can get is the little pic on the side.
  13. Plastic worms, but they take a skill to use. I'm just learning myself, really it's not too hard. Use a bit of scent on them, and you can fish them almost exactly like the real thing in some cases.
  14. DarkEdge


    I only make it down to fish PC when I've got a dentist appointment. So it's maybe, once a month? Sometimes twice. And my favourite place to go is the quarry. My appointment is next Wednesday, a week from today. I'll let you know what time I'll be around, if I'm fishing before or after.
  15. At least the secret will never escape!
  16. DarkEdge


    The only place I've fished in Wainfleet is the quarries. If you'll be around next Wednesday, I'll be stopping in for a few casts, see if I can't talk some of the bass into giving up. Let me know via reply, or PM. I'll let you know about what time it'll be.
  17. I thought it was a persimmon as well. They fruit is most delicious, if you can beat the deer to them. The one bit of advice I have, Dan, is don't eat the green fruits. Wait until after the first frost before you pick any. They have a terrible sour/bitter taste if they haven't frosted, which is usually why you can find green fruits, but not orange/red ones. I also know they make an excellent jam. And, if you're feeling ambitious, wine too! They're quite popular in the southern US.
  18. That might have to do with pest cases only. To ensure the animals don't get back into houses, garages, sheds, etc. And there might be special licensing for it as well.
  19. I was in PC at the beach yesterday, and was amazed by the lack of wind, and the size of the waves. The last time I was there it was windy, and the waves were good size. But for them to be breaking way out past the shallows like they were, without wind, I was rather impressed. Of course, I had fun playing in them like a five year old.
  20. I'll go along with that. I use to live there, and going back in a car makes me nervous most times. Last October, I was coming out of the city on I-290, at 9:30 on a Tuesday night, suddenly traffic just stopped. But that's Chicago, and specifically, that's the d@mn Ryan. Anyone who's driving it understands how it got that name.
  21. Hammer, that looks like something I'd see on a website I frequent. PM me and I'll send you the address. Once you look, you'll understand why.
  22. I've actually only had luck in the evenings down here. Mornings, all I catch are gobies, pannies, and snapping turtles. Also, does a wind from the west make them more active? All the times I've gone for them, the wind was blowing out of the west, and while I didn't bring every fish in, I had a lot more bites. Just wondering, I've never noticed a pattern on carp anywhere else before.
  23. All this carp talk. Chilli, I'll have to head back down to Fort Erie, maybe we can convince some of those carp we were after last time to bite. My fish record isn't looking too good this year. Though, it's better than it's been the last few years.
  24. I was going to say. I know those roads. Was just there in May, on my way to Oklahoma. Wow, now I feel like I've traveled those miles again, and I'm not wore out from it. Beauty pics, FOG. Makes me a little homesick.
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