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  1. spiro

    Mud Lake

    It is too shallow now, 20 years ago it was ok but with the dry summers lately make it too shallow to be of any use. We used to get nice bass and bluegills the size of plates out of there. I tried about 5 years ago and there was no fish and only about a foot of water at best. Huge snapping turtles though
  2. I have one also, they work well. I had to buy a second one because I left it in the bed of the truck one night in the fall that was below 0 and I dropped it, shattered like glass....
  3. As of yesterday there was still lce by the 406
  4. spiro

    Few Questions

    The inflatables are 12 years old, the manufacturer is advanced elements and the model is firefly. I think West Marine in the states had something similar. There are many new designs out there. I almost bought another last summer, was at a liquidation place for $300, couple models up from mine. 12 years old rode hard and put away wet, other than some dirt they both have held up extreamily well, no leaks, even the canvas is holding up well.
  5. spiro

    Few Questions

    Been kayaking for years, love it. I started with two high end inflatable kayaks with canvas outer shells. Extremely stable but really slow. Tougher than you would think, had them in small streams and whitewater. Took them to myrtle beach in the wifes civic. I then bought 2 mid range sit in kayaks. No skirt, I used it almost every day. I had one stolen last year right off my truck, but that's Another story. I bought an ocean kayak 13 foot sit on top. There are bonuses two both. The sit in keeps you a little warmer in the cold weather it also keeps you a little drier. It is also lighter. Drrawbacks are that it is more confined, they is less room for fishing attachments, and they tend to be a little more tippy. The ocean kayak Is a sit on top, it is more stable, stable enough to stand on. I have room for coolers and even the dog. Sit on tops have drain holes in them that allow water to drain out. In the summer it's great, keeps you cool, in the winter you need to dress in waterproof material. Overall for what I do I like the sit on top better even in the winter. Also I would never sell my inflatables, I still use them and if we go somewhere for a weekend I bring them because they are so portable. Once the weather gets a little warmer pm me I will take you out you can try both of mine. Basics are wider stable but slow, longer tippy but fast. Cheers
  6. Upper is dirty,with no ice and the wind dirty. Thatsth upper butno one was posting about the lower so I hope this helps
  7. spiro

    Kayak 'eyes!

    I drove by you, I had my kayak on the roof rack. I had previous commitments though. Great fish
  8. spiro

    Cat Fishing?

    I use worms, chicken hearts, or shrimp. I store the shrimp in a zip lock with water and garlic powder in it. The Welland river change nightly, one evening worm are killing them, the next at the same spot you can't get a bite on worms. Good luck.
  9. I find carp run bite and run like hell so I go vertical for carp and leave my drag as loose as possible. When the carp bites it runs and the drag screams. I then pick the rod up and tighten the drag and usually the carp is lip hooked. For cats I use a circle hook and I find they chew the bait almost so usually I can detect the bites if the rod is horizontal. Dont know if that it the correct way but I seem to hook the fish better and am able to release them with the two different rigs for the two different species.
  10. Pete's two years ago I think.
  11. But no carp or kitties ready to nibble yet. Across from the airport....
  12. I like casting, for anything really. My favorite is any time out with someone else and we are both catching a lot of fish. Pannies with the wife with ultra ultralites and 2 pound test line out of the kayaks on a summers evening at the cottage comes to mind.
  13. Vsn mobile v360. Here is the web pagehttp://www.v360life.com
  14. This is a videocamera that shoots 360 degrees at all times, then you edit what you want to see after. I see a lot of potential for a single fisherman etc. Filming your own adventures... http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=olINbpodPSc
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