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  1. Frank81

    Places to waterfoul hunt

    I went out with a friend to Reebs Bay with a aluminum boat, we didn't get any ducks or geese but could have shot about 2,000 cormorants lol. I have been trying to duck & goose hunt for 2 years now but its tough,I am luck if I can get out twice a year, a boat is pretty much a necessity unless you can get permission elsewhere, I am saving for a aluminum boat, or i'll just bite the bullet so to speak and go finance one.
  2. Frank81

    Help With Bird Identification

    gunner-2, that's pretty neat! Update on the bird, ... My buddy put it in a cage because of cats on the property, he noticed that the mother? was coming by to feed the little guy all the time, so he left the cage open while he was outside and the little waxwing finally decided it was time to fly away.
  3. Frank81

    Help With Bird Identification

    Thanks guys! Sorry it too me some to repky, I posted this then went camping for q few days and had no cell reception, which is not a bad thing lol ...Thats a greatlink smerch!I Google and looked a pics and couldn't find anything wax wings with the red tail,but your source looks legit so well go with that. This little guy seems happy hanging out in the chicken coop with my friends chickens.
  4. A friend of mine found this bird trying to get into his hen house out in Wainfleet today, no one knows what species this little fella is.
  5. Frank81

    Great Deal On 3 Person Tent

    Thats a great deal!! ... I bought my first Eureka tent (Autumn Wind 3XD) from Outdoors Oriented back in 2008 and still use it to this day! Just got back from North Carolina with it 2 weeks ago and taking it with me to Ohio/Indiana next weekend, i'd scoop up this deal, but mine is still working fine.
  6. Frank81

    Us Post Box

    I use this one..... https://www.needausaddress.com You can sign up online and start getting mail sent to your box right away, there is NO yearly fee, just a pick up fee. ..I've had mine for just over a year and have checked out over 53 packages. All of my mail gets delivered to "The UPS Store" in Lewiston, New York.
  7. Here is the official recall notice on the Winchester website. http://www.winchesterguns.com/library/articles/detail.asp?id=709
  8. I was always taught to never trust the safety on any gun, check this video out with a horrible safety on a brand new Winchester SXP.
  9. Frank81

    Airbag Light On

    If there is low voltage from a corroded wire/ bad ground not giving at least 9-16 volts at ignition then your air bag light will turn on, and you will get a B0012 code, it may also be just a loose connector. However, there is a bulletin from GM that if you get B0012, B0013, B0015, B0016, B0019 etc... then you should inspect and replace the "Connector Position Assurance Retainer" mind you, if you are going to attempt messing with connectors and wires for the air bag system, then I suggest you disable the supplemental inflatable restraint (SIR) or you will risk deploying an air bag and getting hurt, or just take it to a reputable shop. Good luck.
  10. Frank81

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter Gunner, and everyone here at NFN.
  11. Frank81

    Niagara Fly Fishers And Tyers Club

    I would pay a fee to join a club where I can learn from others, seeing as this spring will be my first attempt at fly fishing and I know nothing about it other than it looks like an art.
  12. Frank81


    Wish I would have seen this sooner to give ya a hand Smerch. I am a certified emissions technician, I do both OBDII (1998 and newer) & Tailpipe (1997 & older) emission testing. If anyone here at NFN needs a hand with their emission tests, shoot me a private message and I'd be glad to help out.
  13. Frank81

    Channel Catfish Locations?

    I love fishing for catfish in the spring, but have never targeted them in the winter through the ice, but apparently you can have success.
  14. Frank81

    Worst Fishing Purchase Ever?

    My worst fishing purchase ever was a Fly Rod, guess I was kidding myself when I purchased it, thinking I was going to learn how to fly fish, yeah right, I only took it out of the case once and that was to take pictures to sell it. It is currently for sale in the classifieds section here at niagarafishing.net if anyone would like to make an offer to get it out of my house.
  15. Frank81

    Friday The 13 Th

    Congrats Cliff!