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  1. Yes, I'm getting the warning too. I just click through it.
  2. I can't see a lot of world records coming out of the region as there are so many fish and such a variety of species. That said, there are some huge bass in the area (I've seen some), but if a bass record is set it will likely be a smallmouth and not a largie.
  3. Hmmm. I'm getting the phishing warning now too. So something is still going on.
  4. More correctly, the mute swan is an introduced species. Like many other introduced species they are thriving. They may need to have some control measures imposed, but that is open to debate. Other introduced species that are doing well include ringneck pheasant, the Hungarian partridge, brown trout, rainbow trout, and all of the salmon species in the Great Lakes except the Atlantic. And that's just a few examples.
  5. Discarded line is one of the most destructive kinds of garbage. I've rescued a few animals and found more than a few that were beyond help. It infuriates me, especially considering that there are garbage receptacles all over the place, and if you can't find one, most of us have pockets.
  6. Haven't landed one myself yet. But the ticket from what I've been reading is a rope fly. No hook, just a section of frayed rope. The rope gets snagged on their teeth. I'll have to give it a try one day. They had one in the fish trap at the Cootes carp barrier a few years ago that measured over 2 meters!
  7. See page 8 of the regulations. An artificial light may be used only if it is part of a lure or for fishing for specified species. So generally speaking, the lights you are describing are illegal except in very specific circumstances.
  8. "Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." Henry David Thoreau
  9. My condolences Smerch. Saying goodbye to a pet is never easy.
  10. Careful with that, Gunner! Those little guys always have a knack for finding the biggest fish in the lake. At the Waterfront Trust Derby a couple of summers back, a 9 year old girl brought a 73 cm sheepshead to our weigh station! You could wind up mounting a 30 pounder!
  11. I'd put that in a place of honour in my home for sure. Nicely done!
  12. Wouldn't be hard to do a bulb a day. A couple cloves with breakfast, a few at lunch, and load up at dinner.
  13. I'm with Cliff. Seriously. When I was in the army we were often in areas where the bugs were so thick you needed a machete to get through them. At the time, the bug juice we had was 100% DEET, and even that often did nothing. We had a warrant officer who never seemed to be bothered by the bugs. So I asked him his secret. He told me that he ate a bulb (not a clove) of garlic every day. Good for the blood too!
  14. ron4blues

    Heads Up

    Garlic does work, as Cliff suggests. But you need to have some every day.
  15. Had a swan pick up my fly once. Started swimming off with it, but thankfully it didn't hook up. I wonder what the world record for fly-rod caught swan is?
  16. Yes. Gasoline is hydroscopic. If it's been sitting a while, get rid of it.
  17. My best luck with pike has been with Zonkers in bright colours. Orange and fuchsia seem effective. I have also stumbled across a "trick" for attaching smaller tippet to heavier leaders, but I'd have to show it to you; I don't think a written description would work. That of course means we're going to have to get together for a bit of time on the water this year. LOL.
  18. Good stuff Dave! You learned some new things and caught a few fish. Sounds like a great day yo me.
  19. Nice to have you Ryann! You will learn a lot by asking the right questions and working on your craft. You're off to a great start in the right place.
  20. Welcome aboard, Wellcat. We have instructions for posting photos pinned. Cliff has also been talking about adding a gallery to which we can directly add photos, but that hasn't happened yet. Thanks for joining us. We are all looking forward to seeing lots of posts from you. ☺ Or we did have it pinned. ? Do a search for it. I'm sure the thread is still on here somewhere.
  21. Happy Easter all! My dinner is pork lion simmered in sauerkraut with brown mustard. Not very Scottish of me but tasty.
  22. Saw some out on one of those warm days back in February. Unreal.
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