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  1. Fished the lower yesterday. Darkish green water with plenty of vis
  2. Great attitude! Your resiliency will serve you well. I'm sorry you had that bad accident(s) but you are back in action and I hope the fishing gods stay on your side for a while.
  3. Stick your hands in the water! Haaa! I spoke with someone who had on thin cotton gloves with latex gloves over top of them. The idea is to keep the cotton close to the skin and the latex to trap the heat in while allowing the dexterity to still tie hooks etc... He swore by it but said getting the fit just right was imperative.
  4. Hi Corsara. Good on you for experimenting with floatfishing! In my opinion... Your 5 feet of shot is the problem for easy storage. I stack my weight with slip sinkers and a bead that buts up against the swivel. Use a longer leader and less split shot length and this will shrink your overall length, making storage easier. Hope this helps! Also 10 ft rods I generally use as a bottom bounce rod not a float rod.
  5. Hey! Good on ya for giving it your best shot...Great report! I used to fish those waters in the 80's and it was nice to read your report on the same sections of water i used to be familiar with. All the best in your future fishing adventures...
  6. bobert


    I agree! I was fishing at the time and I think everyone should be aware of the situation.
  7. bobert


    Just wandering what happened to the rabid racoons post from yesterday... Obviously is was deleted intentionally. It's a real issue that I think should be addressed. Maybe it was moved to a different section.
  8. Ok! I got chased off my spot by a raccoon in the Glen last week! It was crazy... He kept coming at me even after I hit him in the head multiple times with my rod. It was dangerous. I had to scale a section of the gorge I normally would never try. I made it out and went for a ten minute walk. Sure enough... Here he comes again! Unbelievable. I kept walking and eventually lost him. I thought at the time he was blind and he was trying to get at my stinky fish net but it seems otherwise now...
  9. bobert


    A bunch of hair! Haa! I fish for musky a handful of times per year and I use 20 lb braid. I don't have any problems with it as far as strength goes... I use a Palomar knot for a non slip connection. I hope you get bit!
  10. My head's like a football! Well done!
  11. Merry Christmas to all! Tight lines for 2017!
  12. One thing I have noticed over the years is... the more you fish, the more you realize how little you know! So many species, so many techniques, so much refining. Keep your cup empty so you always have room to learn weather it be from a "pro" or from a local child who knows the area. Life has a funny way of humbling us and realizing that fishing is our way of connecting to nature is really what its all about. The attitude that you are a life long student of the game will do us well...
  13. Hey Dave C, I wish I could have been there to see that go down!!! Haaa!!! I bet that kid will never forget that day for the rest of his life. On a two week solo trip just after ice out in Algonquin Park I had some punks come onto my campsite while I was out fishing. I saw them from a far and crept up on them. I was within a few feet and they didn't know I was there till I yelled at them. They jumped into their canoe and took off as fast as they could. After a while I notice my sunglasses had been stolen. I had some very evil thoughts of revenge running through my head. To cap it off,whenever I caught a fish all I could hear from across the lake was F*** OFF!!!! This story keeps going... My question is, why do the great outdoors bring out the worst in some of us?
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