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  1. Awesome! I have to say I blew it this year--I didn't make the time to hunt. If I had, and gotten lucky, it would have been the first year that my Dad and all his sons got a deer. I know it's not super important but we would have remembered it as the year everyone got a deer. Now its going to be--remember that year when you didn't get a deer and everyone else did.... I'm happy for your son too. It wont be long before we take our sons out and then we'll have to do 3 generations all getting a deer! I can't wait.
  2. Zinger


    thanks for the info
  3. I'd love to see more of those kinds of huts too.
  4. I hope I don't hijack your thread-but I'm just wondering if anyone finds the sportsman show relevant anymore. The last few times I went I was quite disappointed. By the time you figure in gas, admission, parking, snack -- I figure I'm better off taking that money and just buying what I want somewhere local. The deals just weren't there for what I was looking for. I think the last time I went I was looking for a flasher for ice fishing and I couldn't find anything at the sportsman show. I figured if I had stayed home and bought the flasher from Fishing World or Grimbsy Bait and Tackle and then figure in about $50 off the price (the cost of going to the Sportsman show) I would have been happy with that. As it is, I still don't have a flasher...
  5. Zinger

    Crappie Mount

    Great mount. There is still something nice about having a mount made out of that trophy fish that you worked so hard to get. I'd love to have a few more mounts myself--always great conversation pieces when you've caught it yourself.
  6. Yeah, I'm not sure I would eat anything out of Binbrook. I know some of the farms in the immediate area... But the crappie sure are fun for kids.
  7. Great fish. Good news is that next year you can try to find an even bigger one!
  8. Good post DaveC--thanks for the info. I've always wanted to try fishing there but for some reason haven't pulled the trigger. I guess it's a bit intimidating and seems a bit of a hassle if you don't know where to park. But now that I know where to park I'm out of excuses....
  9. I would highly recommend the Lake Kamaniskeg (Barry's Bay) area. My extended family has been going there for over 25 years every summer. There's literally hundreds of miles of shoreline all connected via the Madawaska river from Barry's Bay right through the Conroy Marsh. If the fish aren't biting--there's still lots to see and do. It's beautiful. You might have to do a bit of looking to suit your price range but try Opeongo Resort, Pine Cliff Resort, Chippawa Cottage resort, Sand Bay Camp, and there's lots of private places too. Cheers!
  10. I use them a fair bit and like them. The only advantage is that they'll come off if they get snagged so you don't lose the rest of your rig. If you do what Smerchly does and create some kind of week spot so that your line breaks just above the weight and not above the hook you'd have somewhat the same results. I would say the only other advantage is shape--you can choose pencil or balls depending on the type of bottom. I like the pencil types in really snaggy situations as I find I get less snags.
  11. I've found it hard to fish in some of the northern tea-stained water too. I would suggest fishing deeper--as in find old river beds or some kind of structure in deeper water--especially as the temperatures rise, and fish with big minnows. Let them do the work of attracting the fish for you in the stained water. Like others have said the visibily is low so having something flashy/loud is usually a good idea. Another big thing to look for is healthy weeds--often hard to see without a graph in stained water. It's a game of patience but it usually pays off. Best of luck.
  12. Now that's good times with the kids! Great post.
  13. Nice Fish! I'll have to look into the details of the contest for sure!
  14. Great fish! How deep and where abouts were you trolling? I've only been out of Burlington (2 times this year) in about 150' of water. First time we went 9/14 but nothing was as big as the one you got. Way to go! Zinger
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