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  1. Forum Rules *updated*

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  2. Great Fishing Tattoo

  3. First time walleye

    Thanks for the tip hopefully I can get into some
  4. First time walleye

    Just wondering if anyone can help me with walleye thinking about going out tomorrow morning, launching out of crystal beach. Where do I head, what to use , and how deep? All I have is the navionics app for locating depth so may be a bit tricky I have downroggers dipsys and jets but not sure which is best thanks.
  5. Evinrude

    Thanks but I am looking for a power pack not coils
  6. Evinrude

    Anyone no where I can find a 1979 15hp power pack or even how to test them ?
  7. Bowfishing Carp

    Thanks for all the replys and input so does anyone have a good receipt for carp?
  8. Bowfishing Carp

    Sorry buddy some of us are contributing members of society and work for a living providing for there family's and homes, and cant sit around picking their ass watching every comment on the fish forums lol safe to say that my tax dollars are probably going to your pay check
  9. Bowfishing Carp

    What do you do with the fish after shooting it ? Eat it ?
  10. Counting Down!

    Is it the thrid saturday or fourth saturday in june that bass opens I thought it was third but my buddie says fourth so what is it lol