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  1. Hey all, I'm looking for a little help. I just bought an 04 fifth wheel trailer with a slide and I need a marine/TV battery to open the slide. Will I have to recharge this battery every winter or will the trailer hydro keep it charged? TIA.
  2. The water must be getting warm. Does it affect the taste of the fish?
  3. Coyle creek in Welland? Do you mean they're building waterfront housing in the greenspace between Colbeck Dr. and the river? What are they thinking? That space is a buffer zone to filter groundwater before it flows into the river. SMH. Only in Welland.
  4. It was a bit windy but I got out for a few hours and managed 14 keepers. Nothing spectacular but good ears anyway.
  5. That's why I'm going to try the canal again. Lots of fresh minnows in the Crick this time of year.
  6. As for perch fishing out of a canoe, I would rate myself 9/10. I don't do much other fishing.
  7. Chippawa boat ramp is definitely open.
  8. I only drove by and I'm pretty sure the sign said closed. There were two city trucks and no trailers. Maybe 9am? Also the gates to the big river are still closed.
  9. I drove by the Chippawa ramp today (May 17) and it was closed.
  10. Only on the ramps where they DON'T make any money. All of their paid parking lots are open.
  11. I heard that because of the mild winter they were able to let a lot of water out of Lake O. It won't help Erie levels but it should help around your trailer Bill.
  12. I was wondering what the levels were like. I drove by the falls yesterday and the flow was greater than I've seen in a while and I drive by there a lot. Further upriver at the control dam, all the gates were lowered and the water was flying through. This was at 6pm on May 4th.
  13. What was the water clarity like? This time of year you need to fish the edge of the dirty and clearer water.
  14. No doubt, Smerch. The best thing for him would have been to say nothing. With all the sponsors he has you would think he wouldn't want to upset any of them. I love his shows so I hope he hasn't damaged his rep too badly.
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