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  1. I like the Seaguar fluoro. Its expensive for 25 yards but I only use it for tying my perch rigs so its justifiable.
  2. A lot of members usually make their first post as some sort of introduction.
  3. I post my good catches on Facebook so I get a reminder every year. It helps me to remember when and where I caught.
  4. The best rigs I find are the ones I tie myself. Two micro jigs tied on fluorocarbon with a bell sinker on the bottom. Most areas that hold perch in the winter have silty bottoms. Just bounce that sinker every once in awhile and the perch will be attracted to sight and sound.
  5. My theory is that all these slobs must be descended from royalty and they just expect that someone else will pick it up while people like you and I will just keep cleaning up their mess because that's WHAT WE DO.
  6. I just got a Facebook reminder today about a perch trip four years ago when my buddy and I limited. Straight out from the Palmwood launch in 55'. Not sure if that helps but it's a starting point.
  7. I'm finding less ticks on my dogs than the last couple years. I have Boston Terriers with very short coats. I walk them at Baden Powell ( Grassybrook) and at most I find two or three between the three of them. Maybe they all moved into town lol.
  8. That is 20 mile creek. Hence the name of the golf course. 12 mile creek does not go over the escarpment.
  9. Well generally they put the docks in when the ice is gone from the whole lake so keep an eye on those satellite pics. With the forecast temps for the next while the ice is only going to grow.
  10. Seriously??? Don't you see that white blob on the south side of the lake? We've had north winds for three straight days. Once those winds turn around all that ice will come right back. Wouldn't want to be out on the lake when that happens. Wait until they take the boom out.
  11. I believe the lake is still full of ice. My daughter sent me a pic of Crystal Beach and there was lots.
  12. It's too bad we can't rescind someone's membership on this board. Fishlivesmatter never adds anything even remotely constructive. Check his posts. All negative or pot-stirring. What a troll.
  13. Well I went to Dain City this morning for a season first day of fishing with my daughter and son-in-law and the only keeper perch I saw were the half-dozen left on the ice by some Saturday fishers. We noticed a bunch of seagulls and crows at a spot that had obviously been used for fishing because of the water all over the ice so I walked over to check it out and found six decent perch left. Thought that odd but decided to fish that area. About half hour later dude walks out and says they were fishing there yesterday and with all the snow they couldnt find their fish at the end of the day. He took his seagull-ravaged perch and left. First times for everything. At leat there are some decent perch in there.
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