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  1. why did they flip? I dont think you are suppose to tie your anchor to the stern? so I heard??
  2. still lots of ice at that end of the lake! not sure when they'll get in.
  3. There are trout in there and pike have seen them both, small brookies- use a fly rod. its a nice little walk too
  4. just wondering if anyone has fished for pike at sugarloaf and if so have you caught any? RW
  5. walk in the tracks and fish the ponds to the north of the tracks, lots of weeds there so use a top water pop-it frog
  6. RichieWalleye


    those are beautifully fat mmmmmm pc or crystal bch?
  7. nice muskie First thing you should do is go out and fish. My daughter caught a nice muskie with a chartreuse jig head and piece of worm. you really dont need anything special but the right gear will help you land them. We didn't have a big enough net.I caught a spotted muskie(in Pic) while fishing for bass.
  8. hey perchman, just wondering why you never call me anymore? Did I piss you off by catching more perch than you? haha We gave you a gift at your wedding! Did you finally get a boat too? good for you. RW
  9. nice largies!- i love catching them. cherish the time with your DAD, because one day all you'll have is memories. miss you DAD
  10. A beautiful evening- my wife and I headed out from sugarloaf launch-$15.00 dollars later at 5:30pm.-what a rip. My 14ft'er with no lights-so i would be back in, in a of couple hours. Anyways, the water was beauty, calm, great temp. in the air. I headed straight out, probably in 60 fow. (no electronics.) My wife wanted to stop, so i did. I put my line in the water and waited, and waited-this went on for 10mins. I told my wife that if we are on the perch and they're biting it will be instantaniously. So I told her I'm moving- so I moved out approx. another 300m stopped the motor and put my line in--- Bam! fish on- I reeled her in and it was a jumbo perch-13"-awesome. baited my hook with another minnow- down it goes--bam- another- not as big but still good. we threw the anchor and it was non-stop action for the next couple hours. It was getting dark-the sun was settting- what a great evening. I would have stayed but I need lights. A beautiful sunset and a pail full of perch-now to clean them-blaa then eat... mmmmm
  11. Ok I'm trying to find a Berkly Frenzy deep diving, hard, white with a blue back, about 4"-4 1/2" long. lure. I had one that was extremely productive. I lost it with a fish on-bummer. Berkly doesn't produce them anymore and there are none to be found in any store- i mean all stores! however I haven't tried Denis's shop in Ft. Erie-do you have one Denis?? the lure is in the picture.
  12. I really wanted to go out on Erie these last couple of days, I even booked two days off work, But I have been unable to go because of the WIND. damn Wind, I hate it. I only have a 14ft aluminum and its light, so there is no way i'm going out. F#@k'n'sh!t. I will have to get a bigger boat which I will but not for a couple years or I win the lottery. This is my rant--the wind sucks-if its not ruining a fishing adventure its ruining something eles like shingles on the roof or.... hows the fishing at Queenston these days??? RW
  13. personally i don't like this video. why? I love animals and don't like seeing them get killed. Its one thing for nature to act as it does but this is provoked by a human-obviously too lazy to get off his horse and hunt for himself. Why is he hunting the wolf to begin with. Eagles are a very facsinating bird as well and probably wouldn't hunt wolves on there own, and if they do that is natures course. this isn't a jab at hunters who use firearms and do it for wildlife conservation and control.
  14. Can any1 tell me what the Welland river in the Wellandport area (give or take a few miles) holds for fish? Is it productive? It is very high right now due to weather and looks like crap-very muddy. I drive along it going to work so am curious if it is good to fish-when it is settled down.
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