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  1. Went out yesterday fished at the dam from 3 -7 marked fish but could not get them to take. Skunked again.
  2. I am located at North York Toronto area. I sometimes fish there, but cost me at least $35 gas these days to go there. 

    What is your body size? height? weight?


    1. Hendo


      6ft 1 210 pounds im usually a large in things sometimes a medium in items that fit big 

  3. I believe nicholls marine in fort erie can order you one
  4. Hendo

    R.I.P Harry

    We have lost another Port D Legend anyone who is a regular in port would know Harry. Im very sad to say that Harry past away yesterday. The funeral is Tuesday 2-4 at butlers on niagara st. I sure will miss his fishing story's
  5. Always a pleasure to watch thanks so much
  6. Hendo


    I was hammering them on erie last weekend never thought about eating them now you guys got me wishing i kept a few lol
  7. Got the day off tomorrow and want to give the upper another try never had much luck. Anyone have any recommendations on what to use or where to try. Not looking for any honey holes looking to get into anything fishing from shore. Thanks
  8. I did the course with genec in fort erie great course learned alot highly recommend them
  9. There is a fee I think it's 20 or 25 can't remember all the info is on the website it's not a bad deal. It gets packed with people thou
  10. I have been searching for 2 years now no luck hopefully you do better then me. Seems every spot is taken or people do not want hunters on the land.
  11. Some nice fish glad you had a good time our trip got cancelled maybe next year
  12. Keady market is a great spot use to go when I was a kid
  13. After Cleaning I always run a patch through with oil just go light not to heavy on the oil
  14. Thanks that would be great
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