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  1. fredfisher

    It's been a while

    welcome back joey,go get 'em!
  2. fredfisher

    Perchin'-Piken Day

    GREAT report Bill,nice going
  3. fredfisher

    Success for my son at the deer camp!!

  4. fredfisher

    Queenston blocked

    not cool
  5. fredfisher

    Nice to get out

    its a balance...the pre jitters excitedness you(me) get on your way there,the rush of a strike////// and the relaxfulness you also get ...great sport!
  6. fredfisher

    Fishing Magnetawan river?

    whats the results from Magnetawan river adventure?
  7. fredfisher

    Thieves in Welland

  8. fredfisher

    must haves for basic tackle set up

    my buddy lives in the hammer...gave him the list and he is set to go! thanks all for info! def lots of items I over looked! happy Canada day all! FF
  9. fredfisher

    Thieves in Welland

    brutal...hope you recover your gear yak
  10. fredfisher

    Van Go (Gone)?

    its worth 4 grand then Bill.you have receipts proving that. didn't the cop do an accident report?whos name is listed first (at the top) on the report? S.I.L or preggers? I believe who's at faults name is listed at top...99% sure
  11. fredfisher

    must haves for basic tackle set up

    RIGHT ON guys...thanks for sharing...we have a great grocery list of lures and hardware to get this kid.its Ontario family fishing week and hes going out with some buddies..yes in the kawarthas. I see rods half price(a bunch of them) for Canada day week at CTC too...tight lines!! ff
  12. buddy at work says "what do I need to go fishing this Canada day weekend". I asked where hes going and he said" lovesick lake"......wiki took me to stony lake..????SM,LM,Musky??no walleye?? anyways what a must have in the box for a basic beginner fisherman? -needle nose pliers -snap swivels -mr.twister jigs n tails(maybe gulp) -a big o -mepps spinner #1-3 -snelled hooks,bobber and some split shots -jitterbug(see smerchly!) - your thoughts here______________
  13. fredfisher


    jitterbug ,yes Bill ! doesn't everyone have a jitterbug,a daredevil and a 5 of diamonds in their boxes?! I thought that was mandatory gear since the 50's??!?!
  14. fredfisher


    Saturday looked like it wasn't gonna be good on erie ...we went out late by my standards...on water @ 13:15...weather and lake primo!! sun even popped out every now and again. we boated ten bass in three hours...largest on was 4.7 lbs which I caught on a jitterbug... went out yesterday morning as well...fished an hour with no luck then the torrential down pour chased me off the lake. ff
  15. fredfisher


    weather not looking good for me and my boat Saturday@erie@bass opener...wind finder telling me to find some place else...bass safe there ...for now..