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  1. Sorry mine was red 8” 🙏
  2. I think that’s mine smerchly do you still have it?!??
  3. Tried the end of Kingsway today ZIP caught...we had a great time,should have brought skates...nice day with about 4” of fresh snow..would have been like skating on a cloud lol
  4. Right on...couldn’t stretch that sucker out to 9”?? Hahaa gonna try n take my kid out today somewhere...easy and local
  5. Who won the tourney and what where the perimeters? Unfortunately I had to miss sounds like you guys had great fun FF
  6. was only pulling your leg smerch ...i do have the 13th off but by then im hoping to fish Erie,safely...gonna be nice seeing you again Bill...been a couple winters since we P2P (talked face to face) i did see you from boat to land a few months back but that doesnt count! 👋
  7. I JUST BOOKED Feb 15th off so i can pre fish the area 🎯 🔨 🐬 hahahahaaaaaaa !
  8. Just looked up on google maps the location ...had no idea 💡 that place was even there! FF
  9. It’s about 4-5 km down river from the dam in dunnville. They might charge you to park at the bait shop.
  10. im with Alex! fingers crossed for erie!
  11. I’m down,weekends are best for me
  12. you can go pretty in-depth if you like ....current,clarity,cloud cover....and that’s just the C’s! I have a log book written up by wazchuck and labingnon that I used ...hand write my entries. It prob would be best entering that data into a spread sheet or something...all royalties should go to the smerch if anyone out there is considering writing a program...smerch, I’ll take half and remain a silent partner FF
  13. I kept a log of my entire year on the water and I wish I had done this from age 16 ! It’s never too late to start recording outings to use for future reference or even to keep a memory a little crisper. It contains valuable info such as location,hours on water,tackle selection,moon phases,wingers etc etc etc i got out 57 times shut out 14 times one fish caught trips 4 limited out -2 on perch 4 on eyes.had wicked bass days but released all but two. and fished with 12 different friends over the year. if you don’t keep a journal or memoir you should! Fish-On for 2019!!
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