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  1. We also hit gilford on Saturday,prob 205 m north of tyler0420...didn’t get to him though as the comforts of a warm hut where too tempting for visiting or running and gunning..kept the heater on nonstop...that wind was mean!They must have been another 998 huts besides ours eh Tyler?!? 2 of us caught 100 but nearly all where dinks,kept 7. A fun day...survived the ride home,scratched the itch..mission accomplished 👍 Im still hoping for Erie, SurfandTurf 🤞 ...next weekend local ice for sure! FF
  2. Looks like the boom is part way complete https://iceboom.nypa.gov/ also looks like a primo day on Erie
  3. Going back 20 yrs and beyond American anglers would come up here for fishing.It seemed they targeted cats,carp and sheep. I don’t see that going on anymore although it could be.I do know the yanks still hit lake simcoe but I don’t see them anywhere else. We have never gone abroad to fish but your stories of solitude do sound delightful.Personally I don’t have a prob on this side with angler density but I done ’t target trout/salmon. Fishguy85 do yourself(and the rest of us) a favour and go fish another area.Stay away from your buddy and the government ramp in fort Erie...stress kills son!And honestly I’m sick of hearing about this prick! Let it go...the worlds covered in 70% water bud! FF
  4. Gag me with a spoon smerchly! 🤮
  5. That’s terrible...what area are you in Daniel? Better post descriptions of your gear on here so the membership can keep an eye out. FF
  6. Thanks for sharing...what was vis like?
  7. Welcome - I fished the Niagara river at that creek before and caught some SMB.i didn’t know it was deep enough.Good luck FF
  8. Dealers choice on this one as there is no wrong or right. There are a lot of variables...last night i Wanted to swing around but due to boat trolling traffic I had to remain on course. I did alright maintaining that route...but wondered what could have been had I done a rerun FF
  9. Drag worm harnesses with bottom bouncers...for 35’ ,riding a canoe I’d try 1oz bouncers.not expensive and easy to operate! FF
  10. I give it five more min and if nothing,spin her around!
  11. That was upper Jim? Great vid man!
  12. Thanks Bill...that’s a pretty good deal if the product is quality and regulated...next time I’m on that end of the lake I’ll have a look! FF
  13. Did you get to the bottom ok the whisky pricing @ Shannonville?? 🍹 curiosity has got the better of me! FF
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