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  1. Thanks for sharing...what was vis like?
  2. Welcome - I fished the Niagara river at that creek before and caught some SMB.i didn’t know it was deep enough.Good luck FF
  3. Dealers choice on this one as there is no wrong or right. There are a lot of variables...last night i Wanted to swing around but due to boat trolling traffic I had to remain on course. I did alright maintaining that route...but wondered what could have been had I done a rerun FF
  4. Drag worm harnesses with bottom bouncers...for 35’ ,riding a canoe I’d try 1oz bouncers.not expensive and easy to operate! FF
  5. I give it five more min and if nothing,spin her around!
  6. That was upper Jim? Great vid man!
  7. Thanks Bill...that’s a pretty good deal if the product is quality and regulated...next time I’m on that end of the lake I’ll have a look! FF
  8. Did you get to the bottom ok the whisky pricing @ Shannonville?? 🍹 curiosity has got the better of me! FF
  9. 40 oz of domestic whiskey...I’m curious as to whatthey sell that for.i know they sell pretty much everything ..but the booze? What about a case of beer smerchly?is there a reserve or band brew? i thirstily await your response! 🍻
  10. DNorton,if you wait a little longer the price of boats will go down..but getting a test ride may be more difficult.heres to hoping you get a good one 🚤 !
  11. Nice fish and shots Man
  12. Right on man...that one fish is HUGE!
  13. I still use the queenston ramp even though it’s dock is on a 45* . jetboats are a permanent problem unfortunately. smercho, I worked with a guy 25-30 years ago who stayed in deseronto.carmen,an Italian fella..still there?another guy big Dave from western hilll too...tell em “hi from Fred” if still in the area/kickin! FF
  14. Bouncing them,NRF A face too ugly for social media bubbs And the launch dock@queenston is still unusable
  15. Fished NOTL mouth/bar for hour and half.white twister tails&worms.
  16. Funny,I’m starting to give less shits about this pc of crap 💩 anymore...was once angry....
  17. Great shots thanks for sharing. FF
  18. Nice work Bruce...I only boated one..as I drifted by you fellas. i was out from 0600-0900. it was either all that moss or the imminent storm that kept guys off the river yesterday. FF
  19. And he didn’t trim the zip tie? I’m not buying it
  20. Not mine ...5.2 lbs fmz 19
  21. Report from 19— my boat got skunked,4hours on water.in another boat ,my buddy tallied 9.7 lbs on two smallie to win the tourney we where in.second place was way back at 8.2 .skunked but a beauty of a day! Your a better man than I Tyler ..I couldn’t handle the close quarters!
  22. No catch limits on them!
  23. FMZ 19 for me and im jacked! Weather is supposed to be primo this wknd too Jacked X2! keep your tips and enjoy the dance!! ↗️ 💃 🎣
  24. That’s a great night! Nice shooting!
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