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  1. well when you spend your lifetime trying to catch a single walleye in lake erie,(many up north) and spend the last 4 seasons trolling about 5 times a year and finally getting into some fish, dam straight i'm gonna brag a little. like some wise fisherman told me, if you aint catchin you aint workin hard enough. musta changed setup every 20 minutes. think like a fish
  2. was out there saturday noon till 5 lost 3 landed 0 circling the can and west. sunday same place, same troll, nada. at noon we decided to travel, ended with 7 in the box, one 7lb rest 3.5 ish not saying where we travelled, but burned ALOT of gas, trolled 5 times this season with 4 skunks and only one 5 lb'er till sunday thats alot of gas.
  3. you gotta get passed the breakwall, then its ok
  4. I remember the same thing in bobcaygeon.
  5. before the thaw, ramey ice was 5 in. dain city was 7. better off in dain city..
  6. out of PC this morning 2 of us got 70. lots of small dinks and some seagull food. gonna giver another go tomorrow.
  7. i'll be out there too, my second trip of the year and probably last, sad eh
  8. trap the damm beavers and make a nice hat for cold weather fishing.
  9. they are out there, got a bunch on saturday afternoon. went out just as the wind started blowing, lots of jumbos. but had to move a few times till i found em.
  10. I use a pickeral rig, heavy sinker and minnows. if the bite is slow, i rip the minnows in half, the scales attract more fish.
  11. Hey RJR, shoot me a PM, and i'll give you some tips for winter perch, think you were in the wrong area for this time of year. If my boat was not winterized, i would be out there too. this time last year i was out there ice fishin.
  12. there is plenty of ice in cooks bay, and the perch are biting, make the hour drive to gilford. The only ice fishing going on around here this year will be from shore. good thing i have some perch left over from last years ice fishing.
  13. check out englehart and larder lake area, there's an abandoned provincial park, with a river and a waterfall, a few lakes that are also provincial parks, check it out.
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