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  1. The picture makes it look bigger than him, his whole body is hidden behind it and he has a smile instead griting his teeth holding up something bigger than him?????????? Something fishy, no pun intended. Smerch I'll believe your picture my friend.
  2. Went out yesterday morning only for an hour and a half and caught three in 70 fow with worm harness set around 45 fow

    1. Fish Farmer

      Fish Farmer

      I think thats where Gilfisher fishes, a little west of the fingers and south. 3 fish in a hour & half is good fishin👍

  3. Might try and head out tonight if the Lake is calm.

  4. Might try and head out tonight if the Lake is calm.

  5. Mechanic told me that some of the older hoses brake down with the ethanol fuels now. As you say it's something about the black or Gray hoses. I'd try some Sea foam in your gas, could help.
  6. You'd be surprised Smerch the stuff I've seen floating out in the lake, some of those Marks on my finder makes one wonder;;just garbage??? In the end Smerch, what do you think will happen when were gone????? SAD SAD With all this crap going on now, I think we lived in the best time of life, Life we've had will never happen again. Shame.
  7. Saw it live on the news, kinda makes you wonder, both didn't see each other
  8. Thanks Jim great videos. Question, are you guys roped off in that current, that current must be strong.
  9. Only spot I clean is some Way Points on my GPS, used to catch fish in a spot years ago, but I learned fish swim. I must have a hundred plus Perch spots at crystal beach that no fish are there. I'm always in the boat and my garbage stays in the boat.👍
  10. This was me all last week up north with 8 guys, 9 days we switch back in forth taking turns in 3 boats. Only thing I caught was Walleye and a full belly from a fish fry.👍
  11. Way to go Bruce, it's your home made baits that did the job.👍😃
  12. Dave I called and there not opening the 50 pt ramp till June

    Im going to Maitland in the morning, I'll have my cel on if you want to call me.

  13. Here in Hamilton they are not opening the boat ramps till June. 50 pt. is not opening their ramp either till June. Why?? this is Bull@$#%
  14. Your right FF, fish by your self. Guys don't screw things up for the rest of us. They may change the rules later, be patient.
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