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  1. Fish Farmer

    Really Disappointed WIth Legend Boat

    Had a 17.6 Princecraft Platinum that had to be re riveted 3 times the last guy I took it to is Below But I took the floor and gas tank out myself.
  2. Fish Farmer

    New Niagara underwater video

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing Jim
  3. Fish Farmer

    Boat prop problem question

    Give this guy a call Cliff, he gets lots of old parts.
  4. Fish Farmer

    Thieves in Welland

    Your Avatar... That you after you catch the puke
  5. Fish Farmer

    Downrigger releases

    Offshore white ones plus check all the time, pop your rods, trolling slow with 200 feet behind the ball those small fish love a free ride sometimes and I use braid on all rods helps.
  6. Fish Farmer

    Attacked by a Muskie

    Thanks for sharing Jim, great video. Like your soccer comment
  7. Fish Farmer

    must haves for basic tackle set up

    X2 a Victor spinner & worm will catch everything. 2 in a package Plus won't brake the bank sometime i'll put a stinger on it. I fished Love Sick near the dam and caught Walleye with a plain old Jig & worm.
  8. Fish Farmer

    Thieves in Welland

    👍👍👍👍X100 You said it smerch. Get a job and pay Taxes like every Canadian. We ALL get the same things and we ALL should have to pay, no FREE ride like some (LOTS). Don't live in the passed, and don't blame the ones that work for a living and get robbed. Were all landed immigrants at one point 1 year to 1000 years ago. Sick and tired listening about your great great great grandfather got a smaller piece of cake, my dogs bigger than your dog. Now lets go fishing and lets ALL abide by the same limits. (Rules) Then we won't feel like racial profiling.
  9. Fish Farmer

    Thieves in Welland

    And they wonder why people take the law in their own hands Police can't do a thing with this card BULL. And they wonder why people get racist, never was before but I am now. Get sick and tired about pore me I'm hard done by, it's all our fault. Sorry about your loss yacfish, have it done a few more times and you'll feel the same as me. And far as calling the police they won't do nothing, they can't, or won't because they'll lose their job and if they do get to your place the scum bag will be in Alaska by that time. And don't put too many claims in because your insurance will cancel you. They fail to tell you that, it happened to me. I couldn't get house insurance for years, and tell me I wasn't living on the edge. Then some say watch my mouth, ya OK.
  10. Fish Farmer

    Aluminum boat rivetting

    Could try this guy, did work for me.
  11. Fish Farmer

    First launch

    Port Maitland has a free Launch.
  12. Fish Farmer

    I'm getting my Ice Fishing Stuff back Out

    Flying out of Wawa with Hawk air
  13. When are we going to see the end of this crap. Had to post something sitting in looking out the window Have a fly-in booked for beginning next month, guy says still 3 feet of ice .
  14. Fish Farmer

    Sad news

    That is sad news, I meet Lorne a few times at the Waterfront Trust kids fishing day, he had a both set up. Saw it in the Spec but thought it was someone else. https://www.thespec.com/announcements-obituaries-memorials/obituaries-death-notices/8339025-morley-lorne-patrick/