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  1. March 2

    Must have went by us in the Hammer, only got about a inch nothing on my street. Did hear the thunder as Smerch mentioned.
  2. Getting the Itch Crystal Boat Launch?

    Sorry Tyler, I have a few club guys asking to take them out all the time, nothing against you. Some mornings I get up and make my decision at the last min to go because you never know how the lake is. I tell the wife I'll be back ? Being retired I make last min decisions. But I will keep you in mind.
  3. Getting the Itch Crystal Boat Launch?

    I think my first launch will be 50 Pt. for the Browns or the Perch thing at Crystal Hurry up ice, LEAVE
  4. Getting the Itch Crystal Boat Launch?

    I think that's me in the parking lot Smerch, white spots on the black truck because the guy feeding the Gulls. Hurry up T-Shirt weather. Man that picture makes me crave Smerch.
  5. Getting the Itch Crystal Boat Launch?

    Thanks for the info, looks like another week of this warm temp or more.
  6. I now it's a little early but if someone gets down to the Crystal boat launch can they post here if it's doable to launch and get out to do some Perchin. Man, it would be great if they had a webcam that shows launch and lake there. Would save gas for the far away people.
  7. Bus Trip Results Few Pictures

    Thanks for the comments guys. I hope we can do this again next year.
  8. Bus Trip Results Few Pictures

    Wasn't many fish caught but we all had a good time At least there was one fisherman that new how to catch
  9. Ice Fishing Bus Trip to Lake Simcoe Feb 18

    I really don't know where most guys are coming from except the guys I know. Jarvis, Dunnville, Hamilton. I know there's a few twosomes that we try and match up, or you might meet on the bus shooting the gab Operator tries to get 4 guys in a 6 man hut.
  10. Ice Fishing Bus Trip to Lake Simcoe Feb 18

    Not a problem, When you say $85.00 it sounds a lot at first. I do have a portable Clam, but getting old sucks can't pull that thing like I used to. Like Smerch says, That drive through Toronto makes one fish close to home like Erie, L. Ont. or Ice fish Hamilton Harbor. I'm at these places in mins. HaHaHa Your right smerch, wife tells me Ya OK tell me another one. I don't golf but have a few buds that I fish with that say you think fishing is expensive, try golf, they say the 19th. hole is pricey. Just going any place nowadays beats up a hundred dollar bill. Guy running the trip is putting me in the party hut for 8 guys, only 6 in my gang, may need a shovel by day end if you know what I mean.
  11. Ice Fishing Bus Trip to Lake Simcoe Feb 18

    2008 I ran a Ice fishing bus trip for 4 years cost for a tour bus for the day was $1500.00 I had 55 guys and the price then was $70.00 for the day, Bus ride there and back, hut, bait and Pizza & pop on the way home on the bus. Hut then because I got a deal for guarantee of 55 guys was $35.00 each. Today a good hut rental is $50 to $60 a day PP. I lost a lot of hair putting it together hoping you get the commitment and money. I had to put the money out up front out of my pocket. So as Tyler says it's cheap just to sit and relax on a tour bus, don't have to drive, taxi out to hut and back, bait, free Pizza and pop, Bus ride back home. Tyler is on the money saying $70.00 bucks for gas plus plus plus. Believe me, I didn't make a dime, just know lots of fishing club friends members in 3 clubs I belong to. I'll be on the bus any time with my feet up having a snooze or maybe a refreshment for $85.00 I had a ATV, price for it, maintenance, trailer, storing it, insurance $300,00 a year, Truck gas to and from Simcoe, price for portable hut. etc, etc. Do the math. Gezzz I hope my wife don't see this post.
  12. Ice Fishing Bus Trip to Lake Simcoe Feb 18

    Still a few seats left if anyone is interested.
  13. Ice Fishing Bus Trip to Lake Simcoe Feb 18

    Thanks DW all the merrier.