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  1. Try this curious, this web cam is near fort erie I think. I hope this link works for you, not Port Colborne but that direction.
  2. This was 50 Pt. yesterday at the launch. Water up over the docks. Normally the water is 3' below the docks.
  3. Thanks smerch, you wonder if this will ever end or will this be a yearly thing and will it get worse in the future.
  4. Thanks for the report, let's hope we do better this year on the Perch. Where did you get your minnows, did Erie Tracker have any or Dominion Bait. Thanks
  5. May have been bought through Wish.com , lots of unknown reels on there
  6. One solution, don't wear gloves, wear mits. Have a few friends that have wore gloves and now they wear mits after learning how cold it can get ice fishing. Hot packs help but they expire after a year, don't last long.
  7. Thank you Tyler, were in hyper speed now👍👍
  8. Seams like it's getting slower, I wait and give up and move on to other fishing forums. Giver a go Tyler, hope you can fix it. That maybe the problem people gave up posting or coming here. There is one benefit of slow, waiting to go to another thread, gives me time to get another coffee fillup
  9. Going early hoping to get a good seat, getting a good response..
  10. Shame to see it go and thanks Cliff for the enjoyable few years i've been here. I run the Stelco Fishing Club site and it's free It's https://www.proboards.com/create-free-forum It takes a little practice but could be done and call it "NFC" Niagara Fishing Community Click below and rome around, and I'm not a computer geek. I've left it wide open for people to see and post as guest or join. http://stelcofishingclub.proboards.com/ Thanks Cliff met a lot of fishing friends here. If I had to pay a fee, I'd be giving it up to. Facebook seams to be taking over but to busy for me with all the other crap going on it. Come on Bruce (bigugli ) there's your chance.👍
  11. Same to you Kalvin and to all the great people on this forum, Merry Christmas.
  12. There's lots of free parking where you walk on. You'll see the ice boats parked on the ice. as for a out house , nothing around, only place you'd find a washroom would be at the Williams Coffee House at pier 8.
  13. Thanks Smerch, yes I did read that in the paper. They have been upgrading the Woodward plant and hopefully will help in the future. Still the major bad one is in Dundas, that plant needs big upgrades. Lets hope we get ice this year in the Bay, I walk out near the Leander yacht club, we may meet up someday.
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