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  1. Hello fish farmer . haven't tried 50 pt but got 4 so far outta prt Weller on Williams spoon off riggers down 40

  2. Thats better, thanks very much.
  3. My scroll wheel is wearing out.
  4. Marked lots of schooled Perch 50 FOW and out near the fingers. All we caught was small dink Perch, NO keepers. Lots of pods of Perch at Maitland, if you can find bigger ones, and get minnows. We decided to troll for Walleye and NADA. Said to my buddy one nice thing about not bringing fish home, don't have to clean fish. We bought our minnows at can't say on hear. not many minnows there.
  5. Was a great day with 96 people fishing it. Pay out was $600.something 1st. $400.something 2nd. $200.something 3rd. plus 25% went towards the kids fishing day next year. Almost everyone won a door prize. Thanks to the volunteers for cooking up Burgers, Dogs, Fry's.
  6. Going to giver a go for Perch off Maitland today,will report in. Hope I can get Minnows?
  7. Yes you can Smerch, Some of the park members fish from shore. I've seen Walleye caught of the dock at the launch.
  8. May see a few of you board guys there, one more sleep
  9. Tickets will be available the morning of at the headquarters before the derby starts.
  10. Hey Dave, we are planning to go out of Maitland ASAP weather depending. I have been out there a few times this year but on Teds boat so I don't have any GPS headings. Any heads up would be a help. I know we headed to the buoy then SW.  If you want call me 905-776-0567. Actually going with Joe DiMato if he can make it,  one of your guys from Stelco Fishing Club.

    Johnny DiFilippo of the BF/not Johnny DiFransico of the BOF (my 3rd cousin) of the brickeys who got fired in 98' for payroll fraud. Many think it was me, pass it on please. I've been explaining that for 20 years!!!! I owe him a slap.

    Thanks Dave

    1. Fish Farmer

      Fish Farmer

      I'm going out this morning to Maitland for Eyes, Straight out south Johnny start at 60 FOW and troll out to 85-90 FOW no marker out there just a few boats. Worm harnesses on bottom or dipsys 200 back on 2 setting you can call  or text me if you like my cel 289 260 1234

      We stop at the Dunnville Legion later in the day when we come off ? See my truck and boat parked near there in Food Basic or street.

  11. Way to go Bruce, where did you launch?
  12. Saw a small school of small ones at the ramp at 50 PT. yesterday, wish I had my net.
  13. Launch at 2 Free launches in Maitland, Troll with a white Big O in about 5 to 6 FOW be careful for the shallow spots if you don't know the river. But, be prepared to get a few snags. There is a lot of spots on the river that produces fish, you'll find them if you put the time in. The shore line is where they're at..
  14. Think I no most people who leaves this stuff around but can't say on here.
  15. Smerchly, save the back. I bought a flat at Horvats live bait on 200 Greenmountain Rd. Stoney Creek $40.00 they only sell whole flats. Some in the flat are like snakes LOL