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  1. Fish Farmer

    Awfully quiet

    Hope I can put up a Quinte report next week if the Walters come out and play.
  2. Fish Farmer

    GHOC Shore Perch Derby 50 Pt. Marina Nov 3 Results Posted

    Thanks Bruce, would have had more kids out I think if it wasn't for the rain at the start. I hope you'll have some Pink jigs Bruce at the GHOC meeting 1/4 oz. Don't tell anybody Bruce, but that's the color I won second place with in the Caledonia Walleye derby Was great seeing you and the family at the derby Bruce. I think this was the first Perch entered
  3. Fish Farmer

    GHOC Shore Perch Derby 50 Pt. Marina Nov 3 Results Posted

    GHOC Perch Derby Results 140 people registered, was a great day for the adults and kids, lots of door prizes and every kid went home with a prize.
  4. Fish Farmer

    Current conditions?

    It was hard fishing first thing was a Sheephead then only 1 Walleye and the rest of the day we moved around and caught a 1 man limit for 3 guys Oh ya and 1 BIG Monster Catfish over 13 Lbs. Anyone have issues with minnows, we stopped at Erie Tracker for minnows and all minnows in his tank were dead, so that is what we bought, fished the day with dead minnows. I didn't want to make the drive to Dominion. Most of the time dead works as good as alive.
  5. Fish Farmer

    Legend Boat Followup

    Sorry to hear that genec, he has been great in the past. I know guys that has had big repairs there that have been very happy. Place doesn't look like much but he has came through with good work and a great price. He is the son off Paul's Marine Welding that use to be in Hamilton. If it was me, I think i'd be giving him call and you know what.
  6. Fish Farmer

    Current conditions?

    Curious I'll be heading to the same spot as last week in hopes there still there waiting for a feed of minnows. stop by if you see us catching, throw the anchor. Black 16' Lund side console 3 guys . Lets hope the lake is friendly today. Good luck if you make it out.
  7. Fish Farmer

    Current conditions?

    I'll be there with a couple buds. I hope the others will be there meaning fish
  8. Fish Farmer

    Boat questions

    That's quite the gadget smerch. Watching it shows the trailer to far in the water a lot of mistakes people make. Boat start floating back and forth at the rear of the trailer pulling boat out and transom is off to one side of the trailer. Guys taking their shoes off walking out into the water to connect winch rope shows your in to far. See this lots at ramps, unless your on a beach launching like some small northern lakes. Try doing that in Nov. Dec.
  9. Fish Farmer

    Boat questions

    18 foot bowrider with outboard, max out on motor because you say family, some may want to go boarding,skiing, etc. $30 K your not going to get new might get a good used, but take someone that knows boats with you, there's lots of nightmares out there, rotten transons, floors and US salt flood boats hight hour motors. If you have never had any trailer experience, learn how to backup in a empty parking lot, go sit at a highly use boat ramp on a Sat. learn from good and bad launchers. language could curl your hair. You may be surprised at fishing equipment and accessories, can be as much as you spent on boat, licence, insurance, operator licence, Etc. Go out with a few buddies with a complete fishing setup and ask what he has invested, don't take WIFE, you will be looking at a Yak. Good Luck, hope to see you on the water and some fish reports on here.
  10. Fish Farmer

    Caledonia Hunters & Anglers Walleye Derby Results

    Result from the Derby, First Place was $700.00 going to a lady angler, Second Place $500.00, and Third Place $300.00. And $500.00 razed, going to the Kids Derby next year. And for Largest Bass, 1 Prize, Rod & Reel Almost 1/2 the people won a door prize Total of people entered was 100 Thanks Glenn for a great derby.
  11. Fish Farmer

    Caledonia Hunters & Anglers Walleye Derby Results

    Few more Sleeps, hope there hitting like Erie
  12. Fish Farmer

    Pier Rehab

    Sad the legion is being torn down, is the legion moving Smerch? Great news about the pier.
  13. Fish Farmer

    Really Disappointed WIth Legend Boat

    Had a 17.6 Princecraft Platinum that had to be re riveted 3 times the last guy I took it to is Below But I took the floor and gas tank out myself.