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  1. Orvis was a Fly Fishing shop that used to be where Stoney Inn was near Grays and 8, Didn't last long, it was a high end Fly Fishing shop.
  2. Orvis was a Fly Fishing shop that used to be where Stoney Inn was near Grays and 8, Didn't last long, it was a high end Fly Fishing shop.
  3. Grew up in Stoney Creek, Margaret Ave. Was it the Hardware in town or near the corner of Grays & 8
  4. Drove all the way to Niagara Bass What Ever@%$#& the other day because of a item I was looking for that was on sale on their online site. Half tank of gas to find out price was in US funds, "I freaked" I think the whole store herd me. NEVER GO BACK THERE AGAIN !!!!!!! Good one Bruce
  5. And the real Santa just stood up.👍👍👍 Santa can you pleases give me for Christmas a Bait that guarantees me to catch the biggest fish Please. Bruce, your the Man.👍
  6. #3 or 4 Silver Blue Fox spinner. add piece of worm on tough days
  7. Wind Finder says 58 mph Fri. WSW.
  8. Good Walleye chop Walleye don't have to worry about hooks
  9. Bruce, was one of your pink jigs that won Stevie first place in the Caledonia Walleye Derby 👍
  10. Totally Awesome cleaner is great plus the one in the green bottle, calcium cleaner, gets rid of the white calcium spots on your boat and motor. I use it all the time from the Dollar Tree.
  11. Was a good turn out considering the weather. Had 115 people entered. They Raised over $890.00 for the KIds Fishing Derby I'll post more pictures, weights, names as I get the info from my buddy that ran the derby. This was the winning Walleye 4.66 Lbs. Fish was caught right beside me, white boat guys standing up. Erin Dejong First Place 4.66 LB. $800.0 Steve Showdown Second Place 2.875 LB. $ 500.00 Dan Farrah Third PLace 2.605 LB. $300.00
  12. Kinda brings back memories Smerch. left home and launched at Fishermans pier, boated all the way down to Bronte, went to set up my downrigger lines, couldn't find mt cannon balls. Cleaned up my boat a few days before, left them on the work bench.
  13. Hit a way point and circle the area, big circle because running 4 lines could tangle.
  14. I would think pontoons are more for smaller lakes or body of water that doesn't get to rough. Big waves and swells in my thought would cause some twist in the frame being so large of a footprint. Some may be built better than the other of that concern.
  15. You'd think a worm is a worm, yes as you say Smerch, taking canadian Walleye might contaminate US table fair I'd think they'd have more important things they should worry about.
  16. Anyone get a Walleye this year that had a bad Taste. I've eaten an odd Erie SM.Bass that has tasted not good. Had a recent caught Walleye that tasted bad, muddy, marshy, etc. The fish looked good but bad taste.
  17. Any Walleye Bruce or Bass? I may hit Erie Tues. for Walleye.
  18. August 10, 8 am. to 12 noon. Kids 12 and under get a free Rod & Reel and also get into the derby Free. Lots of prizes to be won.
  19. Yes your right Smerch, launched at Maitland yesterday and the dock wasn't at the east launch. Buy the looks of the water level they won't be in soon.
  20. Anyone know if the docks are in at Port Maitland either side Stromness???
  21. Try this curious, this web cam is near fort erie I think. I hope this link works for you, not Port Colborne but that direction.
  22. This was 50 Pt. yesterday at the launch. Water up over the docks. Normally the water is 3' below the docks.
  23. Thanks smerch, you wonder if this will ever end or will this be a yearly thing and will it get worse in the future.
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