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  1. $290 for you since you go to church as I do. Take me fishing on your boat if you have a spare spot, I know some honey hole on Upper niagara river USA side. Fishing there is good when water is from 50-60 degrees. I sold my boat after my separation 1.5 years ago and move to Niagara falls almost  a year now. joshua 4168210966.


    I just saw your response today. Not sure why I did not get a notification. 

  2. Being a christan i am in church until 1pm. What time you guys staying till
  3. I despise carp . catfish and shephead. No way would i target those fish. If i catch one i cut my line
  4. Spoke with this guy today.. I asked him how tye fishing was.. His response none of your f...... Business... Overly friendly lol Wont mention what i said back to him.. But he ignored me ...hahs
  5. Was a nice long day trip Jack.. Always a pleasure fishing with you..we got decent numbers but lower than the norm.. It was +17 at 6am and +4 by 2pm.. Crazy change may have slowed them a bit..
  6. Water very high
  7. Correct.. Check stocking program.. Lots of brookies this year
  8. Go to John Allen park.. Loads of brookies dumped in there.. Limits in 30 min or less
  9. Upper river is loaded.. Cant even see water so much ice...
  10. I got this reel at a yard sale.. They wanted $10 i got it for $3 in the box never used.. I was suprised at how smooth the drag felt.. 10 plus bb Line winder.. Can't find any info on it yet.. Just another for my collection
  11. Looking for info on this reel.. I got a new one for $3 at a yard sale last year
  12. Lots floating in the upper today.. Titanic size boat killers
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