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  1. I got this reel at a yard sale.. They wanted $10 i got it for $3 in the box never used.. I was suprised at how smooth the drag felt.. 10 plus bb Line winder.. Can't find any info on it yet.. Just another for my collection
  2. Looking for info on this reel.. I got a new one for $3 at a yard sale last year
  3. Lots floating in the upper today.. Titanic size boat killers
  4. My boats name is Niagara River Steelheaders
  5. Not familiar with flytying equipment but i know amazon.ca has them i believe anywhere from 20$- 120 $ im assuming basic to high quality but again not sure .ive seen all kinds of fly tying stuff on there.

  6. cplummer


    I pay 20 per month snd find iptv just amazing.. I normally update my box every 6 months for $20 Love the live tv and 1,000s of channels to watch and it has a tv guide.. Just love it...
  7. cplummer

    NFN news

    It is now official.. Tyler 0420 is now the owner of NFN.. He is the boss man.. Could'nt ask for a nicer guy to run this web site.. I will remain on as admin as long as Tyler needs me..please direct any issues you have with Tyler.. Great bunch of guys n gals here.. It was a pleasure owning this web site for a few years. Thank you members for being the best bunch of fishermen .. Good luck Tyler..
  8. Berkley sucks. Low end crap
  9. I have used picturetrail for years under a variety of usernames very simple to used and i store over 1k pictues on it
  10. And i need 1 oz lead weights
  11. And we need new baits... Looking for a high end reel myself
  12. Ypu can post about the show b ecause he is a sponsor.. Post away
  13. Please no advertising here on Bilks page.. He pays for this spot. Thanks
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