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  1. cplummer

    Niagara Steel site Problem

    I will invite you to the Niagara river steelheaders section soon i get home. Cliff
  2. Fished lower for steelies with my long time friend jack..Thanks for joining me buddy.. It was a blast.. Yes there were more fish caught and a few lost but don't have time to post em all.. Once we found the right bait and combo fishing went on fire..
  3. cplummer

    Newbie to the Forum

    Wrlcome to NFN
  4. cplummer

    Niagara Outdoor Show

    Time to dob2 shows a year
  5. cplummer

    Anyone up to fishin?

    Ok jack..be like ole times beating up fish
  6. cplummer

    Anyone up to fishin?

    Wed.. Fishing the lower or upper for browns and steelies.. Need a partner
  7. cplummer

    Awfully quiet

    Jack wed or thurs good for fishin this week if your off.. Cliff
  8. cplummer

    Inhouse derbies

    Jack my number is 289-321-0631 Self employed fish when i see fit.. Call buddy
  9. cplummer

    Brown roe needed

    I own this fishing site now bro.. And a have a boat lets go fishin soon brother. Cliff
  10. cplummer

    Brown fishin tonigjt

    Anyone need a partner for fishing brown at port d tonight? Pm me
  11. cplummer

    Brown roe needed

    In need of brown roe. Loose.. I have lots to trade.. Pm me Cliff
  12. cplummer

    Fishing tonorrow need partner

    Don't matter
  13. cplummer

    Fishing tonorrow need partner

    Oh come on...you can't all be internet fisherman.. Someone has to like catching fish...
  14. cplummer

    Fishing tonorrow need partner

    Looking for a partner for tomorrow.. My boat my baits.. Upper river or port d for browns.. Cliff