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  1. Throw a streamer on ..done got fish
  2. Sorry members for the delays and down time.. I had many upgrads to do as well as cjanging all 4 DNS servers.. Good to go now Cliff
  3. I always use hot paws.. Shake em and they stay hot for 6 hours
  4. On the lower its all streamers right now.. Normally they take my quik fish but not lately.. Been getting lots on streamers
  5. cplummer

    Fishy day

    Instead of orange crush i am using red raven tomorrow
  6. cplummer

    Fishy day

    I don't know how to do stand up pics
  7. cplummer

    Fishy day

    It was a slow day.. Vis was not too good and the steelies were slammin the orange crush but shoukd have had another 15 or do in the net.. Next time..
  8. cplummer

    Fishy day

    Yes more were caught.. Dont feel like spending my night uploading pics... Thanks again Jack.. Fun as always.. All fish caught on orange crush and pink lady niagara streamers...always a blast slammin steel
  9. cplummer

    Fishy day

    Cliff and jack at it again
  10. Bulk orders avail... Save $$$ 50. 100. 500
  11. Doing etransfer i mail same day... Thanks for the order guys
  12. Couldn't tie them for that cost.. Thanks Tyler
  13. Any of the guys who use my streamers can chime in
  14. Any steelheader that has use my products are repete customers for years.. From bunny jigs to san juan worms to streamers. I test them and if they dont get fish i dont tie that pattern again... Just trying to get people onto fish is what i do.
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