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  1. I brought my boys down and had they had a great time. Like above we got gobys and rock bass but I heard of some sheephead and silver bass being caught as well. It was a great day. Thanks to all the volunteers and all who help put on this great event.
  2. Wow. That is brutal. Hope nobody gets hurt because of this.
  3. good luck i am staying home this year
  4. congrats on the birds. I got married Saturday so I kept bugging the wife that I was going hunting in the morning and I'd have plenty of time to make it to the wedding...she did't find my joke very funny....even if I was half serious..
  5. Wow! Awesome!! Great on you guys for doing the right thing!!
  6. Nice. I was going to go out Sunday morning but then about 5 am my son woke up puking...so stayed home with him instead. Will have to get out in a couple weeks.
  7. Thats what I was finding too, I finally figured out where they were roosting, and set up reasonably close, i would hear them gobble about 15 min before legal shooting time until at most 20 min after, then silence...I would eventually see the tom come out with a couple hens, but couldn't get them to come close enough to take a shot.
  8. Nice birds, congrats! This year was my first time turkey hunting and sure learned alot, got hens right in close, but couldn't get a tom to get closer than about 100 yards. Guess I will be waiting until the Fall....
  9. Awesome! Have fun Bill!
  10. Glad you're doing better Joey.
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