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  1. he who does the most work gets to pose with the catch. Nice Must be nice to get out after the saturday barage is over and the birds can calm down a bit.
  2. 3 guys out saturday morning and we got one dove. Noone brought a scalpel so it was tricky trying to split it evenly . Do you have some grain fields that are actually cut already where you hunt? Nothing is cut around me yet so we were just walking gravel access roads without much luck.
  3. An OFAH membership can help to some extent but for the most part if a landowner says no to hunting access, the insurance issue is just a good excuse for them to use and they could care less if you have additional liability coverage. Obviously they have every right to not let someone on their property and that's what hunters need to understand, regardless of their reasoning. If they don't want someone there, respect it. I will say that one thing that DOES work but not always an option for everyone or easy to do, is to become friendly and establish a relationship of some sort with a landowner on a personnal level well before expressing your interest in hunting their land. To a landowner (or anyone for that matter) it is just strange for someone to ask anything of that magnitude that they do not know. Instead, become friends so they can get to know you as a person and will have built some trust. Stand in their shoes for a minute and look at it from the other side of the fence. Say I owned land. I'm outside cutting the grass one day and a truck I've never seen rolls up the driveway. A well dressed man in his 40s with a yound son strike up a conversation about hunting and say they have been hunting for a long time and just moved to the area. They politely ask to gain access to your property for the season. He carries himself very well and clearly has all his ducks in a row. Do I let him? Respectfully, probably not. I just met you. Why not just ask if you can borrow my truck? Same situation except this time it's a ratty old pickup and some kid in his early 20s gets out. He strikes up a conversation and eventually gets to the point that he lives in the nearby city and has noticed that there is a section of stream in my yard that he wants to target steelhead for a few hours. "Yeah sure go ahead", I say. "As long as you see my truck here, you can come ask me. No truck, no fishing". A week later same thing, I say sure. A few weeks later he comes by just to say hi and chat, maybe have a beer. This goes on for a while, I get to know him and see that he is pretty mature and I enjoy his company. He works at the local home depot and I used to go to school with his uncle. He might offer to run an errand or two for me, or help cut wood. This goes on for months, mabe a year. One day he comes over for a visit and starts to talking about how he took a hunting course a while ago but he has nowhere to go and noone to show him anything. He asks if I could give him a couple pointers on how to call and set up for geese. What do I say? Most likely something to the effect of "be here at 5:30am saturday sharp. I won't wait". The point is, relationships go a long way. It's worked for me 3 times now. It takes FOREVER, but what do you eventually get out of it? A really good friend and some land as a bonus.
  4. Yeah that's tough. I know how you feel. It took me 6 years of hunting public land before I finally got permission on 1 small piece of private property. Eventually it became another one, and another... mostly through word of mouth but the first one is the toughest. The hardest thing about hunting around here is finding somewhere to do it. Hopefully you and your buddy can get out when it reopens!! Good luck.
  5. Yeah I can just make out the 'x' and part of a 6 on some of the shells. guess i'll open one up.
  6. Are all super x shells steel? I've got a dozen or so .410 #6s with no box I want to use for dove. Suppose I could just cut one open and see for myself...
  7. Went out again saturday morning to a different farm then last weekend. Managed to get the group another 5 honkers to hold us over until the season reopens in a couple weeks. lol. We did better than I was anticipating since we hadn't even scouted this farm at all until we showed up on saturday. The set up was tough. Main field wasn't planted this year so it was grown over with tall weeds and didn't have a good spot for a landing strip. All birds were passing shots as they realized they couldn't land in the decoys and only got one chance as they did a fly by. Almost no wind whatsoever so they were coming from all different directions but they really started to fly once the rain picked up around 8:30. No pictures, too rainy. Just wanted to get them cleaned up and get the hail out of dodge. Haha! Anyone else have some luck? You can bet I'll be out as soon as it reopens in a couple weeks. Then it's duck time baby!!
  8. Then it's crazy again when someone like me comes along and says that's not too bad for premium shells. Haha! 31 something for a box of blackcloud the other day. At least it's still cheaper then rifle rounds. Imagine burning through a half or full box of those a day at 2.50 per shot.
  9. It would be a lot cheaper if we could shoot lead
  10. If you're actually planning on using it for trolling, fix the kicker.That is a no brainer. Electrics are GREAT for positioning and holding a path, but honestly for trolling with riggers you'd be a bit undergunned especially with a fiberglass boat. Do you know how much your boat weighs? To push a boat like that for any amount of time, you would want 24volt or 36 volt system and a minimum 85lb thrust, better would 101lb thrust for trolling. And no, you don't use the engine battery. A 36v system uses 3 deep cycle batteries at approx. 80lbs and $175-220 each. A 24v uses two of those batteries. From what you've said it sounds like you're talking about a transom mount motor, which is also harder to find in the higher thrust range than the deck mount motors like the ipilot these guys are talking about. Either way you slice it if you go electric instead of 6hp, the range is smaller, it can't go as fast (safety), and it's probably heavier with batteries. Not to mention more expensive. I'd say your getting into the $2k kind of price range including batteries. Oh! and a charger, so add another $250. I'm not trying to steer you away from it, although I'm sure it sounds like it. lol. I have one and love it, though I don't troll much. Just pointing out things to consider. Obviously the best choice is both, but for sure I'd have the 6hp first. Or you can just throw a drift sock or two off the back, use the big motor and be trolling this afternoon.
  11. 2 geese for me at first light on saturday. It was a pretty wet and quiet morning. If I had stayed out longer probably would have done better. They were starting to fly over the house as we were cleaning. lol. Go figure.
  12. I hear you about the clueless sales people. Same with sail. Grand opening in burlington I asked one of the employees where the flipping jigs were and he looked at me like I had two heads then brought me to all their trolling stuff . I then walked up to one of the jersey wearing prostaff's walking around (who DON'T work there) and it took him about a half second to point them out.
  13. Not till saturday for me. But geese in the morning, setting up deer blinds and shooting lanes in the afternoon.
  14. Fishing in August in a jacket. Oh, what a wonderful summer we've had. Lol. It looks to me like you did a pretty bang up job on the fish especially considering it was basically a week long cold front!! Nice goin, I'm jealous. Missed my french river trip this year
  15. Yeah they are but it's definately possible. They live in the great lakes and it's not like they disappear and fly up north for the summer and only come back once the ice is here. I also think it looks alot more like a snakehead than a bowfin does.
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