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  1. Queenston ramp closed from Princess street, sorry I cann't upload pics.
  2. seems not aveliable in th east part of the lake. thanks guys!
  3. Anyone ever catch any lake whitefish in Lake Erie? Never see a post about whitefish.
  4. why don't they increase the wattage and kill them all? so easy.....
  5. Great job! how deep were u fishing?
  6. Last time I got crappie there was five years ago; and tried this year...seems crappie all gone, like other places.
  7. need to form a group and keep eye(s) on him....and make video(s)😜
  8. Thanks for the post Smerchly! It was upper niagara river train bridger..
  9. well....did not expect anyone believes me.....just post here for record.... it was 7:45PM not 8:45Pm, my bad.. and I look up the sky, only cloud no drone nor airplane there.
  10. Wednesday Oct 10, 2018 , north of train bridge, 8:45PM I saw some kind of flush light (green color) under the water, moving fast towards north, intermittently...... sorry i didn't have time to take out my iphone for video. Anyone else had seen this before?
  11. Thought there is a place for minnows in Fort Erie area. Anyone knows the phone# or address plz? Thanks!
  12. https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?from=groupmessage&isappinstalled=0&Petition=e-909 E-909 (CANADIAN CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS) .....need your sport!
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