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  1. I love this weather I hope it stays like this all winter.
  2. Hey have you looked at the hummingbird units I spent two months researching every model and ended up going with the 788ci HD DI Combo but you can also get the 597ci HD DI Combo a bit cheaper. you get everything in these except sidescan. With the Elite 5 you only get down-scan.
  3. Hey guys is the pike fishing pretty good here like do I have a god chance of catching some no matter the size.?
  4. I fished at Port Franks today and it was the same high and fast water, I fish all day for 4 fish and 3 of the 4 where to big to take home I only keep them if they are under 8 pounds. I got a monster today though.
  5. Hey just a question why are you looking for sheds in the middle of no where?
  6. I maybe next week they will pick up. How big are the bullheads?
  7. I have been trying in port franks, its closer then Dunnville and the bite has been super slow, just wondering if its the same everywhere. With the crappy weather it may not get god until early may.
  8. Hey guys just wondering if I should bother making the drive up to the grand to try for cats.
  9. do you think next weekend will be better?
  10. Hey just wondering where you using a bobber or just casting out and reeling back?
  11. The site is crap and full of mis-information for example if you click on ponds in the area it says I can catch salmon in half of them.
  12. Unless they changed it I am pretty sure you fish the grand for cats anytime if you wanted.
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