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  1. Was working at the canal all day today just kept looking at the water wanting to fish.
  2. I’ve shot some out of my backyard. Only for the sole reason I have young kids and they will come up within 20 ft of my backdoor. Don’t need them around here. Only time I’ve ever shot them though
  3. Always wondered how to do it from my phone seeing as I don’t use a computer 😕 stilll have yet to figure it out. Anytime I go to upload a pic from my phone file size to large.
  4. That’s not good 😕
  5. I’m in the same boat. Was wondering if it’s possible to fly fish the winter
  6. Gorgeous! I can only dream of hooking into something like that.
  7. Never really been into ice fishing but if I’m available I’ll make it out to try my luck.
  8. The show is fun. I try and take my boy every year and just cruise around and see the stuff on display hit the trout pond for the kiddo and geek out on all the gear. Never buy anything though because as stated above the “sales” are crap. Rather support local shows for tackle and whatnot. The one out in fort erie is pretty great. Not going to lie.
  9. Sounds like a nice night out!
  10. Got out yesterday and tried for about 2 to 3 hours until dark with no luck. Couple of bumps to get my heart racing but nothing else. As frustrated as I was it was still nice to sit by the water alone and decompress from work.
  11. Thanks for all the replies guys! Really appreciate it. I do have trailering experience owning a AZ license but never launched a boat before so I will take that under advisement to go and watch the good and the bad. Last thing I want to be is “that guy” holding up the launch. All the other sound advice is really great and the budget might just have to grow a little bit if I can’t find something I like. ? I do own a yak that was my concession about 4 years ago when trying to purchase a boat, and while I still really enjoy my yak my kids want to get out on the water with me and with 4 kids I can’t just as easily disappear for 6 hours on the water like I used to. I’m going to dive into the internet depths of boat research now with the tips / info I’ve gained here and then I shall see what we come up with. Once I do get one I’ll make sure to take some pics and post for all to see
  12. Hey guys so I’ve finally got my wife onboard with getting a boat, no pun intended. Only catch it has to be able to hold the family rather then a straight fishing rig. So I’m wondering where I should start ? What sizes and styles, makes etc. Budget is no more then 30k and would like to be able to tackle Erie / Ontario. I have 4 kids and the wife I guess would want to come too. Any suggestions? I’m just starting into the research stage and figured I’d ask the people that have the experience. Thanks in advance.
  13. I’m hoping to get out this week aswell might have to hit my honey hole just to try and recoup a lost season. We shall see!
  14. I’ve always had luck with using the floating corn closest to the hook Smerch. Tried it by the hair stop and no luck. Could be coincidence or just not enough times out with it but I’m superstitious anymore I’ve had the fewest caught fish this season in all my seasons I’ve fished. Maybe it’s because of work and family time I’m not fishing as much but when I do get out it’s a rarity to pull something in. ?
  15. Sucks but it’s a story to tell for next time.
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