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  1. I’m not sure how I would rate myself ? I’ve done the lake o charters and hauling in salmon. I’ve kayaked the big lakes and pulled in some nice size trout. I mainly fish from shore but I also fly fish. I tend to think my grasp on fishing is quite good yet I’m on the bank or talking to others and realize there is still so much I don’t know ! It’s probably what I love most about the sport. There is no black and white to it. It’s all grey area and thinking outside the box goes along way.
  2. Yea I park at the beacon to and go for a stroll. I’ve had some success fishing off the big rocks on the old boat side and the beach side. All depends where they’re at I guess
  3. I’m left wondering about the net. Lol. Nice fish too!
  4. I live in notl by the lake. They’re still horrid today.
  5. no. Was ridiculously packed. Fished a newer to me area no bites. Was on call so had to pack up about an hour and a half in for a service call. Not sure what’s worse. Forgetting my pack bait, spilling my corn on the bank or finally getting situated and have to pickup to leave to go to work. Was not a good night by any means. Just means there’s better nights ahead I hope ?
  6. Changed my mind and I’m at Beaverdams just don’t feel like attempting new swims today lol.
  7. Thinking of trying the Welland canal today for carp anyone ever fished the canal for carp ? I would be on off the haulage road in notl near lakeshore. Just wanting to stay close to home but also try some new spots see what happens. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  8. I’ve seen gizzard shad do that before in Jordan harbour and quite large too.
  9. Sounds amazing @smerchly I can’t wait to get back out again.
  10. My understanding was your allowed as long as your under a 5 person limit ? I know I’ve talked to a few people that are about to start their charters back up and have to keep certain things on board gloves masks sanitizer etc and keep it under 5. That’s what they were told on erie when the cops stopped them so I guess it’s how you interpret it ?
  11. Been Mia for awhile, decided to go back to night school to get my gas ticket and that meant hanging up the rod and reel for close to 7 months. Been a rough go with working full time and doing classes at night along with all life’s other things that seem to get in the way of my hobbies. I did however get out on Monday of the long weekend in the morning and got a little wet but was nice to get out. Fished the reservoir in NOTL for close to 3 hours with only 1 little catfish to keep the stripes away. Walked up and down the creek a bit saw a bunch of carp nothing taking and spooking easily but was nice to get out. Trying to get out more now that I’ve free’d up some time. Hope for better reports soon. I’ve been cruising the forums but I didn’t have much to say as I was a little jealous and grumpy I couldn’t fish. Looking forward to more time on the water.
  12. If you fish the river and ride the current down past the notl sailing club and paddle out a bit you can ride it back. Lots of smallies
  13. Yea something strange because even trying to drown worms we haven’t got much gobies this year ? Weird ?
  14. Very strange. Wonder what’s causing it 😕
  15. Argh! All this talk of fishing I can’t seem to catch a break and get out! Back in school part time and working full time no time for fishing. Keep the reports coming so I can live vicariously through you guys until I can get some time on the water
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