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  1. That’s awesome. Might have to try the grand for some carp then.
  2. I’ve tried the pop up floating corn and I’m not sure it pulls it off the bottom enough. I prefer pop ups to be honest.
  3. Yea looking back on it I should have packed up and tried a different spot as soon as the bank became crowded. My son loves that spot because that’s where he’s had most of his luck. The water level was really low I was surprised aswell. Next time different spot not as frustrated now that I got to sleep on it. Haha
  4. Fished Beaverdams tonight with my son, 2 hours tonight went 0 for 1 for a little excited and pulled the hook. That was it for the action tonight other then the bank getting crowded. Was a little frustrating fished maybe 30 minutes and 2 other guys came down to fish, made some small talk and they setup opposite side which was great. Lots of room in between, then another man and son came down and decided to setup between us. And fish on my left side. On my right side between me and my son and the. On my sons right side all within 2 to 3 ft of our lines and bait. Didn’t seem to understand what he was doing or didn’t care. Frustrated we packed up and headed home. Had I been by myself might have been a different story but my son my present and I showed him it’s better to be the bigger man. Anyways here’s the pic, next time out I’m headed hammy harbour I think.
  5. I’m headed out tonight to fish for a bit. Picked up one of them thermocell things. Going to give it a go see if my luck improves all whilst not getting eaten alive
  6. Congrats on the nice plump fish! Good to know the spod is working! I just got my spod / spomb today excited to try it this weekend.
  7. Not out tonight but will be this weekend if your down to fish.
  8. Thanks! Was different I didn’t even see it sitting there I had caught 3 to 4 gills before it took it and I was in for a surprise! I wasn’t sure if the video was going to work or not uploaded from my phone. Originally took the video because I was texting my buddy to say the fish are here and not biting but figured I would try to use it as an example as to what’s happening. Guess at the end of the day I’ll have to try some other spots. The video was one of my go to early season spots so maybe they’ve just moved on from feeding there heavily.
  9. Yea used a few different ones to no avail.
  10. On the last 4 outings this is the only carp that managed to grace my net and funny enough it took a small little dry fly I was using to get gills because I was frustrated getting skunked.
  11. I like to think I know what I’m doing when I head out to carp fish anymore. Not a seasoned pro by any means but having had enough time fishing over the past few years I’ve started to get more technical with bait presentation, baits setups etc. That being said for the last 4 outings to fish carp I cannot seem to get them to take my bait. I’ve tried different rigs baits etc with no avail. Here’s a video from the other night fishing in close and watching them feed on my chum but not taking any bait. Now as you can see they’re in close and this goes on for hours I spook them when I reel in to rebait I’ve tried fishing out further and see them crashing but no takes was wondering if it’s the bug spray coming off my camp chair but they don’t seem fazed by the chum so maybe it’s bait presentation? Any help would be greatly appreciated A9FF4F0A-F6DF-4B16-B650-F8E9112BDCA1.MOV
  12. That looks pretty sweet!
  13. Mmmm crappie and gills are good eating too! Making me hungry now!
  14. I just ordered a spod and spomb off carp kit. Can’t wait for it to arrive.
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