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  1. Loving the info on this thread. Picked me up some pva mesh bags to give a shot. Have previously tried them with little to no luck loosing a lot of bait on the cast or just nothing taking. All this talk got me interested to try again!
  2. Just curious if anyone had fished from shore along the Chippewa creek. Been scouting some spots where I think hold fish but I just don’t know what is in there and what kinda baits I should be throwing. Open to fish for anything just more or less if anyone has colours I could try or certain baits. You can pm me as well if you don’t want to post here.
  3. Let us know how the pva works.
  4. I’m on a fishing charter on Saturday but Sunday I’m free! I’m down with gibby or CDP. Think those would be the best 2 spots to fish for a bunch of people.
  5. Thanks for the report! I have actually had the pleasure of speaking with him prior to his passing about certain baits to try. Always nice to know his wisdom carries on. I hope to get out tomorrow after work with my new pack bait recipe I made up to give it a shot see if anything takes.
  6. I’ve fished the harbour numerous times from the yak if you hug the shore line headed toward the train bridge you can hook into a ton of carp. Fairly shallow in there. If you hang about 30 to 40 yards off the weed line along the side you can usually pick up some pike with spinners or rapala slash raps I found to work really well. Tons of bass in there as well but not open just yet.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. I’m going to mix up a pack bait and some boilies this week and maybe try next weekend a few spots I’ve been scouting.
  8. I still take my kids to fireman’s park for pan fish it’s fun for them and I can watch them all the way around the pond and not worry to much.
  9. Just curious how I would go about fishing the mighty niagara for carp with the current being so strong I’m afraid they won’t zero in on my bait? Any suggestions? I was thinking pack bait but will that not get taken with the current as well? Any insight is helpful thanks again!
  10. I’ve put a lot of carp on shore in different spots, gibby eluded me for some reason so it’s nice to know that I have done it. Now to get some bigger and better ones.
  11. Been carping gibby almost 2 years now off and on with no luck ever. Different spots different baits and presentations, nada. Even went as far as asking advice in pm to help for fishing gibby. Until today! Went out with my son after dinner we decided to give gibby a try for carp as we hit St. John’s earlier in the day for pannies. After close to an hour I lift my rod to check the bait and sure enough line starts peeling out a good 50 yards. Didn’t expect it saw no signs must have just grabbed it as I was lifting the rod to rebait. After a brief fight was able to land my first gibby carp! Not a monster but it put up a great fight and was great to get the monkey off my back finally! Also props to my son who dropped his rod ran to the car for the net upon me saying I had hooked one funny enough when we were unloading he asked if I wanted the net and me being the negative nelly I said we weren’t going to get into anyrhing worth netting anyways got out for 2.5 hours put one on the shore so I’m happy https://imgur.com/a/6lyDEwI
  12. Sounds like a great day out! Nice fish too!
  13. Sounds like an awesome day out Smerch! Love the pics! I too have yet to get myself a goldfish and will certainly remember the day I do! Congrats on the great day!
  14. Grass isn’t to high just really wet in spots so I can’t cut it and then the orchard behind us harbours them too. You would think with all the pesticides being sprayed in notl we wouldn’t have as bad of a problem.
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