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  1. If you fish the river and ride the current down past the notl sailing club and paddle out a bit you can ride it back. Lots of smallies
  2. Yea something strange because even trying to drown worms we haven’t got much gobies this year ? Weird ?
  3. Very strange. Wonder what’s causing it 😕
  4. Argh! All this talk of fishing I can’t seem to catch a break and get out! Back in school part time and working full time no time for fishing. Keep the reports coming so I can live vicariously through you guys until I can get some time on the water
  5. That’s a nice fish there! I haven’t been out in weeks thinking I need to get out.
  6. Looking forward to the reports and hopefully catch ya out on the water around here
  7. That really sucks you didn’t get into any good carp. I heard and I could be mistaken but along toronto island is great carping. At least you got to do something you enjoy while not having to endure a concert you wouldn’t I presume
  8. Does it have to be indoor I’m assuming ? The log cabin down the road from me does storage but I’m not sure it’s indoor. Sorry if that isn’t helpful.
  9. Looks like an amazing place to be! And quite the story. Thanks for sharing. I wish I could up and move somewheres like that but the wife won’t let me. Oh well maybe just gotta keep buggin her
  10. Enjoy the trip. Excited for the reports when your back.
  11. Cheers thanks smerch! I’m thinking of hanging up the carp gear for a bit and getting some bass fishing in. Seeing as how every time I get out for carp I only get a skunk.
  12. Not to get off topic but where do you get wax worms ? Reptile shops?
  13. Goodluck on the trip! I’m headed French river in October for a canoe / fishing trip we do annually. Last year buddy caught a 51” Muskie so I’m kinda excited to see what we get into. My first year going with these guys so should be fun! Looking forward to the report!
  14. Does a pontoon boat hold up well in niagara river then? How would it be in bigger waters like Ontario / Erie not as practical ? I’m still hunting for my boat and can’t bring myself to pull the trigger yet because I don’t want buyers remorse. Maybe something to consider I guess
  15. Carp fishing has been strange this year for sure. So I have to agree with you. Haven’t been able to get out many days but the nights I do get out I get the skunk. Same spots I’ve fished years past same time of year with success and nada. Changing baits constantly and tactics still nada. From the people I’ve talked to on the water it seems to be the same everywhere. There’s fish but not plentiful or no size to them if you get them. It’s been a weird year. Hopefully I get out this weekend again and try my luck.
  16. My bad I thought they did. They always post about repairing boats. My apologies
  17. Talked to a few buddies of mine that fished round here all weekend for bass and carp at night with nothing but skunks. Something seems off this year.
  18. Grimsby tackle does repairs
  19. Hopefully tomorrow’s night bite is better I’m headed that way. Didn’t get anything last night in Jordan other then a surprise visit from a gar.
  20. Congrats on your limit !
  21. Happens to everyone when it comes to kayak fishing. I would seriously consider cruising kijiji and be ready to buy it that day when it comes up they don’t last long on kijiji. Can get some good deals. Just do the homework first
  22. That sounds real nice Smerch! Hopefully one day when I’m done working I can enjoy it
  23. I’m up for it. Name the day and place and I’ll make sure I’m there.
  24. Thanks guys. Will be putting it to the test this long weekend! Hoping to fish Friday through Monday days and nights.
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