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  1. Thank you for the replies. I see that the Marine Gold covers almost all of Canada: Marine Gold 2XG The Marine Fish n Chip covers the Great Lakes: Fish-G as well as Lake St. Claire, since no other lakes are mentioned, I can assume that Lake Simcoe is not included on that chip. Anyone know for sure? Thanks again. RPM
  2. I have a Lowrance iFinder unit, and would like to put a hydrographic map chip into it. Generally icefish Lake Simcoe, and Erie when its safe. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Great report niagarafisher, 30 keepers is a good day, I think. Glad to hear the good ice conditions too, hope it doesn't warm up too much this week, would love to see the lake freeze right over.
  4. Thanks M K and Fishlips. Had hoped to go tomorrow, but not liking the wind forecast. Have a safe walk M K.
  5. Anyone been out lately, and have a recent report on conditions? Looking for places to avoid, pressure cracks, that sort of thing. I've been watching the satellite shots, and it looks like the ice moved around a bit this week. Took a drive last weekend, and saw a few vehicles parked in the usual spots, but didn't get to speak with anyone. Thanks.
  6. I've had an Aqua Vu for quite a few years, and I wouldn't ice fish without it. I fish mostly for perch, and mostly on Lake Simcoe, which has very good water clarity. Fished as deep as 40 feet, and everything was clear and had a great range. If I fished for lakers or whitefish, I would probably agree that a flasher would be first on the list. If I had to do it again, I'd get either a Marcum or another Aqua Vu. Good luck.
  7. RPM

    Scugog Tomorrow

    No I didn't. But I did get a camera, after I rented one from Reg and did not want to icefish without one again.
  8. Well, its been a crazy winter so far, and I've not drilled a single hole yet. Going to give Lake Scugog a shot tomorrow night. I have only fished there once before with Tommy Niagara a few years ago, and we were skunked. I am planning to go out from Goreskies and attempt to find some fish. Anyone been there yet this year? Any help or direction would be much appreciated. Happy Family day. RPM
  9. Good bye Peter, you will be sorely missed. Sincerest condolences to Peters family.
  10. I never put any faith in those 14 day outlooks. I am convinced they are drawn up by some meteorologists 3 year old with a crayon. RPM
  11. RPM

    Simcoe Perchin..

    Headed to Gilford in the morning as well. Exit onto 89 and go east, Turn right at the Esso (hwy 11) and take the next left, thats Gilford St. Follow that all the way down and you can access the ice right at the end. I will be driving out providing there isn't too much snow. We've been doing well anywhere from 24 to 40 feet of water, but word is the bigger fish have moved shallower. Find some green weeds in 15fow and you should have a great day. If you see them getting finicky, use just a small hook and a splitshot tipped with a minnow. I'll be driving a green explorer and fishing in a trap II, come on over and say hi. Hope to see a great report tomorrow. RPM
  12. "for the fallen through to rest on while the other pulls like a reindeer from a safe distance" Tommy, if I go through the ice, you're gonna need a sled AND Smerchly's new winch to pull me out Hope to see you on the ice soon. RPM
  13. Thanks smerchly, I'll give both Peter and Reg a call. That speckie was caught last fall in a small lake outside Kearney, estimated weight was around 3.5 - 4 lbs. Tasted great too. RPM
  14. Does anyone know if there is still someone in the local Niagara area that repairs fishing reels? I know there used to be a place in St. Catharines. Thanks, RPM
  15. Sounds like you really moved around erie_guy. My dad and I went to Gilford yesterday, we tryed all different depths. Did best at about 15FOW. Brought home 20 nice sized fish for a meal or two. The highlight of the trip was watching the fish down there on the Aqua_Vu camera. Rented the unit for the weekend from Gill Finigans. What a treat, it was neat to watch the perch come in and observe our minnows. It was a slow day and the bite was not on. Most perch came in, maybe bumped the minnow, and moved on. Very frustrating to see the fish there, and they're not interested in anything you put down to them. The fish did finally get agresive at around 5:00pm, I caught a bunch on a jigging rap, had so many perch on the screen I couldn't see my bait. Unit was very easy to set up too, drilled our two holes inside the hut, and drilled the hole for the camera about 3-4 feet infront of ours. Hardest part was turning the cable till the camera was pointed at both lines. We got set-up at one spot in deeper water, and saw no weeds and no fish on the screen for 15 minutes, so we packed up and moved. The camera helped me set the hook on a few fish I'd have missed if I didn't see them. RPM
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