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  1. Nice video Jim! I always enjoy your material. Looks like a lot of floating moss in the river. I hear its heavier this year than the past few years.
  2. daler

    Erie Ice

    Ice boom is being removed as I type. Its been a long winter
  3. daler

    Fishing Swap

    Going stir crazy this winter....does anyone know when the annual Hamilton/Ancaster fishing swap is? Can't come soon enough. Thanks in advance...
  4. Thanks for the upper report
  5. Guys....is the water dirty in the black river or the upper? Wanting to hit the upper tomorrow, but not if visibility sucks...thanks in advance for a reply.
  6. Jackz, At face value it sounds ok. Might be nervous about condition/age of motor, and whether the boat takes on water...so you may want to go for a spin and ask for the hometown discount Here is a similar but smaller setup I bought 3 years ago for a benchmark: - 14 foot deep hull Lowe (year 2003) with carpeted floor, rod storage, and livewell. - 25hp 4 stroke Honda (year 2003 near mint) on centre console, with 2 batteries. -30lb minn kota bow mount trolling motor - bunk trailer with larger wheels, spare and bearing buddies. - basic lowrance fish finder. - fishes 2 nicely....3 is a pain. Paid $6700. Good luck either way!
  7. Thanks for the feedback Josh!
  8. Looking to add swim baits to my aresenal. I fish the upper so looking for some suggestions on baits, jig heads, size and weights. Do you throw them ahead of the current, swim them in slowly lifting and dropping the rod to make the action eratic? I tend to fish shallow (under 15 feet). Any help on technique and what to buy/use is appreciated. Dale
  9. Tyler...i have a 14 footer (deeper hull with centre console) and a 25hp. Never had a problem on the upper river. I venture on erie occasionaely when the weather/ wind allows. I have never fished the lower so i have no comment. Before I bought my boat, I hired a guide (Paul at Cast Adventures) to fish the upper and erie to get a first hand view and feel for the water. If you go with a 14 footer....seriously look at a deeper hull boat. Will give you the extra comfort, stability and confidence. Dale
  10. Andrew....what model gopro do you have and how long is the battery life on continous filming? Thanks in advance.
  11. I will ask Honda about fogging the carbs/plugs. No oil filter change since I only ran it 5 to 6 hours this year (ok according to Honda). Will give it a go myself. Youtube vids are helpful. Thanks everyone.
  12. I am looking for some help to winterize my boat motor. I have all the boat oil, lower gear oil, oil filter, etc... to do the job.....so looking to pay someone to help complete or do the job. Any takers near the Burlington area? I will bring the boat to you. It is a 4 stroke 25hp Honda. Thanks in advance.
  13. daler

    Bass Life

    Nice video Andrew! How does the sun/face mask feel on hot days fishing. I was thinking of getting one.
  14. Great event....picked up a number of good deals. Thanks for posting and I plan to be back again next year.
  15. Decided to get the Mojo jerkbait rod. Thanks for all the sugestions..... On a side note, i may be in the market for a spinning rod for bottom bouncing for trout...dont thinkmy normal 6'8 mojo Drop shot rod would be ideal. Are there 8' + rods or so anyone can suggest for under $100? Probably should start another thread. Dale
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