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  1. Son and I were down in port last night, got a couple of nice hits thinking they were browns. Could not set the hook quick enough, shredded my roe bags. While fishing heard a huge splash and looked down towards the bridge and a young guy had fallen into the water. Although at the time I laughed, then thinking about it later realized how quick something like that can happen. Lucky he was not on the other side where the current is much stronger, be careful down there!
  2. Nice work Cliff, but redwing colors would be nicer
  3. The chain in my toilet tank broke late last night, had to figure out a quick fix. Ended up getting two leaders and 20 pound braided line, working perfectly Les Stroud move over Dadandson is taking over
  4. Took a walk through Port tonight, went down behind the Legion and saw a nice sized Salmon make the splash. Getting the fever!!!
  5. Another sad news story in the Standard, about 2 oclock a rower spotted a body floating in the pond. Not much more info at this time.
  6. Sorry to hear that Bill, that chit seems to be more common all the time!
  7. Not much details anyone down in Port last night? They say the man is in his 60's just wondering if it was a fishing accident.
  8. cdnfishinguy what the rowing club did was sneaky and underhanded in my opinion, instead of approaching various groups to try and work out a solution. And exactly who but a bunch of fishermen and kayakers would post their opinion on this subject, as they are the ones most affected!
  9. The float in was an idea to heighten the publics awareness about our rights being stomped on. Was not talking blockades or rowing club interference, I don't understand why we have to tip toe around this issue as we have a right to be vocal. I understand nightfisher is working very hard on our behalf, and I appreciate that very much. That being said I think we should be able to post our opinions !
  10. maybe we should organize a Canoe / Kayak float in, on a Sat. or Sun. morning, draw some attention to our plight! I am sure we could fill up the pond with no problem, just a thought!
  11. Going camping tomorrow in Huntsville at arrow head provincial park, just wondering if anyone has fished this lake and what kind of luck they had?
  12. Just to clarify my post last night it was my attempt at humor to lighten up a very touchy subject. There was absolutely nothing behind the post other than levity. That being said I do hope things get resolved soon, in our favor of course
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