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  1. inwook80

    Cool Yaks

    looks like it's in Korea.... Hobbie Kayak there is almost triple price then here...
  2. I use Shimano THUNNUS ci4. 8000 little heavy but never ever had a problem catching a carp. only down side is price...
  3. yeap NOTL boat launch is member only.
  4. you can launch there for free. only thing is they close the gate at 8pm. meaning you have to come back before to pack your stuff and leave before the gates get closed. as long as there is no event(dragon boat pratice eg.) there you should be fine.
  5. dont worry about it! it took me almost 8 weeks going out every other day to get my first trout. T.T
  6. I think one of that two guys are me (asian one) we did end up catching few more that day... and it was 6" plastic minnow..
  7. any one knows condition of whirlpool today?

  8. where can I fish around rec? can any one give me a map drawing? only place I know is forks rd. bridge.
  9. thx for all the info's guys. well I did call the cops on tuesday.... still havn't got back from them yet... no wonder... my insurance company are going to cover $2000.00 but my deduction is $1000.00 after 2 yrs of increase it is going to be almost same amount . This kayak is my extra kayak that I just bought this summer so I dont even have any picture of it... but luckly I still had the receipt. I am just hoping no one buys this kayak and be in trouble later. that's all. but really. thank you all for kind info and care!!!!
  10. hey guys. sry to say but my 13 foot long wilderness fishing kayak got stolen last night from my back yard.... >.< I did made a report to the cops and hope they can catch the guy. It's Wilderness 13f fishing kayak. green color with orange loomis sticker on the side. + had fish finder in it. there are few other markings I made to identify. hope no one buys that kayak since its stolen. thx for reading guys.
  11. Isnt drinking alchol illegal in public places?
  12. so they only want rowers in the pond? is that what his trying to say?
  13. kinda funny.... I try not to buy anything made in China.... and for most of you that knows me I am Asian... lol
  14. rental kayaks pretty cheap these days. I think there are for one week around 80-100. first day 35 and second 20 than 10 more each day I think.
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