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  1. Oh,. I don't use that ramp. Never liked it. I use the boat club ramp.
  2. Are you talking about the ramp at the boat club in Dunnville (by old arena)? I surely hope not, because that is a substantial increase from previous seasons.
  3. Haldimand County has prohibited access to all public spaces to recreational activities, meaning no shore fishing unless you own the land. I suspect that other municipalities will do the same.
  4. Interesting... Back when I went to University, the fear mongers called it "Global Warming". I find it interesting that it's changed to "Climate Change", which serves as a better catch-all for anything and everything. I did a lot of research on the topic for a paper. As mentioned above, you'll find just as many scientific papers that don't support the "FACTS". The facts are usually determined by who is paying the bills. Is 40 considered Old Guard? What do I know though? I'm sure I'm just being "negative". That's the new way to push an agenda and counteract people who don't blindly agree. Call them out for being negative.
  5. That was my thought. That catfish could swallow him whole.
  6. I've caught some BIG cats trolling Big Os in the Grand. I've never actually been targeting them, but they smash them.
  7. Port Maitland is okay from Grand to River mouth... Full of ice at end of pier out to lake.
  8. Is that why there were a lot of huts out there this afternoon/evening? There was a weird hole between where the huts were and the open water. Looked like someone went through.
  9. Wasnt he asking about suckers? When i was a kid, an old european guy used to take buckets of them to pickle. Never tried it myself. Guy i work with brought in smoked sucker. Not a fan.
  10. Lots of bass in the Welland Canal. Ive seen some big bass prowling in that water. Ive always wanted to take a canoe/kayak in there and work the shoreline. I'd wager it would be a blast.
  11. Sad news. I spent a couple days in the hospital when I was a kid from falling through the ice on a small pond. Luckily it wasn't very deep, but it was right in the middle. I tried to get out, but every time I tried to pull myself up, it would just break under me. I probably broke a 25 foot section doing this, but then exhaustion and cold takes over and I gave up. Luckily my brother was with me and he was able to get off and get help. Can't believe people were on the Grand in Dunnville today.... No thanks.
  12. Is anyone really surprised that these things are happening? It's only the beginning and it is likely very widespread. I received a newsletter from my daycare and they are raising their prices. Hold onto your hats...
  13. Ice going to be good for tomorrow. Hoping to bring the kids to the canal and mess with some dinky perch.
  14. There were 2 guys on Grand in Dunnville when I drove by on my way home from work. Middle of river... Can't speak to ice thickness. Still looks rough to me.
  15. Would appreciate an update on ice conditions on canal. Planning on going tomorrow morning with my son. Thanks.
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