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  1. There is a group I watched for a few months at the Dunnville dam. 2-4 guys in a 12 foot aluminum fishing for walleye at the dam. Every day they had 2-4 in the boat and 5-8 on the shore. The boat would catch their limit, bring the boat to the shore, offload to family, then back out to fish.
  2. I stopped an OPP boat going through the Timmies drive thru a week or so ago in Dunnville. All they would say is if I lived at the same address then i'd have no problems.
  3. In my 10+ years of fishing under the Qew Bridge i've seen recoveries for sunken boats twice. That little channel under the bridge is gnarly for rocks. We use to have someone hanging over the bow ready to scream to stop when we went in there to tube.
  4. No worries gents! I got the net!
  5. I've tried float fishing, trolling, charters, drifting, bottom bouncing, you name it. Kayak fishing, Big boat fishing, little boat fishing, shore fishing. I eat, sleep, and breathe fishing. Then I talk to another fisherperson and realize I know absolutely nothing, lol. 5% knowledge, haven't even tried salt water before!
  6. Was out in the Grand. Current and wind had me struggling this time Tyler. Had to anchor. I keep a float tied to the end of the anchor and a quick release knot on the boat. If the fish wants to go for a swim i just let the anchor in the water and paddle back to it.
  7. Was a great day out! The cats were biting like crazy! Couldn't rest my eyes for a minute without being towed around the river. Here's one of the biggest ones. VID_20200529_034547.mp4
  8. About old rods... Do you guys service your reels? How often? Whats involved?
  9. When i'm watching the news on Monday I better not see a 2km lineup at the boat launch. Followed by video of 4 or 5 guys out in a 12 foot boat fishing. There are a few boat ramps open and the rest of Ontario is seeing if we have learned to social distance yet. Take it slow. Show em all were not a bunch of stubborn goof balls looking for loop holes and errors. If you don't feel comfortable going out alone, stay in. Go to the river if you are uncomfortable being alone. Stay away from other boats. Your opinion of how the virus spreads does not matter right now. If they close em up before I can get out with the wife the wife and kids i'm going to lose my mind. We all want to go fishing and if we show we can do it they will realize we aren't the issue. I'm begging you guys.
  10. Depends really on the bite Smerch. I'm a snoozer so I usually start off anchored, feet up, rod on lap. If that fails (after my nap) I drift with the wind and bottom bounce. If I have to, I troll bottom bouncers with a worm harness just fast enough for action.
  11. The few people in a boat is a concern. It's the reason every boat launch in Ontario is closed. Until we start realizing our fishing will be dictated by politicians and the non fishing public I worry it will not open. I love channel cat fishing in the grand. In about 15 minutes I can be loaded up, kayak in water, on the way to my favorite spots! Hopefully there is access to the water soon!
  12. I purchased a new (to me) truck last year. Hitched the boat and launched in excitement. Finish fishing and went to grab truck to trailer boat. That's when I realized I couldn't see the trailer around the truck.
  13. When I worked for fifty point we use to find needles all the time cleaning up the beach. Not sure if its right but my boss told us to put them in a pop can and throw em in the garbage.
  14. https://www.haldimandcounty.ca/haldimand-norfolk-counties-to-re-open-trails-and-parks-for-resident-walk-through-use/ In accordance with Provincial Orders, boat launches, piers, playgrounds, pavilions, sporting fields/courts and other outdoor amenities will remain closed until further notice in an effort to protect community safety.
  15. When I was looking to purchase a home a few years ago i ran into this issue. Of the 10 acre lot 9.5 acres of it was protected marshland by the NPCA. I was warned before I put in an offer by the realtor of the state of the property. There are was around it, it is super costly and time consuming. The 5 gs is a drop in the bucket compared to getting approval.
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