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  1. Lookin at the Ebay ads you can get a NRX for $350 or a Legend extreme for the same...which ones better? I've got 2 builders...1 is a st croix builder who uses SCV blanks for $160 and up and another who uses Loomis Gl2 (120 and up) and Gl3 (150 and up). whos better?
  2. guys were a little of track...if you want s great rod for drop shotting I love the carrot stick wild 7' ML fast tip, you feel EVERYTHING. i'm looking for a rod to drag tubes. I have a builder who does st croix legends at a good price but what length and power and action? I've used 7'6" Mojo MH MF and had good success, (but a little heavy), used a pfleuger president rod in MH 7' MHF and MH MF, (a little short for long hook sets). but whats the ULTIMATE? If your wife said she wanted to buy you a new rod and reel and she was going to get the money from workin some extra overtime what would
  3. I'm looking to upgrade a few of my rods/reels this winter and have decided the first is to get the best rod and reel for dragging tubes on Erie. I dont care if its spinning or Baitcasting as long as the reel is left handed. Lets be realistic....If you haven't used/owned the gear, dont recommend it. While I don't like the idea of shelling out 450$ for a NRX if that's hands down the best rod then OK, the same goes with a reel. I recently bought a Sustain for drop shotting, while i haven't used it yet it does reel incredibly smooth. Remember don't tell me to buy a STEEZ if you havent used or
  4. Have you gone to the dark side and shopped in buffalo? I like Dicks for cheap deals on clothing and gander mountain.
  5. The first draw back is the bass boat is heavier. If you are going on Erie you want a boat at least 17' as the waves can be choppy. I prefer the bass boat as I like the stability of the boat and the fishibility. I'd be wary of buying a bass boat that inexpensive as there may be major problems. Make sure the boat is sound and take it on the water and run everything. Fixing plumbing or wiring can be a real pain as accessibility to things are usually limited. Good luck!
  6. Here I go again...I'm looking for a co-angler for the 30 lb. challenge. All my contacts have "Bowling" or an aversion to a little cold....I'll be leaving from Milton so I can meet Pick up along the way...647 234 7759
  7. Pete You mentioned lake Erie is off limits or closed...where is the boundry limit?.....The peace Bridge?...
  8. With the expected 10' waves on Erie....what are the conditions of the Lower Niagara? Should I wait and play hookey mid week or will the water be clean enough to fish this weekend?
  9. I've got a sTRATOS 17 1/2' 275 xl W/ A 115 hp YAMAHA and its a very dry boat. I wouldn't go for the narrower176 XT as it gives up lateral stability.
  10. Spot filled. Thanks to Dale. We'll see how the Milton boys can do.
  11. I need a co-angler for my 17 1\2 bass boat. As my fishing partner cancelled. Please see recent post.
  12. My fishing partner cancelled. For tomorrow and I need a co-angler for tomorrows tourney. Please call 647-234-7759 aSAP! I am leaving from Milton and can pick-up Thanks Kevin
  13. I've been fishing every Sunday for the last 2 years, but not being a local has a few disadvantages....Like Where is the "Rock Pile". I can't find it on a map or Lowrance.....Thanks
  14. Being a newbie to fishing the ft erie area....is there a exact or close address to googe/mapquest as I will be travelling from Milton Thanks My partner is confirmed
  15. I may need a co-angler if my partner cant go I'll let you know...
  16. Thanks I hope this works....http://s1025.photobucket.com/albums/y312/seasurgeon/big%20bass/?action=view&current=bigbass.jpg
  17. Launched accross from Fishin Niagara in FT Erie and the water was dangerously low. Goood thing we brought boots as we had to dump rocks under the wheeld to get my boat in/out of the water. Where is the closest safe place to launch for the rest of the season as I dont want to travel far to get to Waverly...Thanks
  18. Went out for 4 hours wednesday afternoon and only caught 3 fish.....1 was 7lb 8oz! 28 FOW 53 degrees on a tube I'd post a pic but I cant figure oout how...
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