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  1. Thanks Steellee, I appreciate the feedback but I guess my question is how soon does it dirty from such winds..... I know probably hard to forecast based on various factors??
  2. Hey crew looking to make the drive down this coming Friday to fish early Friday and over the weekend on the lower River. I see the forecast for Thursday and Friday in Port Colborne is gusting winds of 50 km for both days. Can anybody comment on what the conditions might be for Friday through Sunday knowing these winds? I don't fish the river that often enough to know how quickly the river will respond to those winds...... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!!
  3. Sweet Stuff man, keep it up, love seeing the pics.....
  4. Haha sweet man, ya sorry, didn't mean to plagiarize. Saw on board forget which one to be honest. Have it as my desktop too LOL!!!
  5. Not sure, saw on a board and loved the shot......Credit to whoever took it
  6. With the wind yesterday and what they are calling for tonite, can I expect lower Niagara to be muded up a bit????? For Friday that is??
  7. Took day off work tomorrow, just looking for an update whether its worth my while or not, just not sure what all the rain that way was done. Not from the local area. Thanks in advance, much appreciated. Cheers.
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