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  1. All the guy is trying to get a group of guys together to have a good time and then the A-HOLES come along and pic it apart.If you think its so expensive then don't partake and keep your ????? mouth shut.Fishfarmer don't listen to that guy,he is the type to whine all the way home because he couldn't catch any fish. You are doing a good thing ,hope it goes well and have fun.
  2. Your right Lundtastic it will be shoulder to shoulder tomorrow morning out on the ice.People will never learn.
  3. I remember when it was open and fishing boats had now problem in the morning ,Then around 11 the jet skies come down back there trailers at egde of the ramp,tie up the jet ski to the dock ,stand and party on dock.They would leave one side of ramp open for all boats to get in and out.There was even an ass????? camping right by the ramps like he owned it. IF THE CITY STOPS THE JET SKIS ON THE CANALeveryone else can get along .Hire a guard to patrol and watch the ramp ,have a now wake zone out in front of docks ,unload trailer move it ,load trailer move it .Have a season pass that will pay for patrol and care of docks.
  4. I used to fish down there 20some years ago and it was the same thing.Not as busy but there were those guys that would move in on you and muscle you or croud you out of the way.And the garbage there will always be slobs.And when they finally close both sides to shore fishing,the slobs will move to somewhere else and start over.Might as well stop complaining ,its never going to end. Its the same thing out on the ice. The more attention you bring to these problems, the easiest solution to it is close it down.
  5. Well put Canalinvader you get what you pay for.
  6. hi gunner I have lots of eyes paints, bodies, excelcier I THINK THATS HOW YOU SPELL IT, all kinds of stuff to get rid off.I used to do taxidermy If your interested give me a message and we can get together.wayne
  7. when your talking martindale pond and entering from the tim hortons is that the one on Ontario street.
  8. waynemartin


    yes bass are still on beds both erie and Ontario the water is still cool and it was a late spawn.
  9. went out sunday morning got 6niceones aveage 21/2-3 not big but wife had fun with them.
  10. Has anybody heard when the bass pro is opening.I heard NOV15. Just wondering
  11. was out at myers reef sat got 4 decent smallies in the 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 range. but took 6 hrs to achieve this.
  12. I know a lot of these local shop employees are on incentives to push products and receive rewards for selling the most.I don't like to be pushed into buying something I don't really want.Sometimes they will really argue with you telling you how much better there product is,when all you want is the product that you are comfortable with.
  13. CO's are just humanlike you and I.And there just like the police. If you give them attitude your going to get attitude right back.
  14. I caught one that big years ago in one of my dreams. Ice fishing ,6LB TEST and pulled it through a 6in hole. OH sorry that was my perch'' bull'' story.Nice fish hope you got it mounted.
  15. nothing better than a secret go to place to catch the hogs
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