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  1. Gunner, after reading your response to my post, I just wanted to tell you that I emailed Ray Blades, the editor of the OOD magazine, to ask if he has heard anything re the spring turkey hunt, and weather we will be able to hunt this spring with all the gov't restrictions being put in place.

    I'll keep you posted on any reply that I get.

  2. Gunner, I can’t see how they could object to hunting, as we are definitely “social distancing” from everyone when after turkeys!!
  3. Had no replies right away, so ordered Cabela’s clover mix to plant after reading as much as I could find on planting plots. clover seems the best option for me - my spot is a small area on river flood plain at base of ridge along river, which is a deer route on the family farm I hunt.
  4. I really hope that you meant 70 Fahrenheit Smerch!!
  5. What part of the rec canal where you fishing today?

    and minnows or worms?


  6. This virus has turned us all into dogs: - we rove the house looking for food; - we are told NO when we get too close to someone, - and we get excited when going for car rides
  7. Yep...no antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones to worry about, and especially no PITA shopping virus worries!! (Although my ammo IS toxic to the bird’s health!!)
  8. At least they can’t stop me heading to the farm April 25th to go turkey hunting!!
  9. Put 1/4 tank in my Jeep + 1/3 tank in the Corolla for total of less than $27.00. unreal!!
  10. Anybody on here plant food plots for deer in Niagara? Thinking of setting a small patch of one up on the farm I hunt, and looking for suggestions on what seed types/brands work best in Niagara. also, where to buy...BPS shows nothing in stock in NOTL, and Cabela’s lists 6 different food group types...confusing!
  11. Glad I wasn’t the only one feeling that way!
  12. With all the virus scare going on now, I thought we all needed a little humour in our day, so here's mine: I hear that there is a new currency sweeping the world now: BUTTCOIN
  13. Heard a good line on the CBC this afternoon: ”its better to be 6 feet apart than 6 feet under”
  14. Can you send me the Bertie cam web address please?

    i fish out of Crystal Beach and that cam would help a lot!!


    1. Chrisb


      I actually mis labelled it. It is the buffalo canoe club in Crystal beach.


    2. genec




  15. Could, but then only half a screen to see fish, and I had the Elite before I got the Hook7. bought the Hook7 to replace the original small fish finder that came w the Legend.
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