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  1. According to biologists if you have a sounder(group) of 12 pigs and you shoot 10 there will be more the next year - they breed worse than rabbits!! And yes, they are extremely destructive to farmland. on the other hand, think of all the cheap bacon and chops you could accumulate!! all you need is your small game licence for them.
  2. I firmly believe that this country no longer needs elected representation!! voting in elected representatives was necessary when this country first began because of the vast distances with very poor transportation and communication services, and elected officials were needed in Ottawa to represent the needs of everyone across this vast country. however, today we have such inter connectivity with modern communication systems that everyone has access to communication facilities, and therefore, elected representAtives are redundant in our electronic society. i think all we need is 1 or 2 representatives from each province/territory to meet and generate national referendum topics monthly, and then give everyone in the country a period to vote electronically on each proposal. just my humble political views 😏
  3. A friend just told me that 2 wild boars were shot on a Waterford farm on Monday. Biggest dressed out at 184 Lbs, and big tusks. they are getting closer! May have to invest in a pig gun for family farm at Cayuga!!
  4. Gunner, go to the option at the top of the screen that says “My Active Tags”. You print your summary page and your tag from that screen, as 2 separate print steps.
  5. I had to go there last spring to get my turkey tag printed. thought they had that tag printing problem solved, but guess not. and this is supposed to be progress??At least I was able to print both my and my grandson’s deer tags last month. maybe I just got lucky!
  6. Did you click on each separately? The 2 pages don’t print together - each one has to be accessed separately to print. if you do have to go to St. Catharines SO, make sure you take your summary page w you.
  7. Verado, did you go to the option on the top of the page that says MY ACTIVE LICENCES? thats where you can print it from.
  8. NO!! NOT all Service Ontario's can do this - only the Gov't owned ones, as they are they only ones equipped to handle hunting and fishing licencing! Verado, do you get a note saying "PENDING" on the tag screen? I had that with my antlerless deer tag - the results were available Aug. 2nd, but the tag couldn't be printed until after Aug. 20th!
  9. Manditory reporting for ANY big game hunting starting this year.
  10. Their concern at the border is probably not the worms themselves, but possible contaminants in the soil/medium the worms are being transported in.
  11. Have a Wilderness Systems Rage sit on top. i really like it for fishing stability, but they aren’t cheap, and over your stated budget.
  12. genec

    Pt. Abino

    Took my fishing kayak out for the first time on Wednesday morning to Pt. Abino bay, hoping to catch some smallmouths. Didn't catch a single bass, nor did I see any swimming, and water was crystal clear! This was unusual, as we always see bass swimming during the early part of the season in the bay. All I caught was 3 sheephead between 4-8 Lbs, plus I think I had a large pike or muskie on for a short period - it hit hard, pulled my drag on a run, then cut the line.
  13. ANY type of reporting that we have to do now is way better than the system years ago where you had to drive up to an hour to visit a weigh-in station before you could process your bird! And now I just report once after the season ends instead of twice after each kill if I was lucky enough to get 2 birds.
  14. AND piss poor signage!!! Coming northbound on the 406, I've been caught a couple of times wanting to turn eastbound on the QEW to get to exit on the Ontario St. off-ramp. Coming northbound, you don't find out that eastbound 406 ramp is closed until AFTER you are past the Fourth Ave. exit!!! Had to go west, and turn around at the Seventh St. exit.
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