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  1. genec

    Pt. Abino

    Took my fishing kayak out for the first time on Wednesday morning to Pt. Abino bay, hoping to catch some smallmouths. Didn't catch a single bass, nor did I see any swimming, and water was crystal clear! This was unusual, as we always see bass swimming during the early part of the season in the bay. All I caught was 3 sheephead between 4-8 Lbs, plus I think I had a large pike or muskie on for a short period - it hit hard, pulled my drag on a run, then cut the line.
  2. ANY type of reporting that we have to do now is way better than the system years ago where you had to drive up to an hour to visit a weigh-in station before you could process your bird! And now I just report once after the season ends instead of twice after each kill if I was lucky enough to get 2 birds.
  3. AND piss poor signage!!! Coming northbound on the 406, I've been caught a couple of times wanting to turn eastbound on the QEW to get to exit on the Ontario St. off-ramp. Coming northbound, you don't find out that eastbound 406 ramp is closed until AFTER you are past the Fourth Ave. exit!!! Had to go west, and turn around at the Seventh St. exit.
  4. Been a bad spring for me so far. gun malfunction on first two opening days cost me birds,. out several times since, and saw no gobblers. Out this morning again, and saw gobbler + 5 hens, but not quite close enough for shot. Saw 9 hens in total today, and none of them nesting yet!! Really late this spring for nesting.
  5. I'd like to go, but can't - conference in Peterborough this weekend. have fun guys!
  6. We ran into the same problem last month. Wife's sister in Georgetown was giving my wife her old car. Went to Georgetown Service Ont. office to transfer - office closed up permanently!!! Had to go to Brampton to do it!
  7. Its all that gardening and the girlfriend Tyler!!!
  8. Right on St. paul st., metered parking. or the elevated garage.
  9. Tyler, I'm impressed! with work, and all the fishing that you do, you have time for gardening AND a girlfriend?? Oh, to be that young again!
  10. Yes, just like the tv interview segment THE NATIONAL the other night from out west with Bill Blair (I think he was the one). One guy on a mike told Bill "You ban em..we bury them!"
  11. Been out 4 rimes turkey hunting so far, and unfortunately no turkey yet. however, no ticks on me either, so the Ultra Shield on my outer clothing and gear is working!!
  12. Yea, they do! Barrett .50 cal sniper rifle has 55 Lbs of felt recoil - 12 gauge 3 1/2 inch has 68 Lbs!
  13. Opening morning I'm sitting on south side of bush. Had 4 gobblers calling for 1 hour before anything flew down. Had a jake with a 3-4 inch beard fly down and land right on outside of my brush blind - way too close to shoot. Watched 2 gobblers about 70 yds away slowly walking to my left, so figured a shot possible. Finally, when they were about 45 yds I aimed at the strutter and squeezed the trigger - no bang! Slowly cycled another shell into pump and squeezed again - same thing!! By rhe time I firmly cycled the 3rd one in they had run off! so pissed w myself - I had opened the qun very slowly and quietly at first light to load, trying not to make any noise, and doing by it so carefully the trigger didn't set (lmao...wont let me say c o c k ...every time I save, system substitutes the phrase "male appendage"!!) going back out tomorrow in the muck to try for them again bafore they disperse, and this time I will make sure the gun is fully cockid before going into the bush!
  14. Not quite - you could slso be Ontario Premier!
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