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  1. Owning a cottage on Lake Erie used to be considered a luxury...now it’s a liability!
  2. Welland has a pothole patching truck, but I’ve seen the thing work, and it takes ages to do one patch with gravel, sprayed with tar. not a very efficient time usage!
  3. For Lake Erie a Rapala Shad Rap in perch finish.
  4. genec

    License Time

    Too bad the hunting licence isn’t free for us old timers like the fishing is. by the time the end of the year comes I’ve forked out close to $300 in licence fees for my grandson and myself!!
  5. You only get ONE tag for the season, unless it’s a WMU where they have surplus tags and you applied for one of those. just because you applied for and we’re granted a chance to hunt in the controlled gun hunt doesn’t mean you get an additional tag.
  6. genec

    see my post re your licence query.

  7. I think your tag is the deer tag that you already printed previously. Your summary should now state also that you are eligible for the controlled hunt, and you need to print a new summary sheet to show that. At least that's the way I'm interpreting it cause that's what I got for my grandson and myself when I was told on line that we were successful for the controlled hunt. I am assuming that the summary sheet stating your eligibility is all you need to accompany the original deer tag. I just logged in to the licence website to double check, and it says "ON Controlled Deer Hunt Validation", with a check mark beside it, but NO printable tag is indicated, so as I stated above, that means you just need to carry the validation summary with you to show that you have a valid tag for the gun hunt.
  8. Just saw this post. one thing that has always pissed me off re the 407 is that, since the government sold it, the 407 rates continue to go up, and the govt gets nothing from it, but our tax dollars keep paying for the OPP to patrol it!! Why should we be paying for policing on it when it’s a PRIVATE road??
  9. Interesting, because we always found Newfoundland to have thicker batter coating (which we don’t like) and greasier than Beamsville.
  10. I have a Beamsville f&c 2 blocks from me, but don’t really like them. when we want f&c we drive to Minors restraint in Pt. Colborne for pickerel, or perch if they are out of pickerel. cant beat fresh off the boat!
  11. Oh oh! your gonna get addicted! i spend FAR too many hours a day on my IPad mini 😎
  12. Part of the problem may be the type of broad head used. i used to use razor blade insert broad heads, but tried switching 4 years ago to a mechanical broad head in my crossbow bolts. Tried a Rage brand and lost a 6pt buck because of them. Made a good, accurate shot at 20 yds, and searched for 3 hours for the deer in a bush I knew intimately because I have hunted it for over 50 years on the family farm, but never found it. 3 weeks later I found it laying in a spot I had walked thru at least 3 times that day I shot it. The Rage head made a small entry and exit wound w little bleeding. I figured the deer ran in a big circle thru the large bush, and came back after I had left, before finally dropping hours later. Totally ticked at the performance of that brand, and quit using them. 3 years ago I started using Excalibur mechanicals, and got a deer each year. Great performance from those - both deer dead within 25 yards with good entry and exit bleeding, and excellent internal performance from the blades on them! If the blades don’t do a good job cutting internally the deer will run a long way before succumbing, and that can mean a lost animal even though the hunter can spend a lot of time looking for it.
  13. I switched to premium gas last winter for all my small engines after my ice auger got fouled up with ethanol in the regular gas. The repair guy said they had to clean my carburetor 5 times before they got all the gunk out of it! a friend that works at CTC said that ethanol eats out the inside of plastic tubing, and all the residue ends up in the carb. i have also taken to adding Sea Foam to them after recommendations on this site.
  14. According to biologists if you have a sounder(group) of 12 pigs and you shoot 10 there will be more the next year - they breed worse than rabbits!! And yes, they are extremely destructive to farmland. on the other hand, think of all the cheap bacon and chops you could accumulate!! all you need is your small game licence for them.
  15. I firmly believe that this country no longer needs elected representation!! voting in elected representatives was necessary when this country first began because of the vast distances with very poor transportation and communication services, and elected officials were needed in Ottawa to represent the needs of everyone across this vast country. however, today we have such inter connectivity with modern communication systems that everyone has access to communication facilities, and therefore, elected representAtives are redundant in our electronic society. i think all we need is 1 or 2 representatives from each province/territory to meet and generate national referendum topics monthly, and then give everyone in the country a period to vote electronically on each proposal. just my humble political views 😏
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