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  1. I’m strictly a boat person, but I’m sure the same technique would work from shore. I reel in until only about 6-7 feet of line left out from rod tip, keeping the rod Low And parallel to the water surface. then, keeping the rod held in 1 hand, I grab my net With the other hand and immerse the mesh in front of me about 1 foot below the surface. Then I sweep (not jerk) the rod up from horizontal to vertical and at the same time raise my rod arm upward. This brings the fish quickly both towards me and the water surface, hopefully right over the net opening, and I can raise the net upward with my net arm, bringing the net up out of the water. Hope this helps.
  2. My wife and I have iPhone 5s which meet all our needs for phoning and texting, even piping my calls to my hearing aids. But the new COVID phone ap won’t work on them! And I imagine a lot of other seniors like us, who need the ap the most, are in the same boat. Talk about stupid design planning .. young post-teen Software geeks with the latest, most modern, expensive phones and they completely Ignored who the ap should best serve. The under 30 crowd who have most of the phones the ap will work on will probably either never download it, or they will just ignore it.
  3. In the 1990’s I used to hunt a farm just NE of Fonthill, and the owner swore that there was one in the forested gullies north of his farm. There are also incidences of escaped cats in Niagara over the years. Several years ago one of the students in my class who lived in Dain City showed me a cell phone photo of a black panther chasing wild turkeys behind his property.
  4. Shortys, if Erie Marine solves my problem I will keep you posted, and your neighbour can take his boat to him. My bulge pump was doing the same thing, and it turned out the problem was holes in the outlet hose from the pump - water was just being repumped back into the boat. Rather than tear out the back section of the boat to get at the old hose I just ran a new hose from the pump up to the back transom with a hose bracket on the top of the transom to discharge out the back of the boat - a cheap easy quick fix to the problem!
  5. Are you sure this shouldn’t have been posted onApril 1st?
  6. After the recommendations of people here, I took my boat to Erie Marine to get fixed this morning. The interesting part was he had someone just yesterday pull their boat out of Pt C’s yard and bring it to him! Finally talked to the manager at Pt C Marine, and he said”I absolutely am not giving you any money back”. His response was that they are too busy to water test to see if it was working, and that was my job!! And they charge $120 per hour labour?? They have no water tank to do any testing.”..it would spray water all over!” How much trouble would it be to set up a tank outside with a tarp that you could pull over and around the motor to prevent splashing? How can any marine repair shop NOT test to see if they have solved a motor problem? So I spent $542 and waited 6 weeks to get a motor back that still dies after you put it in gear and try to accelerate! I hope everyone on here spreads the word about how bad that place is!!
  7. Got my boat back after 6 weeks, and my son and I took it out to try tonight...still the same problem as when I took it in!! it idles fine, but as soon as you give it any gas it sputters and dies! Pt C mechanics are terrible!
  8. Just got my boat back from Pt C Marine this afternoon...6 weeks to the day I took it to them! Now I need to get out w my son some evening this week after he gets home from work to test it out before I try running far offshore for walleye.
  9. genec


    Love it! i want one of those...the alien look!
  10. Has anyone else had slow repair service at Pt. Colborne Marine? Last year I lost my whole fishing season because, after I got my boat reassembled I had throttle problems, and they took 4 weeks to fix it, getting it back to me at 4:00 pm the day before my first cataract surgery. So no use of the boat for the rest of the summer! Now I am having the same slow service issue - I tried taking the boat out for the first time this year, and this is the first start since they “fixed” it last year, and the motor kept dying as soon as I tried to give it any gas. They have had it 4 weeks so far again, calling with a repair estimate a week ago, but it’s still not fixed! I’m really getting ticked off at the delay!! If anyone has a recommendation for another GOOD marine repair shop In Niagara I’d really to know, as I certainly don’t want to ever go back there again!
  11. genec

    Erie bass

    Back out this morning again w son and grandson. grandson was the only lucky one if us - he got 2; biggest was 3.1 Lbs.
  12. genec

    Erie bass

    My son and I finally got out this morning for the first time. Launched at Pt. Abino at 6:30 and fished till 9:00. We caught 4 bass out from the Buffalo Canoe Club in about 10 ft. Of water - the biggest was 3,3 Lbs.
  13. They have been a problem ever since the damn things were invented! I remember many years ago on L.Erie, we were 1/2 mile offshore casting lures, far away from any one else, and idiots would come roaring bye running over our lines!
  14. Just another case of an idiot with more money than brains!
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