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  1. Got an answer back today from David Critchlow, the head CO for Ontario, on the issue of deer hide disposal. His reply stated: There is no law that says deer hides have to be returned to a natural area. Disposing of a hide on public land could in fact be an offence under the Public Lands Act; if disposing of a hide on public land, it should be done in an area away from high public use. David Critchlow
  2. I wear camo all the time for deer and turkey hunting. I think it helps break up your body silouette, even when sitting still, but won't help at all if you fidget or move around, especially with turkeys. as to scents, I have been a firm believer in their benefits fow many years now. What convinced me to using them was a hunting outing with a co-worker. We were sitting about 300 yards apart on either side of a very large, very deep wooded ravine, out of sight of each other. I saw an 8-pt buck come walking down a trail 1/2 way up the far side of the ravine. Suddenly the buck stopped with his nose up in the air, and I knew from his position and the wind direction that he was downwind of my buddy. The deer turned 90 degrees towards me, walked to the bottom of the ravine, then began continuing in his original direction along the ravine bottom for about 150 yards, walked back up the side of the ravine to his original trail, and continued down the trail. My buddy never knew the buck was anywhere near him, but the buck knew exactly where my buddy was from his scent, and detoured perfectly around his stand. From that incident on I've always been a firm believer in masking scents! before the deer opener I put all my outerwear on the clothes line for a day, and set chair and fanny pack and boots out as well. Then, before bringing them in, I spray them thoroughly with scent killer, and bag them all in new garbage bags. I keep them in the bags until I drive to my hunting site, then take them out and put on. Every subsequent outing I respray everything when I take them out at my hunting site. I know that the scent killer works, because I have had foxes come trotting by and stop 6 ft. Away from me and not have a clue I'm there!
  3. My cousin still owns the family farms near Cayuga where I do all my hunting. i don't actively go out in other areas to hunt coyotes, but will always shoot any coyote I can on the farm to help out deer and especially help protect turkey numbers on the farm. having said that, I rarely get to shoot one there as they seem so elusive. I think I have only got 3 yotes in the past 5 years.
  4. I just bag mine up in a garbage bag and put it out with my house garbage for pickup, because in the hunting regs it tells you that out of province hides must be sent to " a waste disposal site ", so I have always done the same with my hides.
  5. I didn't say I was keeping it, just not having to dispose of it in the bush. However, I have been teaching the Hunter Education course for 48 years, and have never heard any regulation that says you can't keep a hide, or how to dispose of it. I've been through the 2019 hunting regulations twice, and the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, and there is nothing stated in either about keeping/disposal of a hide, unless it was from outside Ontario. You can even sell a hide. To clarify this issue, I sent in a query to David Critchlow, the chief CO for Ontario. I'll let you know what his response is.
  6. Dan, I'm not sure where you have come up with the above misconception, but there is NOTHING in the Ontario Hunting Regulations that says you must do this! The only thing stipulated in the hunting regs concerns game FLESH or HIDES - see quote below: With the exception of furbearing mammals, you may not let the flesh of any harvested game wildlife (see Definitions, page 86), that is suitable for food, become spoiled or abandoned. This includes black bear. A hunter who kills a furbearing mammal shall not abandon the pelt or permit the pelt to be spoiled or destroyed.
  7. I gave up going to Welland CTC years ago because of that same kind of B. S. cons to do work. went for an emission test - they told me I needed a new catalytic converter as it was rusted out. said "no" , then drove down the street to see Frenchie at Zorro muffler. he said the catalytic converter was fine, just the protective cover over it was rusted, and not to worry about it.
  8. And we can use lead shot on them!!
  9. I figured that with all the ice being pushed down the Niagara River this past weekend with those high winds, the ice bridge may have formed below the Falls, so we drove down today to take a look.
  10. Went to Niagara falls today. ice bridge has formed below the falls, and a lot of ice going downriver at Queenston.
  11. Thats the trouble with the newer cars and the computer systems. many years ago, with an older jeep, I had a mechanic tell me that, when I was coming do for an etest, fill the tank with premium gas, run at least 1/3 through before the etest, and I would always pass it!
  12. And that's why you need a 10" auger!
  13. genec

    NFN meet up

    Around 6:00 last night I got hit with some kind of a bug thats really wiped me out, so I'm not going to make it tomorrow. I was looking forward to finally matching faces with names. good luck everyone!
  14. genec

    NFN meet up

    Rec canal could have the potential to be a great fishery, but the city won't do anything to improve it! i submitted a 4-page proposal to the city a few years ago to create fishhabitat structures along the bottom of the canal, but they ignored it. All they care about is making money from it.
  15. genec

    NFN meet up

    Why?? do you have more luck there?
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