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  1. genec

    Congrats Tyler0420

    Thanks Tyler! when Cliff made his closure announcement I was sad to think that we'd lose such a valuable local resource to all the Niagara hunters/fisherpersons out there. I was just gearing up for hearing about all the local ice fishing reports,, and now we can still have them!!
  2. A BIG thank you for all your work on ths website over the years.

    While I haven't been a prolific poster, I've really enjoyed reading about everyone's hunting and fishing excoursions over the years, and especially learning about local fishing.  I'm glad Tyler is going to continue with the site. I was sad to think we would lose such a valuable local resource after all your years work.

  3. genec

    announcement to members

    Me too!! i like finding out what everyone else is doing in andaround Niagara, even if I don't get to go to many of those places. i personally would hate to see it go to Facebook, because I refuse to do Facebook - don't like the lack of security on it!!
  4. genec

    Liscence renew

    zip-lock bags!!!
  5. genec

    Deep h2o float fishing

    Open water yesterday.
  6. genec

    Price Increases

    When they come up with an "E" vehicle that is 4-wheel drive and can tow my boat I will START thinking about one! Until then I will stick to my Cherokee to drive through the fields on my cousin's farm to get back to my hunting spots, and pull my boat, no matter what the gas costs for it!
  7. Just remember frog thatthe squirrel season ends Dec. 31. For permanent blinds, I tried using landscape fabric fo a blind material, as was suggested on the OFAH website, but wind ripped some apart, even using the heavy fabric. That material only works in sheltered locations. next spring I'm going to try using snow fencing to make a blind. for a quicky set-up blind, I just use the camo screen blind that you can buy - the ones that come w metal stakes. only takes a minute to set up.
  8. genec

    2nd week controlled hunt

    Was signed up for it, but got my doe last week.😊
  9. genec

    Cormorant news

    They should put a bounty on the dammed things! Then lots of hunters would be happy to go out and burn up some ammo, and maybe it just might help to reduce their numbers.
  10. genec

    Again ??

    Years ago when the gun registration was first announced, a buddy of mine in central Ont. had a couple of semi-auto rifles that he refused to register. He hid them behind drywall in one of the rooms in his house, and said "I know where they are if I need them, but I'll be dammed if the gov't. will ever see them or know of them!" He died this past spring, and, to my knowledge, no one else knows that the guns are still behind the wall! They will be a real surprise find if a new owner ever decides to renovate!!
  11. genec

    Legend Boat Followup

    Fish Farmer, it didn't look like he had any heavy lift equipment there anywhere to be able to handle my boat to get the motor off or be able to access the parts of my hull that need repairs! Plus, with no indoor facility, and all the rain forecast, I don't want the carpeted areas remaining in my boat to end up being a soggy, mouldy mess when I finally get it back!
  12. genec

    Legend Boat Followup

    Well, I took the advice from the people on this website and contacted that J&J Marine Repair about my Legend boat. When I phoned him last week he said that he was in Gogama (I presume moose hunting), and said to bring the boat up this Wednesday. After lunch Wednesday I took it up, expecting to be taking it to a Mon-to-Fri marine repair shop. Instead, when I got there I found it was an old house in the country with boats, motors and marine junk scattered around outside, and no repair shop. Most importantly, no one was around, no one answered at the house door, and no one answered the phone! So I ended up wasting a 3-hour round trip for nothing! I’ll be contacting Legend today in Barrie to take my boat up there.
  13. genec

    Really Disappointed WIth Legend Boat

    Then why are companies NOW giving lifetime warrenties on their hulls - kinda contradicts your logic!! i went to an aluminum boat after enduring thebfrustration of rebuilding the keel on a fibreglas Arkansaw Traveller boat 3 TIMES!! Now keel problems w aluminum!!
  14. genec

    garbage pick up

    And yet these poorly paid workers do the best that they can. A week ago I had an incident with one who I felt went above and beyond what he was getting paid for! I had a brown bag out for pickup that had a lot of plant waste debris in it. When the worker lifted it up to put it n the truck, the bottom ripped out of the bag, and everything went on the road. The worker could have just left it there and driven off, but he picked up everything he could get with his gloves, then got a shovel from the truck and cleaned everything off the road!
  15. genec

    Really Disappointed WIth Legend Boat

    Checked w Legend head office - mine is 10 yr warranty, so no support from Legend. the riveted hulls from Legend are NOW a lifetime warranty, but not when mine was built