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  1. there would be a lot less arguments down there too...far too many fisherman act like they own the place...glad I have a boat as I am sure the way people act/treat port dolhousie will close it off to fishing.
  2. thx Smerch....I think I met you once before, you almost stepped in one of my ice fishing holes on martindale...definitely enjoyed chatting with you that day. I totally get and understand making long cast I bottom bounce and am learning to float fish in port...but I would never make a cast from the opposite side all the way to the other especially if someone is fishing there....just out of courtesy....just like I would not pull my boat up close to someone fishing the shore or go along the wall if the guys are there.
  3. The fishing in port is good right now for everyone to enjoy!!!
  4. My post comes after fishing there yesterday (will post pics soon). We had a great day catching fish out in the boat, unfortunately after fishing from shore and in the boat and seeing how bad it has gotten I have to comment. At one point a lot of the die hards (not all) would fish the wall on the fish and game side and act rude to everyone who interfered with they're fishing whether it was they're fault or not. So many people would go to to the legion side to avoid the unnecessary harassment and do what they came to port doulhousie to do...enjoy fishing and they did (myself included). Unfortunately I see everyone's rods and egos have gotten bigger...at what point fisherman look at themselves and realize they are being selfish? Why now do these same anglers feel that it is ok to fish the wall on the fish and game side and cast all the way over to the pier 61 restaurant side where someone is fishing? Or better yet snag the person fishing there and get mad at them or cut they're line? Or like yesterday...I was in a boat fishing just before the wall and trolling down to the narrows...now, we generally try to avoid the wall with the boat when guys are fishing there and to be honest it's better fishing down from the wall. But again the die hards with the big egos and bigger rods were fishing beach side pier and we brought the boat close to lighthouse pier side but apparently us being in front of them on the opposite side interferes with they're drift. When I'm down there I generally try to avoid problems, keep my space and have fun fishing. However, no one owns the water and if these people think they are going to cast across to the opposite side they are fishing and think that I'm not going to fish there they are dead wrong. My suggestion is if you want to fish the other side go to the other side. I desperately hope fisherman change they're attitudes in port soon and start to have a little more common courtesy because they're really is no reason for all this crap that is going on and all it does is create problems which could aid in possibly shutting down yet another good fishing section. Sorry for the rant....but things need to change.
  5. sooner

    Port Piers

    Let's hope the replacement is done like port Dover. They did they'res approximately 10-15 years ago and did an awesome job.
  6. I'm with you on that one....they are crap. Can't believe they are still selling them
  7. i agree but they should have to put volunteer hours with restocking program, river cleanup or any other waterway cleanup...something that will benefit a fishery somewhere.
  8. I think they should make him work with one of the local fish programs for a set period of time...maybe then he will gain a little respect for the fishery...
  9. I prefer the spring fishing sales at peters and bass pro. Better deals and no cost to enter or park.
  10. There is one almost every winter at the fish and game club in dolhousie. Unfortunately, it did not happen this year.
  11. To be able to ice fish with my little girl over the holidays...oh and take her somewhere to use her bow and arrow Santa got her for Christmas ?
  12. K...that's what I thought Dave....just thought I missed something
  13. did not know that...thanks for info
  14. I noticed you guys are still talking about fishing the grand this year near brantford....did they extent the season???
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