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  1. Everytime we have a warm winter this less then meaningful information gets released from the cranium of some tree hugging activist bound and determined to make global warmin a thing. It's a cycle the world goes through it and yet they want to tell us their pov because well let's face it they can.
  2. Tubes were the ticket on Sunday. slime is not an issue just fish the rock shoals you'll be fine
  3. fish4life82


    That's a pretty common site up shallow if the bait is in the east winds will push them up in there Forsure
  4. When I store my filets for longer than that night I prefer to soak my filets in salt water for 1 hour. Afterwards rinse the filet in a strainer you will be amazed how much sand comes out of a filet in that short period of time
  5. Enns battery and tire great service experienced staff no bs with them
  6. https://amishoutfitters.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=19&products_id=98&zenid=397d8231f2dea3f191df1e0bb8a996cc Check these out I store all my salmon flies and harnesses in these
  7. They had lock jaw today. Marked lots but they were stupid tight to bottom. Marked a few hooks up high in 20-30 foot range and had something big on for about 10 seconds before it unbuttoned itself marked like a musky or laker.
  8. Talking to a few people today and the word is the Niagara Spirtsman show has been cancelled due to lack of intrest. Looks Ike the only chance is locals will get is the Ft Erie show so let's get out there and support the little guy
  9. I have been in discussion with a few simcoe operators that I have become acquainted with over the years. They are predicting a January 15-20 start date for operations on perch grounds based on the current predictions for the first 2 weeks of January.
  10. I've had 50+ fish days on the NY Tribs on yarn and several good days in the pool and other popular drifts in the lower. The key is to have a small piece of red or something to symbolize a blood dot that can turn a finicky trout into an agreesive trout. I prefer glo green but others say Niagara gold or Oregon cheese I guess it corms down to confidence
  11. I was there on the opening night blizzard as my son wanted to see Santa and his best buddy Dave mercer. The store is nice a little small but well decorated. I found the fishing section very broad but for the marine oils, lubes and gas cleaners they had everything I would need and it's close to home. They also carry all the smoking and deep dry goodies one could need so for that they will have my business as I was spending my money in the USA for most of those items. As for tackle and equipment I'll stick to the local guys or purchase at the sportsman shows when I'm working them.
  12. For the fish with bigger limits ex. Walleye, perch, bass if there was a hint that the population was worsening they would put an aggregate limit such as they did with trout. As for the northern inland lakes speaking from personal experience especially on rice lake 1 in 10 fish fit in the current slot the rest are 70% over and 30% under. The regulations are perfect where they are for the current seasons.
  13. I have had mine for 3 years and it has kept me dry and warm through rain sleet and snow storms both on ice and water
  14. There must be a section for fall sanctaurys as none of the bronte is in the list as well which is part of zone 20. The only sanctaurys are the April to May ones listed which makes things difficult when trying to explain the regs to a newbie
  15. Peters tackle carries a fair selection
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