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  1. honeyv

    Toronto Spring fishing and Boat Show

    I'm mostly into it to geek out as well. But I mean, since I'll be there anyway I'm not oppressed to spending a bit on things there...
  2. honeyv

    Liscence renew

    Ha! That happened to me crossing the border once. I had the wrong passport and they ended up just looking up my drivers license and I guess they seen the lasy time I was through and they let me pass no problem. The Canadian border officer laughed it off on the way back off. I didn't even think of that. When I go fishing, my phone always dies. Partially becauseI always forget to charge the damn thing.
  3. honeyv

    Liscence renew

    I did this too. I still keep the paper copy on me because I'm under the assumption that you have to have a physical copy on you just like the old cards. However, here I am thinking what if it gets lost? Is a PDF file on your smartphone good enough? As long as they have the info needed right?
  4. honeyv

    2018 in a nutshell

    I do something similar with spots. I log them in a book. Access points for kayaking. Shore only spots... My dad used to do this.
  5. honeyv

    Toronto Spring fishing and Boat Show

    I would normally go with my brother. He lives in Innsfil. Toronto is mid way point. Although, this time I'll be going with a friend. It is true, I could go to local ones. The trek to Toronto can sometimes be grueling. I'm really thinking about it. Then part of me is saying "what's wrong with the ones that I have?" Lol It is true once you factor in the cost of the tickets, and the cost of gas getting there. I do also still want to check out everything else that there is there and then the one in March too.
  6. honeyv

    Toronto Spring fishing and Boat Show

    Never been to a local one. I just go to the Toronto shows because they're ones I've been going to since I was a kid.
  7. honeyv

    Congrats Tyler0420

    Congratulations Tyler.
  8. honeyv


    They have a ton of space to forage and grow... that's for sure!
  9. honeyv


    Man... a decent sized carp would also be fun. As a kid growing up in Toronto my brother and I would take the transit all the way to the Lakeshore and we'd fish for Pike. I remember this one time we were stopping for lunch and then we decided to walk along the break walls. We ended up seeing some of the biggest carp I've ever seen in my life to this date just cruising along. They must have been around 40 inches or something like that but with a giant tank carp bodies. Real hefty carp out there on Lake O... so I can imagine the size of the carp that could be out in Jordan Harbour.
  10. Alright. The Toronto Spring Fishing and Boat Show is coming up starting on the 15th of February. Who's getting excited? I'm pretty pumped about it. I'm really hoping to scope out and pick up a couple new Left Hand retrieve baitcasters. Maybe take an in-depth look at the Curado DC. (Which I'm not going to lie, has been on my mind for quite some time.)
  11. honeyv


    LOL I don't know that I want to be a bobber. I were to hook into a big cat with that method the moment it hits it would probably feel like a ton of bricks hitting the kayak. I might not feel so stable after all. Besides... I NEED that Bend in the rod.
  12. honeyv


    Right on! I remember one time I hooked into a big pike while in a canoe. That thing dragged me around so much. It dragged me away from the little Bay where I was fishing. When I finally got it in the net, this ass-hat in a speedboat just zoomed right by me creating the biggest wake. I was quite terrified that I could tip. For some reason I feel so much more comfortable and stable in the kayak, so when I hook into a fish now there's a lot more confidence. Haha
  13. honeyv


    Haha that's EXCATLY what I'm looking for! The adrenalin you get from catching a really big fish and it pulls you while you're in the kayak is pretty awesome.
  14. honeyv


    This won't be in till I can get out with my kayak anyway so it might be a little bit of a wait for the report on it
  15. honeyv


    Thanks guys. That's some really good advice! I could have easily seen myself getting pretty frustrated if I couldn't keep it on my hook. Can't wait to head out to the Grand.