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  1. Wow. Great read. Mum just heading out now to torment some Cato with my fly rod then inhumanely release them. Sorry Dave.
  2. 37" x 21" Steele. Two that size. One on fly rod in December. The other an early spring float rod fish. Both pure chromers.
  3. landry

    I'm back

    I fly fish for them all the time on Erie. Especially in June. Great fun. Brown or black and olive Woolley bugger on a #6 or #4 hook with various weight dumbbell eyes is all u need. Cast past fish drag it back and drop near head. 90* and 45* angle presentation is best. Some days they chase it some days they eat it on the drop.
  4. I have a 16.5' with 75hp. If Money was not an issue And I could pick the perfect fishing boat it would be a ranger 620 for the Great Lakes. I cast muskies on St Clair a lot and do smallies on Erie too. An 18' tiller would be a great overall rig for Erie IMO. More affordable - although the new boat prices at the shows this year were ridiculous.
  5. landry

    Bar Lakers

    Was there last weekend. There are far less fish now than in Dec and Jan. It is still worth fishing. We only got three - it was a minnow bite - we had no bait:( Two boats with minnows got a lot more. Or maybe it was the captains inadequacies - me.
  6. Thanks guys!!! Went on Sunday. Caught a few.
  7. Was thinking of fishing the river in my boat this weekend. Anybody know if ice chunks are a concern lately????
  8. landry

    Who Fell In?

    I once told a guy he should get off that rock cause the water was coming up soon. He scoffed. Ten minutesater he tried to make a jump for it and slipped on takeoff - fell 4' into the rocks in his shin. I swear I heard his bone break. It was awful. Him and his friend hooped and shuffled all the way to the top with him yelling in pain with each hop. It was broken for sure. It was painful to watch. Poor guy.
  9. That's too bad. Must a been fun tagging those in small water like that. Bet they went crazy
  10. Great story. Sounds like a great trip. Beware of vertical Holds on muskie - mostly because you will soon get a bunch of responses about vertical holds on this thread.
  11. I mostly cast muskies on St Clair but I also enjoy smallmouth fishing. I have been out for smallies in fort erie 5 times now and was wondering if anyone could offer me some feedback/advice. I have been fishing the mouth in 18' - 25' and out into the lake on some humps. I also have been targeting shallow cruisers west of the mouth. Been getting about a fish every 45min on average. My question is: am I likely to have more success in the river or out in the lake. Don't need your spots just feedback. And what is your approach/method in the river? Thanks for the help. Landry
  12. I would launch out of fort erie and fish bass. There r lots there.
  13. I was out today. Had to really work hard for them. Saw a ton of fish shallow - most spooky and lethargic smallies ever. Had to go deep, dropshotting and dragging tubes to scrape out ten good ones (between 10am and 5pm). I don't think it's dog days. I think it's the late spring or maybe the post frontal conditions today or maybe the are gorged as there are millions of emeralds in fort erie area. Or maybe I just suck at fishing:)
  14. Okay I guess a well balanced custom rod will feel better and I guess have more feel than a factory rod as it is suited to you and carefully set up. The reel seat and handle set up can really help. Having said that - if it is a cheap blank then it's kinda like putting lipstick on a pig. I meant no offense cp. just giving my opinion. Take it for what it's worth. I have tied quite a few custom rods, although far less than you, and I fish a fair bit. I do agree that the Loomis brand has been greatly cheapened. My 25 year old Loomis 13' is crazy sensitive, although it is really a float rod. I tied a few Mudhole MHX blanks up for dropshot rods and they are pretty nice for the money if cost is a factor. My suggestion of a shorter rod was based on am assumption that it was a boat rod. Landry
  15. A custom rod is no more sensitive than a factory rod, provided the blanks are similar. A custom can be more comfortable and well balanced but sensitivity will not improve - only higher quality graphite will do that. If I were to build an economical and fairly sensitive rod I would use a mudhole MHX blank and it would be somewhere around 9'. They r pretty sensitive for the price. But if I wanted the most sensitive rod I would make it am NRX, GLX or at he very least IMX.
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