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  1. http://email.aemediainc.com/t/ViewEmail/r/564399D7DD59501F2540EF23F30FEDED/E6637290EA9B9AA562AF25ACF5E3F0AC
  2. Apparently it wasn't one of the actual certified guides that run their business on the river just a father and son that we're trying to do it for cash.
  3. Definitely, box stores for the most part lack avid anglers like ourselves that actually have a knowledge of and passion for the sport.
  4. As far as I know G-Loomis is the only brand I've heard of that being applied to, sell x amount n get a rod, I work at a shop and have never had a sales rep offer me incentives for selling x amount of items.
  5. We have braid from 8lb to 100lb, power pro and spider wire stealth are our 2 most popular!
  6. That gifted fish would count still as his possession limit for the day meaning he can't keep more which he did.
  7. Regardless if you live in Ontario, Canada, or even any other country. You have to buy a valid fishing license to fish in ontario. Prices for ontario residents are the cheapest, if you're Canadian but don't live in Ontario it's quite a bit more expensive and if you are from out of country it's really expensive lol. As for possession amounts that's a whole other ball game, you're best bet would be to call the ministry office in Vineland through the week to get clarification.
  8. Be sure to sterilize where the tooth went in, I know of a guy who ended up seriously I'll and in the hospital from getting pike teeth with bacteria in his hand.
  9. Went 20/26 on Friday straight out of crystal beach. High lines did nothing for us, deep riggers and big dipseys out 75 and 100 were the key.
  10. James Hall at Hall Em In Sportfishing will out you on some fish! http://m.halleminsportfishing.ca
  11. Press menu twice, go to chart data, and select navionics coastal. Assuming you bought one packaged with the gold card.
  12. Plenty washing up all over. Apparently the males die after spawning.
  13. Try calling Aikmans Sporting Goods in Mississauga. 905-277-3595
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