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  1. Hi Davec. Yeah the unfortunate truth is that a well "bullet" hit deer could drop in its tracks, but most likely will run, possibly a few hundred yrds. As a hunter you typically wait some time before trying to pickup a blood trail and try your best to track it. most times you find the animal within 10-50 yrds, but othertimes its just not possible to locate it. Sad truth. The one you found may one of those few that didn't leave a recoverable blood trail. I once tracked a well bow hit deer over half a mile in the middle of a snow storm. It crossed two bean fields and one road before we found it 3 hrs later. Amazing animals.
  2. Thanks fishingking. I hope you harvest your target buck. Thanks gunner. I think i'll do a skull cap mount this year rather than the full form mount you did for me last year. The wife would likely have something to say if i got another one done :-) i understand these are somewhat simple to do??
  3. Well it finally all came together tonight and i managed to fill my tag. with the season feeling like it was getting late i was ready to shoot any buck that came along. I had no hesitation about taking a 10yd shot at this 10 pointer. Good luck everyone and stay safe.
  4. Thanks for all the replies guys. The rack is going on the wall next to his dads mounts (thanks to gunner) best of luck to your son smerchly. ya teedee, i think he's hooked.
  5. His first year bow hunting and he connected last last night with a nice basket racked 9 pointer.
  6. Thanks for the info guys. I've done them myself in the past but I don't have the time or the facilities to keep them cool enough long enough anymore to get the job done right. i've used a butcher in st.catharines in the past but I guess he's no longer cutting deer. Lots of options now though. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the info fishingking. I'll give him a call.
  8. Does anyone know of a butcher near st.Catharines that cuts deer? I see a previous post for Greg Bodner in port colbourne, (which appears to be a good option) but i just wondered if there was someone closer to me. Thanks.
  9. Thanks guys! You've given me lots of options to try. Smerchly, i like the rig. I'm going to give that a try. center pin assassin, i've never tried fishing a blade bait. Are you trolling these baits or casting?
  10. Thanks for the link and info smerchly, i'll give the gumdrop a try.
  11. Fred, thanks i'll give that a try. Jordan, thats what i'm going by. Unless i use the electric to slow down my drift the harness simply dangles with no water resistance to spin the blades. P.s. I think your right about the current, but the current at the bottom + 1 ft, where the harness is running is much less than at the surface.
  12. Well i gave it another try tonight and only managed a few nice sized bass. I really don't think the blades are providing any spin to the rig. I think i'm going to have to try something else. anyone have any tried and true methods to target the niagara walleye they could share?
  13. Thanks for the info.i guess i just have to experiment with the harnesses to see what works.
  14. This may be a silly question, but i thought i'd ask anyway,('cause i want to catch fish! ) When drift fishing the lower river with a three way bottom bouncer and worm harness, do you simply drift along with the current feeling for the tap-tap of the bottom and using the electric trolling motor to correct course, or do you use the electric to slow down your drift? if your just drifting, doesn't the harness lay on the bottom? also, how do you know how much weight to use? thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  15. Markster

    Bar Launch

    The l launch at NOTL sailing club is private and not an option. You're best to launch at queenston and make the run down river.
  16. Nice. Looks like you not only got back on the horse, you ended up shooting it! That is one nice buck.
  17. Way to go GW! Man, that thing is the size of a moose with deer antlers! How about sharing the story.
  18. Nice shooting Mike. How'd the dogs work with the wind?
  19. I've never used them myself but i know of their reputation of providing a quality hunting experience on long point bay. http://www.colettabayguides.com Then there's st. Lawrence outfitters. http://www.stlawrenceoutfitters.com They've been hi-lighted on numerous hunting shows and operate in the kingston area.
  20. Dan, I used to bowhunt deer quite a bit and was pretty successful at it. When i was starting out i used to stay home when the wind picked up. Then I found that hunting on the windy days was actually really good, wspecially from adhoc ground blinds. I'm not sure why. Maybe its because the wind masks any noise or dilutes your scent. I'm not sure, but it worked. Obviously you have to watch the wind direction is downwind from your lanes and whatnot, it sure wasn't something that made me stay home. Try it, you might be surprised.
  21. Paul, Welcome to the sport of deer hunting and the addiction of waterfowling. Both can be pretty phyically demanding, (waterfowling more so than deer hunting IMO) As far as starting out, just like fishing, you may be best to go out with a guide and learn the ropes. You can learn in one outing what would take you years of In the field experience to match. You'll learn what you need and what you don't which is priceless. As far as deer hunting goes, you need to drive around and knock on doors to get permission. Its tough and you'll get a fair share of no's for every yes, but thats how its done. Once you get a yes, you need to treat the place better than your own, help the guy out where you can and bring his favorite bottle at christmas.if he like venison, give him a share of the harvest. Its a relationship game and the guy is trusting you with his place. Each time you're there be sure to leave it better than you found it. Just remember the first time you screw up the place is history and you're back to knocking on doors. It will motivate you to do what I've said above. Good luck and be careful out there. P.s. If your deer hunting from a tree stand be sure to use a safety harnes. Like a lot of deer hunters, I've fallen out of a tree before. Trust me, with a bad back you don't want to have that experience. Good luck.
  22. Please pick up your empty hulls when the shoot is over. Nothing cool about going into a spot and finding hulls scatered all over the place. Please leave the marsh as you found it, (minus the ducks, of course :-) ) Good luck out there and be safe.
  23. One of the newer winchester shotguns had a problem with the firing pin bending and binding in the bolt. This led to the shell firing off when the bolt was closed. There was a recall last year. Not sure if it was the SXP or not, but you might want lo have a look.
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