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  1. T.C.


    I have had great luck walking along a harbour wall bouncing a white twister tailed grub.I would guess at an average 6-8lbs but the largest i have seen and it was put on a scale was 22lbs.........and they kept it for the table.
  2. Dont want to be too much of a smartass but thats a sunrise not set lol. Could'nt help myself sorry.
  3. T.C.

    Noodle rod?

    The long limber rod act's as a shock absorber allowing the use of lighter lines that are less visable to the fish.You don't see very many 7ft heavy action rods loaded with 6lb line....lol,also having lighter line allows easier casting of small lightly weighted baits when fishing clear water.
  4. I heard that the adult walleye they moved from quinte were tagged so they could find more about their habits. 6 months later they had gone back to quinte...lol
  5. The Credit does get a decent run but never heard of it happening before the Nottawasaga. I have a friend who lives in Creemore and he fishes it often.Usually salmon start showing up in the first few weeks of August. As for the Credit there may be a few in already but im sure most are staging and if the cool weather prevails watch for them to start showing up in decent numbers very soon ie;next big rain.
  6. For longevity a 4 stroke is far better than a 2 and it seems the trend is leaning towards 4 stroke for all outboards in the near future.......plus they are better for the enviroment.
  7. Had a boat,but its gone.....funny thing is i still have a wife.Many a day as im casting from shore i ponder my choice. But seriously nothing beats a good drift and watching your float dive....be nice to have a boat again but lots of good fishing from shore.
  8. T.C.


    Even if the odds are that only one in ten is eating trout and salmon, when the sky turns black as a flock of thousands and thousands fly by i don't like those odds. I can't believe the ministry dosen't see that they have quickly become a species out of control.
  9. T.C.


    Found this article thought some folks here might be interested. http://www.900chml.com/news/news_local.cfm...=news_local.cfm
  10. Ive been to my fav spot twice this week expecting to tie into some browns or bows and all ive seen are some old boots just waiting to die.Hopefully the next few nights will bring them in.
  11. They still have over 2 weeks to get their business taken care of.But it is looking like it will be a good opener.
  12. T.C.

    georgian bay ice

    You can get very good info from this board. http://www.greybruceoutdoors.com/boards/index.php
  13. T.C.

    Hamilton area

    The harbour is frozen,no open water.
  14. Charlie,just run a leader of 6 or 4lb and if water is super clear run florocarbon. There's no need to totally re-spool.
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