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  1. I could not believe the amount of people out in the storm. I thought it would've kept the crowds away. There is no where close to park anymore and I got there pretty early. Its a long way to go to catch a couple jumbos and 100 dinks while having to work so hard for them. No more cooks bay for me. Quieter back lakes are more appealing now. Im scared to see what it would've looked like if it was a nice day... The good old days of catching 50 jumbos are gone lol
  2. I agree smerch. I seen all the butts out there absolutly disgusting. Just to end up on the shore line in the spring. Cant believe how many huts were on the river this weekend. Never seen it like that before. I remember fishing here less then 10 years ago and seeing 10 maybe 15 huts Not 150+šŸ˜³ boy how things have changed. I Dont blame those fish for being tight lipped. Report online all you want just keep backgrounds and names out of it and it might change things. Too many heros out there using youtube posting spots online trying to be a star. Really seeing the repercussions of these "stars" now. Hope views are worth it.
  3. Wow. Quite the video there. Lmao and people wonder where the smelts are. When they are pillaged from the river like that the numbers are deff going to take a hit. Those are all spawners not getting a chance to do their thing. I Can't believe how greedy people are that they need to take coolers and buckets full of 4-5 inch fish. Maybe the fish have learned to spawn in the lake instead of running the gauntlet of dip nets and mass amounts of people who just have to fill the back of the pickup. Fishing isnt take take take. There has to be some give sometimes.
  4. Lower Grand not bad , never tried upperĀ 

  5. Any information on fishing Hamilton harbour

  6. Would love to catch them in the act. It would be real tough to use all their stolen gear from a wheel chair. Absolute scum. Hopefully these guys get caught.
  7. Flatts live bait and tackle is the name. Great guy! Extremley helpful and super nice! Spoke with him the other day. He doesnt have minnows in yet but he will shortly!
  8. Everyone complains about you for a reason man. Just stop, its annoying. Chill out and go wet a line. Lol
  9. Hey man just keep plugging away and youll find them. Deffinitley one of my favourite fights! Thought id share a pic of a couple that i kept. I usually dont keep bass but on the opener I like to have a nice little fish fry with the catches from opening weekend. Anyone suggest any recipies? I usually just go with the beer batter but I want to try something new.
  10. Got into a bunch of nice smallies this weekend, they were munching for me! Ended up with the biggest being 19.5 just shy of 5 pounds. What a great start!
  11. Haha thats hilarious! Log perch?
  12. Oh! no way. Good to know, the stripes and spots threw me off. But now i know. Ill head back and try for that tiger!
  13. Thanks again! And funny that you say that! Ive already got her framed and hung up on the wall in my shop! Those tiger muskie are a really cool looking fish. Amazing colours and patterns!
  14. Thanks guys it was awesome to get my first one! Been trying to find one for a long time now lol. And i agree the storm that was coming through the area made a really nice background for that pic. Couldnt have asked for a better morning!
  15. Headed away to a little piece of paradise for the weekend and managed a few nice fish I thought id share. We had some crazy weather with high winds so we couldnt get out to the spots that we wanted to fish. So we had to come up with another plan. So we decided to hit a north bay out of the wind and man im glad we did. The fish were on! A few nice walleye, and I managed to catch my first tiger muskie! It was a huge surprise on the spinner bait while shooting for pike. Man i was happy to get that one! Measured in at 36"
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