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  1. That's a great photo your friend took! They definitely have that devilish look to them!
  2. While I commend and thank you for your efforts, the problem of littering is far more complex than simply making bio-degradable everything. After all, and I know I'm going to sound hyper-conservative for a second, but, it's our behaviour as humans, not as corporations, that have inevitably caused the ground to pile up with garbage. Yes, corporations should have a positive duty to protect, but that is a highly debated topic in professional ethics and business around the world, so I wouldn't hold your breath on it being resolved in your favour any time soon. Also, be careful when you assume that organizations like the Parks and others don't do their part to try to keep the gorge litter-free. Like many other government-run organizations, the Parks has seen numerous cutbacks over the recent years, and are now operating on basically a skeleton staff. I participated in a garbage clean up at the whirlpool last summer (with other members of this board), where the Parks played a monumental role in organizing and implementing the event. There is another one in the works for this summer as well, but due to some bureaucratic barriers, we're unable to announce a date as of yet. All we can do is keep doin' what you're doin'. The solo missions are truly what make 90% of the difference. Sure, the big group garbage events have a more noticeable, short-term effect. But it's the unsung heroes, the guys that are out their with a bag every time they bring their rod out or put on their hiking shoes. They're the ones who make the biggest difference, yet are the least recognized. If we were able instil that attitude into even a quarter of our outdoor enthusiasts, the world would be a much cleaner place
  3. Thanks fellas! Let's just say with all the studying we've been doing, our brains were overloaded and we lost count...so there's no reliable way of telling
  4. The girlfriend and I got out for a quick study break this afternoon. The fish were biting like crazy! They weren't taking the bread aggressively, but the bites were consistent. Patience proved to be a virtue today, and we were rewarded with three nice fish in the short time that we were out: We both have our last exams tomorrow and then more than a week of freedom! Hopefully will have plenty more reports in the next little while.
  5. Got out for a little break this evening. The bite was a bit better than yesterday, but commitment was another story. Saw this little fella on the walk back
  6. I'll second the Piranha Max portable (I have the 150) as a great starter's unit. Have used it on the canoe, my buddy's little tinner, and ice fishing this past winter. For just over $100, you can't go wrong. It's great for temperature, depth, structure, and in cleaner, deeper water, you can even use the raw sonar returns to mark fish. For shallower water (<5ft), unless really clean or a really hard bottom, the graph doesn't work as well (and in those conditions/that depth, you're probably better off sight fishing). So keep that in mind. I'm not sure there are any good units for shallow water purposes, unless you're willing to spend a decent amount.
  7. There's no gettin' the sand outta that guy's cracks! He's a dirty old man lol
  8. The colouration on that gill is unreal! The purple and deep yellow really look amazing.
  9. If you happen to know a good little pike hole, I'm all ears. I've had great success with nearly all the other sport fish species, except pike. Only place I've even hooked one was downstream from Springbank Dam. Thanks Mick
  10. Sounds like a good day man..I'm seeing more days on the upper in the near future lol! Can't wait to see some of those aerial displays!
  11. I couldn't resist getting out on such a nice day to try for some Thames River carp, but knowing that I had my last exam to study for, I decided to improvise. Luckily for my studies, the fish made it easy to concentrate. Still a win all around.
  12. For the tournament angler, I get the whole "have to have every advantage possible". But some of us just aren't in that race man
  13. White spinnerbait with white grub trailer.
  14. Nope, not me! Leave my inbox alone! Lol. Depending on when in 2011 the blog was made, he might be the ORIGINAL niagarangler.
  15. Jordan you wanna bypass the router all together. Connect directly to the modem with your PC, laptop, xbox, or whatever via ethernet. If you find a significant improvement in connection stability then you know it must be something past the modem (the router or your personal devices...since you're losing connection with all devices, it's probably the router). If there's only a marginal or no improvement, it must be the modem or a network issue. But yeah, try dusting first since that' easiest, then start troubleshooting from there. Good luck man!
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