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  1. Eating them or giving them away as fast as he is catching them; smart... You can't get away everytime...
  2. Congrats smerch. The view is worth it.
  3. That's a nice specimen there Cliff
  4. Chartreuse is the color for dirty water
  5. My son is having his tonsils removed on Friday; and because he's younger than 3 years he has to stay overnight for observation. I won't be able to make it on opener weekend this year...hoping to see some reports so I can imagine being there.
  6. Oh yeah; you can see the beauty of the rod in that pic. Man that water looks prime. Makes me just want to get up and leave work right now to head out there.
  7. Excellent pics Verado. Thanks for helping him out Tyler.
  8. I agree 100% with the vinyl flooring on a fishing boat; its just so much more practical.
  9. Great post Verado. Enjoyed reading your comments about the hunt as well. Hope you get to post the rest of the pictures.
  10. Did any lose line from the spool get wrapped around the inside of the spool?
  11. Get something nice and bright like chartreuse for those days with less visibility.
  12. I understand what you're saying about adding another 0 to the fine, but the whole thing is that people know that these laws are not being enforced. Chances of being caught by someone that can enforce it are probably less than 1%.
  13. I like the Seaguar as well. A spool lasts me years; basically used for tying all my leaders.
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