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  1. I've got a guide to change as well; hardest thing is to find the right type of guide replacement.
  2. What type of rod is it knightfisher?
  3. that looks and sounds tasty. I like to cut up a tomato and fry it with my eggs.
  4. I agree with you smerch. We're connected by land and water to the US...these creatures don't know about borders; they cross if they want to.
  5. Nice little vid; makes me feel to get myself a kayak.
  6. I will try to make it out with my 3 year old...He will have fun.
  7. Being in spots like that can do wonders for your health...
  8. Given the intellect of some of the fishermen out here, I can see a problem with this at spots with limited shore area. Even though your rod may be within 20' of the next, it doesn't mean that the line is strait out and 20' apart, those lines could be 50' apart or even more. You won't have them close together and risk getting tangled when you hook a fish.
  9. beauty pike w1w. How deep is it there in your postcard shot?
  10. That alone would deter me from entertaining the thought of getting one. Those prices have to come down quite a bit to fool me...lol
  11. Brian_b

    Penn lake

    There is supposed to be lake trout and bass in there. I've never fished Pen Lake, but inline spinners and small spoons have always worked for me in the area.
  12. Totally agree with you there Tyler
  13. Looks like you guys had a good time out. The video made my lunch hour go faster. Smerch seems to have everything under control
  14. I didn't think the geen would be low already. Good thing you moved around to get that white stripe off your back.
  15. Eating them or giving them away as fast as he is catching them; smart... You can't get away everytime...
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