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  1. Brian_b

    Attacked by a Muskie

    lol you've got it on point there Jim. Getting ready to continue working and somehow watch the Croatia England match. Thanks for sharing the video.
  2. Brian_b

    Simms wading boots

    My laces lasted me 7 years before it broke, my buddy had to replace his BOA system every other year. I'm looking for a new pair of wading boots as well, but I think I'm going to stick with the old school laces.
  3. Brian_b

    Thieves in Welland

    That's terrible news yakfish. I hope these guys get caught. I agree with the things you said. Children growing up nowadays can get away with anything. When they become adults, what do we really expect from them?
  4. Brian_b


    Thanks for the report ff Saturday morning was slow, but I heard it picked up in the afternoon.
  5. Brian_b

    Eating catfish

    I've seen lots of people keep Drum, so I know they were being eaten. But the sucker is a surprise to me.
  6. Brian_b

    Hola from mexico!!!

    Nice Sailfish... Definitely a catch to remember.
  7. Brian_b

    10 year ban for being way over his limit

    I think they will continue to fish as well...but I know the fines must hurt em...and the reports with their names...
  8. Brian_b

    Sad news

    Sad news for sure. He was always willing to share some knowledge about carp fishing.
  9. Brian_b


    Merry Christmas Everyone
  10. Brian_b

    Saugeen River KOTD Report

    I've only been fishing that river for 5 years now. Wish I could've had the experience of fishing it as far back as some of you guys.
  11. Brian_b

    Labour day weekend camping

    Nice job yakfish. She looks happy
  12. Brian_b

    Prozac Perch

    I wonder what else is in the fish we eat.
  13. Brian_b

    Niagara river underwater

    Another great one Jim. Thanks for sharing this
  14. Brian_b

    first photo on nfn

    What a pig...nice post Fred.
  15. Brian_b

    renwel reminder.

    Thanks for the reminder. I have to renew this year as well