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    Brian_b reacted to Snags in Boating law   
    Those of you saying it is not enforceable ... if they issue the ticket you will have to take it to court to fight it.
    Everything put out is very vague, vagueness works to the advantage of those writing tickets but it may not work for the courts.
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    Brian_b reacted to Fish Farmer in Boating law   
    This was me all last week up north with 8 guys, 9 days we switch back in forth taking turns in 3 boats.
    Only thing I caught was Walleye and a full belly from a fish fry.👍

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    Brian_b reacted to steellee in Spring Steelhead Fishing | How to Use Lures in Small Rivers and Creeks (Video)   
    For small erie creeks I usually fish I run anywhere from a size k4-k7 on kwikfish of f4-f6 on flatfish. Niagara a k8-k9 or bigger for salmon. Like mentioned above keep them slow as possible. Start at the top of the pool and cast across letting the bait sweep back in, do this a few times and take a few steps down. Repeat until you've worked the pool.  I run them off a 3 way, with just enough weight on dropper to cast it well. Your leader length depends on size of lure. Ideally you bang rocks with your bait just occasionaly rather than dig into bottom. If the water in a pool is too fast I'll swap out to a 2" jplug or a hotshot which run truer in fast water. Favouite colors of mine are gold, silver/pink, silver/blue, but I probably have 150+ in my box and all colors work matched up with right conditions. Even have some beat up ones I customize with sharpies that still catch constantly. Its almost all I do anymore and I have a rack of expensive centerpins and other rods just collecting dust. Nothing beats the take of a kwikie...

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    Brian_b reacted to Jwl1 in Yesterday opener   
    Had the pleasure of getting out for the day yesterday to try a hand at some brookies for something a bit different on trout opener in the area we headed out to....we have all the big steelies you can catch all winter long here in Niagara so its always fun to have the opportunity to try something that is not available around our area.....before heading out I first made sure that the area we set out to explore was infact open to fishing...there are alot of restrictions all over the place which did put a bit of a limit on where to try, and makes the season alot different for many this year with so many options shut down....but fortunately our intended destination did not cross any of these boundaries.....we arrived at our starting point happy to find that we where the only ones waiting for the sun to come up.....a bit chilly...frost covered ground..a bit of skim ice on the slack water...and even a bit of snow left on the ground in the shaded woods areas........after the sun came out it was a beautiful day to hike and explore the water way...as you can all see in the pics.....it is a pretty scenic hike....but a pretty rough go in some areas...walking over rocky areas...through the water in some places which was way colder than it should be this time of year...I did mention ice in some spots still...lol...other areas are travelling over rough patches of matted down grass where you never know if your next step is going to be up to your thigh with a nice soaker from a sink hole or cold water spring in the undergrowth...lol...its quite the workout...and am feeling it a bit today with some sore muscles and tired from heading out right after work and being up for over 24 hours..lol...but well worth the effort to spend the day in nature's wonderland....the fishing was a bit tougher than usual....the river system is ever changing and this season's opener we came to find the water was way colder than usual for this time of year...was on the low side so it was harder finding the flow areas and pools.....and for the most part gin crystal clear...making the fishing a bit "behind schedule" for this time of year..it is however nice to be blessed with the chance to head out to such a scenic area....explore a place all to ourselves...and try our skills at something we cant do everyday at home.....as you can see in the pics....no crowds...no traffic....no litter....just mother nature at its finest...

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    Brian_b reacted to Fish Farmer in Where is lake whitefish?   
    Yes I talked to a commercial guy that parked his boat at Maitland, walked over to ask where he was fishing Walleye and he said he was netting White fish right now. was shock to see his tote full of them.
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    Brian_b reacted to мормышка in BIG NEWS   
    Polish vodka 192 proof..... Spirytus Rektyfikowany
    You've been warned.
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    Brian_b reacted to Mbocco in BIG NEWS   
    I won’t be doing this, but u aren’t getting in my pharmacy with a fever and a cough.  We are screening everyone coming in with a few questions and a temperature check.  My customers are happy about it because they know the store is safe. 
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    Brian_b reacted to Jwl1 in BIG NEWS   
    Good one... I think I drank enough of that 151 in high school that I'm still sanitized today
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    Brian_b reacted to bigugli in BIG NEWS   
    Canadian booze won't cut it.  To effectively sanitize/kill germs the alcohol count has to be 120 proof or 60% alcohol. You gottsta buy the premium imported stuff. Bacardi 151 comes to mind
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    Brian_b reacted to verado in Fish finders   
    I will be going in to my third season of using my Lowrance Elite 7TI. All the features and I especially like it for locating perch schools and walleye on Erie. I got mine at Bass Pro as well and at the time it was on sale for about $300 off including free installation. One of the reasons I like it so much is that for the first time I spent many hours playing with it on the lake and I learned how to read the signals better then with any other finder I have ever owned. It is still capable of much more than I know how to use and I think that might be the problem with a lot of us. As with all electronic equipment, it becomes dated very quickly.
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    Brian_b reacted to Loonietoon1 in Cheap Gas   
    76.9 in the hammer right now 👍
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    Brian_b reacted to Jwl1 in This afternoon   
    Looked into my pics from the season...realized I didn't have any steelie pictures for march yet....thought I would remedy that...after all...gotta catch some every month of our awesome winter trout season....couple weeks of warm temps and it will be time to wrap it up until next season.....wasnt the best viz still....but tried my usual tactic for this situation....shorten my lead ....pick and choose my casts when the current is on the slower side....bite was slow today but I managed a couple for my efforts....and now the pressure is off for adding to my March photo collection....after all we can fish 12 months a year around here..so therefore have to have some sort of success story and pics every month of the year 🎣

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    Brian_b reacted to Mbocco in Lower Niagara   
    Caught a couple more yesterday.  The river was less than 1ft vis.  In 3 hours 12 fish were caught were I was fishing between myself and 2 others.  I have never seen that before.  Not a Single boat in the water!  
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    Brian_b reacted to Tyler0420 in Crankbaits for Salmon   
    I’ve seen guys throwing rapala j-13’s. I only use spoons. Salmon fishing off a pier is pretty fun though. 
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    Brian_b reacted to Mike Pike in Fishing or "Catching"   
    What are the most exciting moments while fishing?  The sudden explosion on the surface of a top water bite.  Or, your float suddenly disappear below the surface.  Or, the slam on the end of your line when retrieving a jerk bait.
    An underwater camera would deny me all of the above, so no, it's not my cup of tea.  When the 'surprise' is lost, so is the thrill in fishing,  Why not bypass the camera entirely and just go straight to Fortinos for some fresh fish?  lol   
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    Brian_b reacted to мормышка in Fishing or "Catching"   
    Or you can drill one hole and sit all day in one spot and wonder why you aren't catching fish. 
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    Brian_b reacted to Ryan in Fishing or "Catching"   
    Comparatively to many folks here, I don't have the same # of years under my belt fishing, but what I can say is that I have found the allure of fishing to be the chance to shut off the phone, email, screens in general. Just disconnect for a bit. This seems like more work, lugging all that equipment around.
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    Brian_b reacted to toaster in Flasher Fly Setup for Salmon   
    Those swivels are fine.  Tie direct or make a loop ar the end of your flies to swap them out easier.
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    Brian_b got a reaction from Cabanaboy in Pike are still on... don’t forget em!   
    Nice healthy lookin pike there.
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    Brian_b reacted to smerchly in Jordan Harbour Marina   
    "Those were the days my friend"   We rented a heavy steel flat bottom boat for a buck with a set of oars and a cement anchor which was  needed to keep the cats from dragging us out to sea .....
    ...  🏴‍☠️
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    Brian_b reacted to dave524 in Jordan Harbour Marina   
    You remember any of these ? maybe the last one 🤣

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    Brian_b reacted to Snags in Port .Dal. Snoop   
    As much as they want to blame global warming or whatever the environmental phrase of the week is ... the water levels are controllable in Lake Ontario and they just need to manage how much water is put out by the St Lawrence river.  Word came out two years ago (when water levels were too high) that they did not drop Lake Ontario to the level they normally should.
    Much like the flooding that happened in north St. Catharines this summer ... sure we had plenty of rain, but the city chose to blame it on "climate change" ... saw an article that has since been hidden or deleted where a worker failed to adjust a valve in the control room of one of the waste water plants and that caused the backups into hundreds of houses. 
    End of the day, the different governments will blame lake levels on global warming/climate change and those of us who own will see our taxes go up through various different environmental fees they will screw us over with.
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    Brian_b reacted to Jwl1 in Lower today   
    Had unexpected day off today...stepped out for a few casts this aft....river still a bit on the dirty side....at least is wasnt brown this time..more like murky grey...lol...took the chance on only having 5 pencil weights left and tackle store closed today...you never know ..5 sinkers can be 5 casts some days...haha....turns out I only had to donate 1 to the fish gods...and got this as my reward..

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    Brian_b reacted to bigugli in Martindale Trees Cut Down   
    Slap on the wrist. Property owner now has a million dollar view and the property value gets a huge boost
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    Brian_b reacted to pauly in some browns today   
    Tried out a new striper rod today to test it on some trout.  Caught some browns.  The fish I caught came on hardware in mostly slack water.  Here's a pic of one fish. 

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