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  1. GRT was mostly ice free as of yesterday. Few Crappies caught, might try for carp today.
  2. As of Thursday last week some shore ice in the glen and pebbly. Doesn't look like they will open the ice boom for a while since lake Erie has still a fair amount of ice. Fishing was slow for me, water was very clear.
  3. At least no one is fishing the upper and lower! I love ice fishing season and Cliff's streamers
  4. Hi, I am on call this week otherwise I would go with you! Keep me posted. Tim
  5. That is terrible, I hope you get your stuff back. I had my float fishing gear stolen once at the Saugeen river about 25 years ago, men it hurt, I was only 15 and worked all summer to buy the gear. Back then, the price for a float rod and reel was the same as it is right now! $400! My 3 and 5 year olds run the house, don't listen, eat junk food all day and do what ever they feel like. I blame my wife for that....
  6. Trailer park, will be fish there for a while. I say all month.
  7. Was fishing the Suageen below the dam on the North side, not too many people fishing due to snow and cold windy weather. Caught fish all day until my arms were sore. On Sunday morning the crowd came out with the nice weather but still caught lots of fish.
  8. Hey Limey, When it warms up I can take you down to the Niagara river, upper or lower to fish. I live a few minutes away from Port D, but only fish down there a few times a year as I don't like the crowds. Upper river is my gem around the Peace bridge, you need waders up there and extreme knowledge of the current since wading is a must. Tim
  9. Fished KOTD tournament last weekend on October 28 for the first time, actually this has been my second tournament that I ever fished. Arrived Friday morning around 8:30 am to pre fish the big event in order to educate my self where the fish would be. I have been fishing this river since I started float fishing about 25 years ago, lots has changed, you don’t see “Grey Dog” on the flats anymore hooking double digits and no Darryl Choronzey on shore preparing lunch (Miss that show on Saturday mornings). Back then, when you showed up during the week, you had the lower river to your self and still hooked up with fish. Probably 100 guys fishing, and I am not talking about just the dam, add another 100 on top lol. Started below the graveyard on the south side in the fast water, hooked eight fish and landed two, which was bad considering the amount of fish at the Geen. Water about 3 feet visibility and just below 8.0 m and crested. A cold front was approaching and I was in a rush to locate more fish, unfortunately, I would have to wait until 3 pm until the crowds have left. Switched to the North side and hooked a few more fish until it was time to get back to the Manor and rest for the night. When the big day arrived, I was on the river at 6:30 am waiting for daylight on the North side of the graveyard in the fast water. Unfortunately, I only ended up with 43” of steel, not even close to place in the top 8. I did loose a big fish in the am that could probably place me in the top 8, but that is history now. Met lots of great fisherman that had float reels and rods that I could only dream about back when I was a kid. My 15’ frontier and an Islander reel back from 2001 just could not perform they way I saw others drift; some of the reels I saw were simply amazing and expensive! At the end of the day, water was on the rise and got very cold outside with the cold front going by. Many fish caught during this tournament with tons of great prizes won, the event was very competitive with some of the best steelheaders in Ontario competing against each other. Couldn't even win a raffle prize after spending $60 on tickets, came home a big looser, down $500 if you tally up all the expenses, lol.... Tim
  10. steelshady


    Right now if you cast in a small boat around the piers at Port D you should pick up a fish or two.
  11. St.Johns conservation area, I take my kids there every weekend and fish worms under a bobber...
  12. Stayed at the trailer last week from Monday to Friday at the Saugeen Springs RV park, located between Durham and Hanover. The water was perfect, 2 feet higher then last year, fly-fished in the evening but saw very little fish activity, hooked and lost a big brown on the dry fly and that was it for the week. Very little fish around compared to seven years ago, I am not sure if they stock the browns any more but definitely prime water for stock fish. In the states they would stock water like this by the buckets and the area would be open for extended fishing opportunities. fishing sucked there for the past three years...
  13. We fished Simcoe yesterday, started at Willow beach in 30 feet and moved around a lot till noon, no fish just a couple keepers between the nine of us! Decided to head to Insfill around noon, same results, a few keepers each and a few dinks. Worst trip ever to Simcoe, perhaps we should of gone to Gilford road. I am dead tired today from all the walking, we moved like 40 times! lol
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