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  1. At the pond, fish tight to shore throwing a brown sanko (no weight)under the trees/brush, should pick up bass and pike.
  2. How did you make out today Bill? None for us and we left after two hours, they have to eat though. My son is asking where did you purchase your chair with the canopy?
  3. Suffix 10 lbs in clear is what I use for carp. 8 lbs suffix premium in green for float fishing. Carp fishing been good at the pond this year, I live 5 min away so it’s our to go spot.
  4. Nice seeing you as well Bill, we went back for an evening fish, a little windy but still ended up with two carp in about 1.5 hours of fishing, left at 8:30 pm. Kids are going crazy at home, bored of the pool, bored of ipads and don't want to do homework. They don't mind the heat and horse playing on the grass and mama bear is happy that we are out of the house. Might try for Bass there tomorrow with all the weeds...
  5. If you going that early, its always a good ide to bring a fishing partner, I am sure many guys would love to go on a boat with someone for a morning of fishing. I remember my fishing buddies would always ask me to go fishing with them on the boat since its much safer with two people...
  6. I went back there tonight around 6:30 pm with the kids and we got three fish, all over 10 lbs and lost another one, all close in to shore. I noticed that the carp here are very line shy, I was only able to get fish using my fenwick spinning rod equipped with 8lb main (8lb floro leader) and a home made hair rig with a size #10 hook. My other rod rigged with 25 lbs braided line and a Pete's hair rig got zero hits in two days. I chummed for about 45 min in one spot with the sling shot, about 2lbs of cooked maize. Then around 7:30 pm the fish started to surface and bite....On the hair I put three pieces of cured corn from a jar bought at Pete's. I used to fish for carp a lot back in Windsor, we used light steelhead noodle rods with 6lb test to target the fish. Ten years ago, when I lived in Cornwall, we used to night fish for carp with our bass flipping sticks at night below the dam, lol....That was a blast!
  7. Yup, thanks.My son actually was reeling all the fish and I was the net man, lol.
  8. Bought a sling shot yesterday at Pete's and a jar of cured corn for todays outing. Was using home made maize as per Smerchly recipe, bought the corn at TSC (25kg) lol... Started chumming at 11:30 am and about 30 min carp were jumping around our baited area. Results, 1/3 in 1 hour, fish stopped biting after we ren our of chum.
  9. Tried that spot yesterday in the middle of the afternoon at Rene park for about 30 min, had to get out of the house with the kids even though it was hot. Forgot to bring treats for kids and caught them eating my freshly cooked Maze I need to buy a sling shot to chum further, couldn't chum far since with my pasta spoon....
  10. I was referring more to early 2000's or even ten years ago lol. Wasn't born until 1979's haha I know that back in the 50's the great lakes and local waters were extremely polluted until they decided to clean them up.
  11. Back then there were way more spots to fish and the fishing was much better in our area...
  12. Anyone carping in this heat? Evenings around 7:00 pm would probably be good, or even at night?
  13. Do yo guys soak the fed corn for 24 hours before boiling?
  14. No, not like the Niagara but does get floating weeds later on in the summer....
  15. Thanks, Do you guys chum with maize using a sling shot? Throw by hand?
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