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  1. I went for a 2 hour drive with the family, never seen DeCaw falls parking lot so full! Cars on both side of the roads all the way to short hills! Same with Gibson lake area and Beaver Road. Ten cars parked in front of St. Johns barrier along side the road (park is closed). The municipalities should of opened all boat launches - parks at the same time to spread the crowds. Port D launch is a zoo every day, MNR and the city out in full force on Saturday giving tickets for illegal parking.
  2. I will check it out tomorrow again, great carp spot for you guys that like fishing carp. They did major reno work at CDP last year and during the winter, they got rid off all the bush growing on the beach and did major landscaping. Look great! Lots of room to fish with all the lake front vegetation gone!
  3. Port D is open as of this afternoon. CDP was closed as of 1:00 pm but that might change tomorrow.
  4. Port D boat launch is open as of right now as well as the section of the break wall for fishing. Went there this afternoon for a drive and the gate was open.
  5. At least I got good use out of it during the lock down, maybe they missed it lol.
  6. You can launch at the lake beach or baileys bridge, both of these access points are open. Been hiking Jordan valley with the kids from baileys bridge to king street twice a week with the family, lol. Even fished there on opener and a week later for trout... Anyone fish the pond adjacent to the trail at Jordan? Tried twice but not a touch...lol
  7. What travel ban are you referring to? Where do you get your groceries from? I rather catch my dinner with no one around then go to the superstore and stand in line with people coughing and sneezing for 30 min...lol
  8. Been reading Bill Hilts reports for the last 10 years since I moved down here...True sportsman and a great journalist; talk about common sense and fighting for your rights to preserve the outdoors. I don't think they have ever linked one case of the virus to fishing in the outdoors....
  9. Many of us are going fishing tomorrow, actually, I have been fishing five days a week since work is limited due to the virus, practicing social distancing of course. Read this weekly fishing report from New York that I follow each week: https://www.niagarafallsusa.com/things-to-do/outdoor-adventure/fishing/weekly-fishing-report/ What a different prospective, especially with a state that has been hit the hardest with the virus. Tough country that is ready to fight and not sit at home. My two cents...
  10. I been there the last three days, high water in the glen and the pool. Lots of guys at the pool and fishing is crap. At the glen you can get away with casting lures; float fishing is a challenge due to trees and fast flow, almost impossible except for a few spots. Two more weeks and I hope the pool will be good when the weather warms up and is more stable. Too many fronts in the last three days, also, most fish are up below the falls already (my theory). If you do go to the pool, pick crap weather and you will have lots of room. Went there Sunday evening and there was only three other guys at the pool.
  11. What river is this?lol
  12. For now the Glen and The pool are open, the pool was loaded with anglers yesterday morning. Spoke with some from a distance, they mentioned there is no where to fish and this is the only place. I hope they let people fish on the opener so that everyone spreads out! Here are some pictures from yesterday, no fish just high water lol:
  13. I hope it comes with a boat launch...
  14. what were they for then? Looked to me they were fisherman.
  15. Not sure, most likely shore fishing since the boat launch is closed, but this I getting out of control....Three cop cars? really, I guess the criminals have self isolated. Open the boat launches and the shoreline for people to fish but keep self distance. The municipality has done a horrible job closing parks with no posted signs clarifying the detailed restrictions. Looks like the prime minister had a great time this weekend with his family...
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