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  1. I seen you set up, lol. I was with my family in a pontoon boat. Tried fishing for bass but no luck, too hot! Got to hit it in the evening on the lily pads with top water...that's how you get them down there... Tim
  2. Was the water dirty? Seems like it was always dirty and high this year.
  3. Leave it alone man, that would be my advice...Lots of fish being caught on the river right now, go explore and you will be rewarded. I have been fishing trout three time a week on the river with good results...
  4. I was fishing the upper on Friday around 5:00 pm around the Peace bridge, water was mud , high and fast near the shoreline, there was only two of us fishing, a CO pulled in within 10 minutes of us fishing! I was with a friend from Florida, this was his first time fishing in Canada, got him his non-resident conservation license for $30 (8-days) before we went out! Talk about being by the book, lol! Before going to the upper we went down to the Glen, never seen water this high during my twenty years fishing the Niagara! No shoreline at the Glen or the Pool!
  5. Lots of ice out in the Lake, messing up river fishing!
  6. https://www.in-fisherman.com/editorial/great-lakes-catfishing/154056
  7. Still lots of ice on shore, not much room to move around....Crazy rain coming this Sunday and next week, I hope she is ready for the opener. Last year I fished that system on opening day at 9.6 high, snow and -1C, only 11 guys below the dam lol. By 5 pm my arms were sore, never had a day like that on opening day when the dam had no one fishing in the pm, lol. Our "Steel Dreams" tournament was cancelled this year due to shore ice, making fishing unsafe. Very good call by the team that was organizing the tournament. Looks like a cold April in the weather forecast....might be a long steel season:)
  8. Tried last night with no luck, water seemed clear for this time of year and looks like it is very shallow, perhaps due to construction last year? Few crappies caught, need a good warm rain.
  9. GRT was mostly ice free as of yesterday. Few Crappies caught, might try for carp today.
  10. As of Thursday last week some shore ice in the glen and pebbly. Doesn't look like they will open the ice boom for a while since lake Erie has still a fair amount of ice. Fishing was slow for me, water was very clear.
  11. At least no one is fishing the upper and lower! I love ice fishing season and Cliff's streamers
  12. Hi, I am on call this week otherwise I would go with you! Keep me posted. Tim
  13. That is terrible, I hope you get your stuff back. I had my float fishing gear stolen once at the Saugeen river about 25 years ago, men it hurt, I was only 15 and worked all summer to buy the gear. Back then, the price for a float rod and reel was the same as it is right now! $400! My 3 and 5 year olds run the house, don't listen, eat junk food all day and do what ever they feel like. I blame my wife for that....
  14. Trailer park, will be fish there for a while. I say all month.
  15. Was fishing the Suageen below the dam on the North side, not too many people fishing due to snow and cold windy weather. Caught fish all day until my arms were sore. On Sunday morning the crowd came out with the nice weather but still caught lots of fish.
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