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  1. Nice, time for a new camera?
  2. Anyone know how clear it is?
  3. As stated, nice Muskie. Note the pointed fins!
  4. Dax

    Winds On Erie

    I think asking this question means you should stay off the great Lakes!
  5. You were spooled by a Swan???
  6. I have a 16' Aluminum with a 90 HP and I fish Erie a fair bit. But only when she's friendly. If you've never owned a boat you won't know what you want, till you actually have one. Like Paul, I'd be happy to take you for a spin on the Upper Niagara, I'll be out there soon (i hope) regularly. Doug and Clarence at Bay City Marine in Hamilton are great guys to deal with.
  7. Dax

    Favorite Fish

    Conveniently, Lakers aren't really Trout.
  8. A lot of it has to do with care. That being said, EverStart from Walmart, best batteries I've had, and I've had several brands over the years. Best price too!
  9. Nice catch. Consider learning to hold fish a different way though...Those lip rippers are nasty devices!
  10. 1 week away. Even if you'd rather go Trout fishing, or gawd forbid, troll for Salmon! lol You can still support Muskie Research and Conservation by purchasing a ticket on our website for $15, this gives you a chance to win a St.Croix Legend Tournament Muskie rod, the 9 foot 'Big Nasty' this is a $400 rod.
  11. Dax


    Door prize is a St.Croix Legend Tournament 9' Muskie Rod, the 'Big Nasty'! To be eligible you need only to purchase a ticket! Available on-line!
  12. Dax


    Well you can't please everyone. Open dates at the Parkway convention ctr. are like 20 lb. Steelhead, not easy to come by! Lots of days to bag a Turkey or drift a float, but only one Odyssey every 730 days...Tacklelogic, we'll try to get by without you! LOL
  13. Try trolling large deep diving crankbaits out from and downstream of Frenchmans Cr. Lots of humps out there, the fish hold behind them. Troll downstream and cross current, with enough line out to make lots of bottom contact. Its important to use 100# braid at least, and heavy steel leaders. With all this wind, its gonna be muddy, you can still catch them, but its much tougher! Please make sure to have a good quality Muskie net, long nose pliers and especially mini bolt cutters!(to hook hooks, available at Canadian Tire)
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