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  1. pretty sure conservation is one. two for sport.
  2. just found a copy of his Fishing in Niagara book from 1989. a classic before the days of internet.
  3. longest baitcaster off the shelf that I am aware of is the gloomis 11.4 imx. super light rod w lots of backbone for fighting fish. but it doesn't come cheap. after that you are talking custom rods which likely isn't cheap either.
  4. bare hands, or cheap dollar store gloves and cut fingers off. winter fishing separates the men from the boys.
  5. it is because of all the green energy projects the liberals have going on. the power plants do not need to draw as much water. lots of information out there. they have screwed up more than our water levels.
  6. toaster

    Lake O Salmon

    make sure you are visible. lots of bad boaters out there
  7. if you want your car stolen try the whirlpool or the glen
  8. pautzkes borx o fire, I use it in cold water. eggs wont white out as quickly. it doesn't deter fish, I ve used beside uncured roe and it works all the same.
  9. you did if its in good condition
  10. read the marine forecasts, they will tell you potential wave heights
  11. great meeting last night. jerry talking about the stocking program, and the Q & A was fantastic. good attendance as well. support your local fishing clubs, these fish dont fall from the sky.
  12. I have been fishing their derbies since I was a kid in the mid 80's. I get my membership every year. These guys are a big part of the reason the South Shore has a fantastic fishery.
  13. i hear how its going there from one of the guys i have a beer with from time to time, currents are wack thanks to work on the dam, some days its on, others its not. and its always busy.
  14. Dave I've seen a few quiet spots on the niagara destroyed by social media. If people want to be fish rock stars expect the paparazzi
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