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  1. Need minnows for perch fishin on erie wednesday afternoon....any thoughts where i can find them? Are they in the upper? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the advice....hope to get into a few perch wednesday after work. Only got from about 1pm till dark to fish so hopefully we do ok? Does anyone know if there are any minnows in the upper?
  3. Hi guys..... I may have a chance on wednesday to get out perch fishing after work for a few hours. Only ever been out on lake erie a few times in my life. We will probably launch out of sugarloaf in port colborne, seeing as I work in welland and my buddy with the boat lives in welland. Just lookin for some direction as to where (depth) to start lookin for perch. Any advice or direction from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Deetch is correct... I was out less than 2 weeks ago and the silver bass were strippin the worm harness clean! Ended up with 7 walleye but spent 8 + hrs on the water.....
  5. Can't remember how they fight actually! I only ever caught 3 mirror carp..... Another great video Jim!
  6. Both the sheephead and carp were young healthy fish... They both tasted great! The fillets where a beautiful white and just fell apart when i touched it with my fork...These fish were bled out, washed, and then soaked. The water was also changed a few times. All i know is that it's somethin that ill never forget!!!! great discussion guys...
  7. no passport and no $$$ !!!! But definately intersting....maybe next year TINY!!
  8. Smerch and Hammercarp.....it was a pleasure to meet the both of ya! I stopped @ petes to get tube jigs which worked well last year....unfortunately they didn't work as well this year. What did produce nicely though was live bait under a slip float. We used frogs, crayfish and hellgrammites. Caught a few beautys, and a tonne of small ones. The lake we stay @ in algonquin only holds smallies and lake trout. Had no boat so only fished small mouth....All fish were released unharmed, hopefully to catch em again when I head north this weekend again!!!!
  9. Yesterday I spent 8 hours on lake erie trolling on Lake Erie for some walleye. We ended up with 7 nice fish from 3 - 7lbs! We headed home to clean our catch. While I started to clean the 1st fish my friend brought out a plate of fillets to cook from fishing the upper river the previous day. He did them with flour, eggs, italian bread crumbs and fresh herbs from the garden. He then started to clean the walleye and I began to cook. He said the fillets were perch and bass. I never questioned him, but the fillets did look a little different. I just assumed he had cut the fillets into smaller pieces to make them easier to cook. He threw some fresh onions in the pan and within no time we sat down with a cold beer and began to eat. Halfway through the meal he asked " so what do u think ? " I told him it was delicious! He then tells me ..." you are not eating bass and perch, that's actually a small carp and sheephead!!!!!" I thought he was just bustin my chops.....but he wasn't! Honestly had he not said anything, I may never have known, and if he told me what I was cooking I may have never tried it. To my surprise it was delicious! IMO tasted better than bass! Would I catch carp and sheephead to eat em again?......probably not, BUT, I thoroughly enjoyed them!!! Anyone here ever eaten carp or sheephead?
  10. This spot is bad to begin with. I find the wind blows alot of debris around and it accumulates in the brush adjacent to where we fish, all throughout the year. It's so easy to collect garbage especially while waiting for a fish to bite... Last year was littered with chicken liver packages, cat litter boxes, plastic chum containers etc... This year it's cans of corn, beer bottles n cans, empty smoke packs, fishing line etc.... I don't care who it is, lurkers, regulars, forum members. Bottom line is it's ignorant and only going to spoil another fishing spot when so many other spots are dissapearing....... BE CONSIDERATE TO THE ENVIRONMENT AND TO OTHERS......PICK UP YOUR $HIT AND DONT LEAVE A MESS!!!!
  11. Fished Queenston yesterday for a few hours....... landed a 3.5lb and a 2lb small mouth... seen 1 other guy get a small bass on a streamer..... Ill have to agree fishing there is pretty slow!
  12. It was a very productive day, got to see alot of fish. My daughter had a blast ! Tinycarper lost his rod in the drink....but was able to retrieve it....classic! Definatley a day to remember. I find sometimes the best fishing is when its spontaneous and not planned in advance! Yesterday was a perfect example of that! Thanks for a good day TINY!!!
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