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  1. Smallie will come from simcoe or an inland lake. Erie has tanks to as does the river. What is the smallie provincial record? 9lbs?
  2. I got a fishing rod for my wife....best bargain I ever made..
  3. Nice job. Is that a skin mount or fibreglass replica?
  4. As much as I love moose hunting it almost seems like it's Time to pack it in. The more guys you have hunting off one tag is just asking for trouble. I'd hate to be in the situation of having 2 adults down with only one tag
  5. Ya that was good down there used to catch piles of smallies.
  6. We used to kill staging kings at the falls in port weller where the last lock is. That got canned.
  7. Just a word of advice just cause the lake looks good in Hamilton, doesn't mean it's good around Jordan, Dalhousie-niagara bar. Today is a good example heavy west winds the farther east you go the bigger the waves. Stay safe the good weather will come!
  8. First of all, get rid of the old gas. Run new with seafoam, check your vent. I bet you have air lock. If not try starting without choke after you wait the 15mins, if it starts then you were probly flooding it.
  9. If your on the south shore. Any thing north more than 10-15kmmax stay home. South to 20-25 max. I'd wait till the weather warms up water is still very dirty.
  10. Yes walnut juice works put a bunch in a 5gallon Paul and fill it half with water. I've used an old paint mixing bit to churn them up. Let it sit for a while and then strain it out, dump the juice on te ground it brings them out.
  11. I think what they have to live with after taking the lives of people will be a sufficient enough punishment. And If the guilt doesn't eat them then they should have more than their hands cut off..
  12. Looks like a great day to mark on the calendar. Thanks for your efforts scgfa.
  13. And don't touch the wire!!
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