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  1. equipment can make a big difference as well. a few years ago i was using a cheap rapalla spinning set up. i bought an abu garcia set up and i could instantly get an extra 10-15 feet of casting distance with the same lures and same line
  2. i had an employee named matt that always made me laugh. he developed the nickname matterhorn from his nationality. he left my company a few days before i joined this site and that was the first nickname that came to mind.
  3. where abouts is mounsberg? i have never heard of it?
  4. i found this pic online of when the rail line on beaverdams was active. looks like the "red" barn in the background. i hope the picture url is good as i have never posted pics before. http://www.railpictures.net/images/d1/5/5/1/3551.1364744715.jpg
  5. the dam is still fishable, the dam itself is fenced but there are shore spots on either side that are not fenced. the flow was pretty heavy when i was there. as for the lagality of being there it is signed with the regular "no trespassing" signs that are all over lake gibson system. the trails are still regularly used by hikers and cyclists. just last week i was fishing at the marlatts road area on the rocks when the security company came by, they drove by slow to see what i was doing there but didn't stop. that spot has the same "no trespassing" signs as the dam area so i would assume it is ok.
  6. i fished there a few weeks ago with no success. i had heard there is a dam a bit down stream from where you indicate. if you head north down holland road there is a area to park just as holland road turns west. its a fairly short walk to the dam. the area looks promising but i came up empty in that area. if you walk the whole trail you will come out at beaverdams rd. by the burnt down barn. i am definetely going to try the area again.
  7. i contacted him via email yesterday and politely told him that sturgeon were closed all year in that area. he called me an idiot and said that pic was taken in 2002 when it was open. i'm not sure how to find the reg's from 2002 short of calling mnr.
  8. nice pike, when i was fishing port on this past wednesday i saw a huge school of 5 to 6 inch come by the west wall, they looked to be gizzard shads. i have never seen such a big school of them down there. they were heading towards the dam
  9. i can't believe the amount of people who are openly belittleing yakfisher. he made a mistake on the upper, probably didn't think it through enough, and after it happened probably thought, i can't believe i just did that. people make mistakes, thats how they learn. simply telling him it isn't the best thing to try now or in the summer would suffice. there is no need to belittle anyone in the manner some of you have.
  10. yes i believe the river flows under the canal at port robinson, its called the aquaduct. there is another aquaduct in welland, there it flows under the rec canal. as for the fishing in the canal question, i have never fished it, but there would be fish in it since it is all connected.
  11. really? that is weird. i bought a couple cheapies from walmart first and then the berkleys and found them awesome. i did quite a bit of ice fishing up north last year with them and no problems at all.
  12. i bought a set of 2 berkeley lightning pro combo's from crappy tire last year for $40 per pair and found them to be awesome. great backbone and light enough to feel subtle taps. i caught a ton of fish on them. i spooled them with trylene cold weather line. after trying several different brands of line that got tangled repeatedly i found that line stayed straight without the coils, and didn't break easy. i respooled all 4 of my ice rods with it.
  13. i was up at gibson last sunday and caught a nice 28" pike in front of the burnt down barn. there were a few pike jumping in that location. also got a decent large mouth at the tubes on marlatt. pike took a spinner and bass took a clackin crank.
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